The Shade

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Ruby was 'selected', selected to die and become A Shade, the inhuman Superhumans. She had loved life, but it was stolen from her and now she has to fight to get it back, as well as learning her powers, fighting an ancient war and most difficultly, stay away from her annoyingly gorgeous murderer.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Meetings

Submitted: February 10, 2009

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Submitted: February 10, 2009



'Think of us as a kind of club.The best of the best – with the best recruited.It is a great gift to be in our club; unfortunately, there is only one way to be one of us – you have to die.’

Chapter One – Meetings


Ruby’s eyes flew open and she groaned. She hated alarms, how was that possibly considered a good way to start the day? Someone may as well clap symbols on your head. But her roommate insisted that nothing else could get her started in the morning; even when Ruby swore that she would wake her up with her natural timing alarm which never failed.Her roommate swung her legs heavily out of bed and padded across the room to the bathroom.Making matters so much worse was the fact that her roommate, Sally was pre-med; which meant early early starts, which Ruby’s own degree of Media Publishing never required.
Ruby rolled over in bed, tangling herself in the covers.
‘Oh sorry Rubs, didn’t mean to wake you up.’ Sally gushed.
‘You never do.’ Ruby smiled. ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll go rent that book from the library, I’ve been meaning to do that forever.’
‘Great!’ Sally mumbled from the bathroom in-between brushing her teeth.
Ruby waited for Sally to leave before getting out of bed and claiming the bathroom; she let her beauty routine run long and thorough, spending much more time than usual. She wadded down the hallway of her dorm room and was greeted by the normal flurry of friends heading off to class or wanting to grab an early morning coffee, but today she said no to all and made her steady way to the library, passing through the grounds of her big yet cosy University. She’d been at Cutting College almost a year and could say without a moments hesitation that she loved it there, she had made the right choice, as usual.
For some reason Ruby just had an intuition about things and she could always weigh them up perfectly. Ruby just thought she was lucky, but most people would claim that it was her own special ‘gift’. The book she was looking for was a big one about Pop Culture; her midterm was coming up and she was almost positive that her teacher was going to try and trick them that this wasn’t going to be in the exam.
Suddenly, Ruby felt eyes on her and she jerked her head up to see two people staring at her through the stacks. They were standing so close together that they really should have been one person not two; their eyes were fixed on Ruby with an eerie intensity and their lips were twitching constantly. Soon Ruby realized that they were speaking to each other, somehow understanding the freakishly fast gibberish of words. All of a sudden their lips stopped moving and rosy lips spread back over teeth in disturbed smiles; the male with mousy blond hair licked his lips at her and the girl nodded in approval. Ruby’s book fell from her hands and she rushed out of the library; that was way too freaky, even for emo kids and at the moment her urge to get away was greater than her urge to study.
Rounding the corner, Ruby ran into something; something hard.She was sent to her knees, the wind knocked out of her – why hadn’t her intuition warned her about that?!
‘Hey.’ Said a deep voice next to her ear. ‘Are you alright?’
Oh so she’d run into someone then had she.Ruby lifted her head to meet the face of the brick wall only to get stuck on the most incredible pair of midnight eyes she’d ever seen. They burned – their depths stretching far past possible, the deep blue seemed to be intertwined with silver. Leaning back slightly, Ruby was shocked out of her mind to find that the rest of the face was just as glorious. He had the slashing, dark good looks of someone who was too delicious to possibly be good for you and yet there was something unmistakably relaxed about his mouth which set some of Ruby’s anxiety at ease.
‘Ah, fine thankyou.’ Ruby stumbled.
‘Are you hurt?’ He asked.
‘No, no, fine. Sorry it was my fault.’
‘I know it was.’ The god-man said. Ruby’s face tightened into pre-fight mode but didn’t get far before he laughed. ‘Do you need a hand?’ He said, rising.
‘Um, sure. ’Two large hands wrapped around the tops of Ruby’s arms and pulled her effortlessly to her feet. ‘Thanks.’ She said, a little bit awed.
‘Your welcome.’ He smiled ducking his head.
‘I’m Ruby.’ She said extending a hand.
He looked at her hesitantly before turning his head subtly as if to check that no one was watching before he carefully took her hand. ‘Nate.’ He finally replied.
Ruby couldn’t really explain what she felt as he stood there holding her hand. All she knew was that suddenly she was feeling hot and her blond ran thicker in her veins. Nate looked her face over for one more long moment before releasing her. Ruby chuckled a little to herself; she wasn’t the kind of girl who swooned!
‘So Ruby,’ Nate said slowly. ‘How about some coffee – to make up for running into you?’
‘I thought I ran into you?’ Nate shrugged his shoulders with a smile.
Ruby laughed and her eagerness spilled from her as she cried ‘yes!’
Nate’s smile widened. Suddenly Ruby caught a glimpse of his watch as he signalled with his arm to led the way; Ruby grabbed his wrist and uttered a low curse.
‘Shit!’ She said. ‘I’m so sorry but I have to get to class. Another time?’
‘Sure.’Nate said and smiled at her once more before walking away down towards the lawn.Ruby sighed as she watched him walk away, her amazing God-boy. She rounded a corner at a jog trying not to be late for the third time this week when she was suddenly halted but a set of burning eyes and an eerie smile.
It was the girl from the library! She stepped to block Ruby’s path and snickered at her attempt to move past.‘What’s your rush Ruby?’ Was the last thing she heard before a damp, foul-smelling cloth was pressed to her mouth and her consciousness slipped away.

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