Helios Charmer

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Lex was bound to another. She had been born that way, but she was ready to escape! So when she is taken to Helios and her captor she never expected to find that she might not want to escape at all and even more surprised to learn that she might be more special than anyone ever expected.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Helios Charmer

Submitted: January 01, 2009

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Submitted: January 01, 2009



This is just a short chapter to start. Please be patent, I promise the good stuff it coming!


The fact is, I’ve been a prisoner my whole life. From the moment I took my first breath I was chained to another, given in body and soul for them to do whatever they please. I didn’t choose this fate, but it was chosen for me. Some people just have the worst luck with families, my bad luck just ran a little longer than usual. Seven centuries longer than usual. 

For when my forefathers swore the oath that would keep them in service to another family, they swore it for their children and their children after that. An oath of servitude to last all the ages. It just turned out that my service was to be of a very different kind.  

Chapter One
“Its very close now my dear” mother said, pressing a kiss to her forehead, “ I can see the change in you more everyday.”
She looked away, tied of the same speech.
“We really do need to look into your dress, you’ve never even tried it on!”
“You know it will fit mother.”
“Hmm, yes well, I cant imagine they would get it wrong.” She agreed.
“I’m going for a walk.” She stood to walk out.
“Lex.” mother called after her. 
“Yeah.” She turned.
“Don’t wander too far.” She said in a knowing voice. Lex nodded curtly and turned away.
Lex wondered how many more times would she have to sit through everyone poking and prodding around her? Were they really so happy to see her go, never to come back?
She sighed and moved through the thick cover of vines that let to the garden. Her breathing came easier now, she could be alone at last. This place, with it’s moss covered trees that blanketed the sky and patches of unruly wild flowers had been Lex’s sanctuary for so long that moving to sit beneath the massive tree at it’s centre was second nature. 
She moved to lie on her back and look at the small patches of sunlight breaking through the leaves. It really wasn’t so horrible a prison, if anything Lex would have preferred that it was a little less beautiful. If she had been imprisoned in some shoddy stone building where the only sight from her current position were the scratch marks of past prisoners, then maybe her resentment wouldn’t seen so irrational.
But as it were, Lex knew better than anyone that it was coming closer. Because while her mother could see it in her features, which were starting to glow with a dull pearly sheen, Lex could feel it in her very soul, as if the ropes buried under her skin were starting to pull her towards something. Perhaps she should be relieved, Lex thought, no more of this absurd waiting. Her eighteenth birthday was two days away which meant that he had a right to take her at any moment. 
A wry smile spread over her features as Lex thought of how shocked he will be when he realizes that she won’t play along with his little game. He could control almost everything in her world, but he couldn’t run her mind. Lex waited until the sun had moved from overhead to re-emerge to her prison. Walking to the top of the hill that overlooked the sea Lex sighed. She would miss it she realized, she’d miss the plains of grass that went on and on and the sea that had no ending. She’d miss the quaint manor house which she was born in and the library which had been her only travel, if there was a book on those dusty shelves that she hadn’t read it would be a complete marvel.
Walking to the very top, Lex looked out over the spectacular drop and out to sea. She smiled again as she edged her toes over the crumbling cliff face the wind blowing her hair back; just one more to ruffle him a bit. With that thought, Lex tipped herself forward until she was overbalanced.  She only had time to see the waves breaking on jagged rocks some forty feet below before tight cords caught her. She sighed with boredom as the cords pulled her from the cliffs edge and sat her safely on the grass. 
“He must have no life” she said to no one as she dusted herself and started walking back down the hill.

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