Unit 401

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In the far off future the humans are in a war with the machines and... The undead.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unit 401

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013





Chapter 1.

Flash looked to the side. Star stared straight ahead. Dragon turned around. Shadow turned.

Somehow through all the decay and destruction all eyes were on me.

“What now Guav?” Star asked fidgeting with her thin white tail.

“I… I don’t know. I didn’t plan to make it this far.” I admitted and everyone’s faces turned to what I could only describe as pure disgust.

“B-but Guav you always know what to do!”

“Were going to freaking die now.” Flash said emphasizing the ing because I did not tolerate foul language in my coven.

“Were going to die!!!” Dragon yelled holding a webbed hand to his face in horror.

“Shush! We’re not going to die this is just a minor setback in the grand scheme.”

“Try Major!” Screamed Flash.

“Ugh headache time!” I moaned.

“Come on guys we can’t expect her to have a plan every time something happens.” Shadow said in his soothing quiet voice.

“But half of the time it’s her fault!”

“So why is she making the plans if half of all the plans she makes lead to disaster.”

“Because all the plans we make are suicide missions!” Star joined in her chipper voice making me want to rip her head off and throw it at the wall.

I leaned against one of the bombing sites imagining several scenarios were I would have to shoot all of these obnoxious idiots. Heh…

“Shush up idiots!” I screamed over all of them. “I have an idea.”

Four heads turned to face me, eyes wide with anticipation.

“Well we should probably get out of here…” I said not really having an idea.

“That’s an amazing idea!” Yelled Flash.

“Yeah why didn’t you think of that Shadow?” Dragon said which caused Shadow to bury his head in his heads.


I looked toward Shadow then took off running plan formulating in my head as I ran.

Dragon kept up beside me quite easily his short legs throwing him off the ground so he lands on all fours.

Star was probably the farthest behind due to her lack of well… Strength.

I couldn’t hear any labored breathing or even footsteps coming from Shadow as expected, and Flash? Well I don’t even know where he was. For all I knew he could be in southern Brazil.

I ran at a steady pace forcing myself not to look beside me at Dragon. Dragon ran like an animal and I’m not saying that it was gross or anything it’s just the half of him that was facing me was the machine half.

Dragon is really all Machine but he escaped the facility where they were finishing him. Dragon’s left half is silver up to his jaw. Dragon was built to be an animal that preformed in front of people but due to a system error he was built like an animal but on the outside he was human… At least partly.

Shadow was a shape shifting unit but all he can turn into is black paint. Thus shadow was born.

Star is the newest model out of all of us only created about five years ago. Star can crack her joints out of place and bend herself so that she resembles a star. It was quite horrific.

Guava didn’t mean anything. It was simply a fruit I had liked in earlier years. I was created twenty something years ago. Unit 401. I’m the only 401 out there because I was too dangerous to be let into the general public I had to escape.

My hard drive was littered with thousands upon thousands of useless information regarding weapons. My left arm could turn into and assault rifle, both of my hands to Smith and Wesson pistols, my right arm to a semi-auto-matic machine gun, and my left eye I couldn’t see out of because it doubled as a pistol.

In the middle of a war in the year 4892. The machines, the undead, and the humans had been in an ongoing war since 4890.

Dragon, Flash, Star, and I? We were what you could call freedom fighters. So far were the only ones out there. I guess you could call us all a lost cause.

I stopped and held my hand out pushing it through the magnetic field. I brought it back quickly looking at my steaming hand. Much to everyone’s dismay I cussed.

“Dead end.” I grumbled.

“A-11 Tesla?” Flash asked

I nodded lightly. It was a field based mostly off of the Tesla coil but to be serious, that was created so long ago that I don’t even know what it is anymore.

I guess you could say I was the smartest of the group; I had several programs in me that were what you would call ‘knowledge chips’, they gave me all the information I would ever need, I was a walking computer.

That’s what made me so dangerous. I was a pro hacker so I also held all the records on anyone who ever lived and stuff like the atomic bomb. Those files were lost quite a while ago but after hours of searching and decoding I found them. The reason why I was so fully equipped with weaponry was to protect some of the precious files that had already stored in me.

I really was a walking weapon.

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