An Enemy Becomes a Friend

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Submitted: June 08, 2012

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Submitted: June 08, 2012



Chapter 1

From a young age you have some sort of picture in your mind about how your life is going to be – school, job, marriage, children and then death. Then there are those unlucky people who wont do most of those stages.

This is basically everyone's life, maybe in different orders but still end up the same way.

Not mine.

Mine is school and most likely death, if we are lucky enough to not die then you go onto marriage, children then death.

Nearly ninety per cent of each generation wont make it past sixteen, let along twenty-one. Which is the age that we get married.

My name is Lilly.

Just Lilly. No last name, or middle.

I’m seventeen. Almost eighteen. My birthday is tomorrow.

So is my wedding day.

But before tomorrow comes I have to go hunting. Its tradition.

I’ll go at midday with my father and his follower Zacariah. Aka the guy who wants to marry me.

But I’m already engaged, and have been for four years.

To a man named Ben.

Ben is a great man. He's caring, sweet, thoughtful, a little romantic. Ben has tan skin, long brown hair, dark brown eyes and he's very tall.

Plus he is twenty-six and not from around here.

Also he is a little slow, not physically but mentally. But I don’t care, but my mother does. My father is happy I’m marrying a once-an-enemy-of-our-people.


Looking up I see my combats teacher Mr Jonson. His wings are fluttering faster then usual. Meaning he was very angry. He's always angry. Mr Jonson was about the size of two of my hands stacked on top of each other, and my hands are to big compared to his little body.

“Mr Jonson. Hello,” I said, not fazed.

“What are you doing out here?” he demanded.

“Just sitting down. Looking out at the forest around me. Enjoying the smells and sounds. What about you?”

“Getting things ready for tomorrow,” he said, almost regrettably.

“So am I. I need to just be calm, and have some time on my own before my life really starts tomorrow. Be kind of like a kid for a bit. So please don’t tell anyone I’m out here. Please Mr Jonson. Please,” I said, looking him straight into his coral blue eyes.

His wings slowed. Almost not beating at all. He sighed. “You got four hours until you have your hunting trip. So be back at eleven. And no later or i'll tell your father where you've been all morning.”

“Thank you, Mr Jonson. I’ll be back at eleven. I promise,” I said. Putting my right hand over my heart, then bringing It to my lips, to then bow my head in respect and finally putting my hand to my side again.

“See you back at eleven. Lilly, no minute later,” he said, turning and flying away.

Leaning back against the tree, I watch Mr Jonson fly away. Once he was gone I stood up and started to walk deeper into the forest. Watching the animals run away from me, or watching them watch me.

Finding the spot I always come to before big events I sit and listen and wait for my time as a free woman to end at eleven o'clock.

Dreading every second.

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