Illuminating Love-(On Going)

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011




I lay in my bed for awhile, the bright morning sun beaming into my room made me cover my face with my comforter, even though it was obviously over 80 degrees in my room. I was contemplating what I was going to do today and that list ran all the way down to....nothing. I thought about going to the park again, sit on one of the swings and reread one of my old books, but I hate rereading books so that was out. Then I thought about pigging out and eating all the food in the house, but that involved staying IN the house, with my mother, and that was definitely something I wasn't going to do. I tried my best to keep my mind away from Lucky's , even though I had already made it a habit to go there everyday until school starts up again.
I sighed and lifted the thick blanket off my head so I could start my depressing morning ritual. I got on my laptop, procrastinating was all I could think to do until I was absolutely sure I had no choice but to go to Lucky's. I checked my e-mail, Facebook, Myspace , Vside, and Youtube in the time span of 10 minutes...and then I got bored.
The house was reassuringly quiet. I assumed no one was up yet and tip toed downstairs into the kitchen for a small breakfast.
'Ahha! FruityTops!' I thought cheerfully. And took my favorite cereal out of the cupboard.
I dug in the fridge for milk, just as I thought, we only had a little left. Mom was gonna beat the crap out of me if the fridge turned out to be lacking a carton of milk. She loved to eat ChocoChunks every morning, with a beer.
I pushed the thought aside and grabbed the milk, I'd just go out and by some when I finished eating.
As I sat down to eat I heard a door open. I panicked and got ready to bolt when I saw that it was just my sister, Emily. She looked so tired and, to my surprise, way to old for a 14-year-old. She was dragging herself into the kitchen, not noticing me at all, and opened the cupboard for some cereal. Her blonde hair was very tangle and messy, and I doubted it was from sleep. She looked fragile and tiny, she was shorter than me by an inch, maybe. She had a bruise on her the back of her neck, I had mistaken it for a hickey when she walked in but it was too gross and dark to be a hickey.
She opened the fridge in search of milk and slammed the door, exhaling angrily.
She turned around and saw me sitting at the table and glared at me.
“She's gonna kill you.” she said, crossing her arms and leaning her weight on her right leg.
“I'm gonna go to the store when I finish, OK.” it wasn't s question, I just wanted her to shut up and leave.
She scoffed.
”Whatever.” she said, then left. Stomping upstairs like she was trying to wake up mom and get me killed.
I sighed heavily and scarfed down my breakfast. I ran lightly upstairs and threw on a pair of shorts and a black Tee-shirt, I skipped the make-up ritual, I was in a hurry. I slipped on my sneakers and lightly rushed back downstairs and out the door.
It was hotter than it was in my room and very very humid. My hair was not going to have a nice day.
I ran the short distance to “Quick Mart” and rushed in to the dairy section. It was a small store with only essential grocery items: eggs, bread, fruits, beans, breakfast foods, ect.
I found the milk my mother usually got and rushed to the checkout. As I jogged I saw a familiar figure to my left and stopped. I looked and the figure was gone. I could have sworn it was there. I know I saw him, his hair was unmistakably dark and long there was no way I could imagine it. Or maybe I did imagine it. I walked over to where I saw the figure and there was nothing there, I checked the nearest isles. Nothing.
'The heat is getting to my head.' I thought, and started towards the checkout.

On my way home my hair started to frizz and I swear I looked like I was from the 70s. Short hair and frizz don't cooperate well together. It wasn't a pixie but it wasn't shoulder length either.
'One day I'm gonna let my hair grow out, and never get within 2 feet of scissors.' I thought as I opened the door to my house.
It was still quiet, other than my sister taking a shower. I took a long quiet strides to the kitchen and gently placed the milk in the fridge. I sighed and felt pleased with my work. Then I heard the door open. The shower was still on and the steps were too heavy to be Emily's. I rushed out the door and down the street in the direction of Lucky's.

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