Fighting off a love crazed Alien

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Hannah is a normal teenage girl, who goes to parties, except that since she has been little she has been watching aliens try and invade earth. Lucky enough they havent succeeded...yet. When a new boy named Josh turns up, she has her suspicions, but when a test comes out and he is negative, she starts to accept he is normal, until one night when her friends are celebrating in the woods, when suddenly a alien ship turns up...what will she do?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Enter Aliens!

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



Chapter 1

Right now I’m here with my high school, celebrating our victory. Our victory of keeping the world to ourselves - not giving it to the aliens – out in the middle of the woods. But something just doesn’t feel right – Its not the first time we thought we finally beat them – last time it was over two years ago. We killed all the aliens, but so many new people came at the same time that its hard to tell between 'us' humans and aliens. Especially when the aliens look exactly like us.

Except for their quick reflexes, armour, their skins are super tough – its penetrable, but its not like human skin, also their eyes colour is more brighter – and their all males. Kind of weird right?

That's why people believe they come to take woman, because they need someone to mother their young. Others – okay, most of the world – believe its because they want to just satisfy themselves. Though one alien had the nerve to be caught and beg us to believe him that the only reason they took woman was because they were their 'soul mates', that they only took them because they loved them.

Just how I thought the new guy at our school was an alien – Joshua.

The super popular guy at school. Stereotype hot/popular guy – beach blonde hair, tall, well built, stylish, good at sports, but the one thing that didn’t go with the stereotype is that he has a brain. He always had a group of girls around him.

Everyone was tested, well not exactly, it was a ploy, if people ran from it, then ta-da they were aliens. So they were caught and killed.

“Hey Hannah, what are you doing?”

I look up to find my best friend Jessica looking down at me. “Hey Jess, nothing just sitting,” I said, placing my beer on the log beside me.

“What are you doing sitting down?! Come on! Lets dance!” she started to move her hips to the beat that Mike, the DJ kid of our grade was playing. Everyone was moving their hips, binge drinking in the background. I was a good ten metres back into the tree line from everyone. But I could see through the trees that surrounded us. Who has a party in the middle of the woods? A good two hour drive from the closet town?

“I'm not really in the mood tonight,” I said shaking my head and wrapped my arms around me.
Even though I was wearing jeans and long sleeved shirt, the wind still blew straight though and chilled me to the bone.
“What? What you mean your not really in the mood?? We just won a war! Being taken over by -”
“We've never really had a war, we always caught them before -”
“Blah blah blah! I’ve heard it all before! Get up, and I’ll get us some shots!” she bounced excitedly on her feet.
“Nah, I’ll think I pass, I’m just gonna lay down in my car and wait for the alcohol I have drunk to wear off before I drive home.” I stood up.
“You cant go!” she whined.

“Sorry Jess, but I’m just not in the mood to dance, drink and celebrate. Next time okay?” I said, before I turned to walk towards my car.
“Wait!” she yelled, walking over to me, I paused to wait for her.


“You know Josh has been watching you all night right?” she winked at me.


She rolled her eyes at me. “Stop pretending!” she laughed.
I wasn't, I had been watching him through the trees, before I had gotten lost in my thoughts. And not once had his eyes turned towards me in the past three hours that the party had been going on.

“I'm not pretending Jess. Now I am going to my car, I’m cold, and I need to get out of this wind before I catch a cold. See ya,” I waved and walked away.

“You're making a mistake! Missing out on this awesome party!” she yelled after me.

I just kept on walking.
It was a good fifteen minute walk to where everyone parked their cars. Sigh. It was good to be surrounded by nature, it was calming me. Though I could still hear the unnatural sound of the song that was being blasted through the speakers. I shook my head. How the hell did Mike get all his equipment and stuff to work out here?

I shook my head again and kept on walking. Slowly the music drifted off to a low hum, as well as everyone’s laughs and shouts.

Listening the leaves rustle together in the wind, I walk slowly, inhaling the smell of the air – when suddenly I hear twigs snap to my left. I freeze and look. “Hello? Is someone there?”
No reply. Huh, must be just an animal. I return to my walk when again I hear twigs snap in front of me. But I couldn’t see anything, considering there was a large tree dead in my path.
“Seriously whose there? Stop being an idiot and show yourself!” I said, looking around for any movement. Curse the darkness. How I wish the moon shone in this part. Grabbing out my phone I press a button, it becoming a little torch.

I heard laughter behind me, I whiz around, to find two of my classmates, heading off into the night. Well stumbling off into the night.

Laughing at myself, I shake my head and keep going on, I just pass the tree when I see a figure out the corner of my eye. Then a hand comes over my mouth, while the other one comes around my waist. Bringing me close to their body. I struggle and try and scream with all my might but he has a hold on me.
Then when I’m about to try and grab the knife out of my pocket I hear him laugh.
“Chill Hannah, its just me!” I freeze and look over my shoulder.

What? Josh? What the fuck is he doing out here! And trying to scare me to death!

He let me go, so that he could place his hands on his stomach while he laughed his head off at me. I glared at him before stomping off in the direction of my car.

“Hannah – wait!” he said, trying to stop laughing.

“Get away from me!”

“Naww, Hannah, don’t be like that! Come on! Come back!” he said, catching up with me, once he did, he tried to grab my arm, but I just shrugged out of his grip.

“Seriously? I don’t like you, so please leave me alone,” I said, folding my arms, and practically power walking.

“Why? Why don’t you like me?” This time he did get a drip on my arm, making me stop in my tracks, and swing around to face him. I look straight up into his bright blue eyes.
“I dunno, there is just this feeling about you. I don’t trust you. Now let me go!”

“That's no real reason!”

“Yes it is! I’m sure there are some people out there that you just don’t get along with, and don’t like?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

I sigh. “Joshua, look -”
“Josh.” he said, his face hard.

“It's Josh, not Joshua.”
“Okay,” I said, slowly. “Whatever. Look I just get this vibe from you, and I don’t like it, you make me feel uncomfortable. So please leave me alone -”
I stopped talking when I saw a big bright light. “What the hell is that?!” I demanded.

Josh turned around and looked, he paled. “Oh no, their not suppose to be here yet,” he whispered.
“WHAT!” I yelled, trying to get my arm out of his grip.

He looked at me. “I said that out loud, didn't I?”

“Yes, you did.”

“I'm sorry,” he said, putting his hand in one of his pockets, moving his hand around, looking for something.

“Let me go! HELP! SOMEONE HELP! LET GO OF ME YOU BARSTURDED! YOU'RE A FUCKING ALIEN! HELP!” I screamed, while clawing at his hand on my arm. I look down at his arm and where my nails should of left blood or marks -he had none.

“Ah, there it is,” he said, not even noticing me.


I looked down to see what he now had in his hand. It looked like a syringe, but it was so small that it was the size of a fifty cent piece. Shit. I fought harder but it didn’t matter. He placed his hand at my throat.
“Goodnight Hannah.”

ThenI felt a jab, then nothing.

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