Camp Sackgasse

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Alex Van Hough doesn't believe in this haunted stuff everyone is talking about Camp Sackgasse. She convinced her 3 friends to come along with her and stay at camp for at least 5 days. Little did she know how much she underestimated the danger she puts herself and all of her friends in.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Camp Sackgasse

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



June 26, 2065

I am writing this to you as the last survivor of my group. If anyone happens to come across this letter, I beg of you to warn the others to never go to Camp Sackgasse, for there is no return once you're here. There is nothing but death and betrayal, even by the ones closest to you. We can not understand why or how, but once you've been here long enough, everybody will turn into maniacs. Your best friend becomes your enemy and the only one you can trust is yourself. I've learned my lesson but I'm afraid it's too late. I now fear for my life. Something or someone is out to get me. I've been starving for 3 days now, but I have to stay silent if I don't want to be found. Be wise enough to learn from my mistakes.


Alex Van Hough


Camp Sackgasse. That's what they call it. Nobody really knows what goes on in there, but all I know is that people tell me it's haunted. Fallen oak trees and grass that reaches to your knees cover the ground; in the middle of the camp, there's seems to be a forest; and a graveyard stretches endlessly at the back of the camp. Rumor has it that the name of the camp on the board up in front  is written in human blood. The scariest part of the camp seems to be the shack that sits in the far corner of the camp, right next to the tombstones. My friend, Dianna, was walking by the camp one night and saw a man with a tall, bulky figure walking out of the shack and started digging up a grave from the graveyard. He reaches down the grave and brought up a dead body. When the man saw Dianna, he turned in her direction, stil carrying the dead body, and started walking toward her. Dianna screamed and ran away as fast as she can. She says that the images still haunt her everytime she closes her eyes.

I find this all ridiculous. I'm pretty sure someone is just trying to scare us. Me? I'm not scared of ANYTHING.

"You scaredy cats! Do you really believe in those stuff?! How much you wanna bet this is all just a joke someone's pulling on us?" I said one day as one of my friends, Lori, was talking about Camp Sackgasse.

"Excuse me?!" Lori replied.

"Okay, I'd give y'all $20 bucks if any of you go with me to Camp Sackgasse and stay there for 5 days. Deal? Then you can prove how much of a wimp you're NOT." I said mockingly; knowing them, they wouldn't last for even 5 minutes in Camp Sackgasse.

"Ain't nobody got time for that! If you want to walk into your own death trap, go ahead, but ain't nobody wanna die with you! I got a life ahead of me! I can't die right now, I gotta be Miss America in 10 years!" My other friend, DiShanna, joined in.

"B-b-b-bakkk! B-Bakkk!" I made chicken sounds to mock them. Pssh, wimps.

"Uggh. SHUT UP! FINE. I swear, Alex, you get on my nerves sometimes! You do not remember Dianna's story about that man who started digging up people's graves?! What if he's the one who killed them in the first place? Do you want to be a victim of an assasination?! Huh?" DiShanna added in.

"Yeah, I'll go..... but I don't think this is a good idea......" Dianna said with a sense of fear in her voice.

"Yeah. If you're going, and Dianna and DiShanna are too, I guess you can count me in. Better give me my 20 bucks after this." Lori sassed.

This is going to be very interesting, I thought to myself. The bell rung, school was over.

When I got home, I closed my door and  rushed to pack my stuff for Camp Sackgasse. Surely, I'm  not going to tell my parents, because if they knew, they'll never let me go. The good thing is that they're going on a vacation next week, they asked me if I wanted to go, but visiting museums and historic sites just isn't my thing, even if it is in Nevada. They told me I could stay at Dianna's house while they're away, so this is just too much of a perfect plan.

Can't wait for next week, I thought to myself, I'm going to have so much fun scaring everyone.


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Camp Sackgasse

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