Teenage Dream???

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1 part 2

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



This is acutally the second half to chapter one...i guess i needed to finish it! so i knew that i could do it! i do feel horrible about not getting this up sooner...but i have had times that i just wanna walk away from writing any more. but somehow, i just come back to it...maybe one day i can prove to myself that i can write! that i can be a worthy writer...Hopefully you enjoy...and i may have to change my title...it doesnt seem to fit this story anymore....anyway! i give you my over a thousand word chapter :) hope you enjoy! please comment :)


I gave up on trying to write, Ben was distracting me, in my thoughts that I couldn’t even write a word more on my story! How am I suppose to finish a story with my stupid brain thinking about a boy! I groan, this can only end badly! Very, very badly!
Leaning back so that my hands were both in the sand, I look up into the sky. It was a clear day, no clouds. Thank goodness I was sitting under a tree, to give me some protection from the sun, I’m still going to be as red as a tomato tomorrow. Sometimes I hate my white skin...but I guess I don’t as much as I use to when one of my good friends mother said 'its a way of your skin telling you are burning, so that you can protect it.'
I guess, but I looked horrible at the end of it, while my friend gets a fabulous tan!
Oh well, back to Ben... Why did he have to be so sweet...and hot!
Its not like he will go for me! I'm just plain old (well not old, old, different old) Gabby. Can I even say 'Hey, would you like to get food one time or go to the movies?' I groan and shake my head, it even sounds lame to my own thoughts! Shifting my hands in the sand I close my eyes and try and picture what will happen next in my book, but I get blocked.
All I can see is Ben walking up the beach, his board shorts, hanging loose on his hips, just barely holding on from the water pulling them down, water drops sliding down his body, hair soaked. Slowly walking up to me, no not walking, striding towards me...with a little knowing smile on his lips, like he knew what he did to me...oh he knew what he did to me. As he came closer I became even more confident, I knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted. He crouched down next to me on my left, he placed one of his hands on my right cheek, while he used his other hand to brush back my hair that was blowing in my face. I looked up into his eyes, his gorgeous eye! That amazing smile! He came closer and closer, that I could see the salt water slowly running down his face, and over his lips, to his chin. I tilted my head up to kiss him -
Then reality set in...
I shake my head in disgust. How could I even think that! I open my eyes to see if anyone had seen me, and it looked like no one had. Thank god! Everyone was doing their own thing at the beach! With family or friends! Or even a lover!
I scroll at the ocean! Here I was hoping it would relax me and give me some inspiration! Where it did the complete opposite to what I wanted it to do! 
Shaking my head, now in a frustrated state, I pack up my things, then stand. Very quickly I brush the sand off of myself. I look out to the ocean, watching Ben and his friends play.
So carefree they are, how I wish I had the friends who called me up without me having to call them and plan something so I get the chance to hang with them... and I shouldn’t doubt them, but everyone else seems to have friends that want to hang, whereas mine have to double check whether or not their free... or they may be called into work, so they better not chance it...
Looking down at that stuff at my feet I sigh, walking to the water and every now and again I look back to see if the stuff is safe.
I spot Ben and start to wave to get his attention, but he doesn’t see me! Of course he doesn’t, no one sees me!
“Ben!” I yell! He looks around! “Ben!” he spots me, and waves. I beckon him in with my hand. He turns to his friends and I guess he didn’t understand when I’m about to try again, then he turns and starts swimming towards me.
I slowly walk back to their stuff, about five metres from the bags, Ben caught up to me, flicking a bit of water onto me while he shook out his hair.
He went to wipe it off my arm, when he just put more water on me.
“I'm sorry!” he said laughing.
“It's okay,” I said, smiling.
“So what’s up?”
“I'm gonna go get some lunch then home, so just wanted to let you know...”
“Are you asking me out on a date?” he said, smiling. A date? No!
I stopped walking. “Ah no! No, ah I was just -”
He was laughing so much that he was bending over.
“Its not funny!”
“Oh but it is!”
I walked off towards the road. It was a good eight minute walk back to my car.
“Gabby wait!” it didn’t take long for him to catch up. “I'm sorry! Truly I am! I was just teasing.”
“Ah its okay,” I fake a laugh. God did I want to get out of here, yet stay here. “Look I gotta go, don’t forget your stuff, I don’t want your stuff being taken.”
“Seriously,” he said grabbing my arm, to stop me. “I was just teasing,” he smiled down at me, and I stared up into his eyes like I was a bloody fish! I quickly fix my expressionless face, to a smile.
“Seriously, its okay,” I said, poking my tongue out.
“Good,” he said, letting go of my arm. “Thank you, for looking after our stuff. It was nice of you to do it for us!”
“No worries, bye.”
I walked off, leaving Ben behind me, I didn’t look back once at his form. I had no idea whether he stayed there and watched me walk away or if he turned around and ran back to the water. But one thing I was sure was,,,that I don’t think I will be forgetting Ben as quickly as he forgot me, or how he thanked me as he was speaking for all his friends, when he should of said 'I' not 'we'. I guess you cant change or make a person do anything....
Especially make them chase after you and kiss you... That's a fairy tale, a dream, and we all know how they usually end up...only happening in books!

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