Urufu x Fokkusu original

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A boy has a curse, but a classmate drugs him and drags him off to some "Black Market". But finds out to be auctioned off as some slave. Until air-head Yukio comes and "saves" him. Now what's going to happen as he's saved from one strange boy to another?? :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Urufu x Fokkusu original

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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There was a family who was very rich and this family harbored a secret that when the first born child is born it will inherit the secret god’s curse. the father new that this was going to happen and was going to kill it after birth but the mom convinced the husband to give her 5 days with her new born on the 3 day she named him Kana then she left the hospital with her new born.  She went home when her husband was working she grabbed her saving which was about $1000 then she left with her baby she moved from Tokyo to Japan in the poorest streets she bought the biggest house and the most scarcest house of them all she would take her new born to work with her. Everyone thought that she was crazy because she was bringing a baby to work, at a factory, but that wasn’t the weirdest thing it was the part where the baby nerved cry. From the beginning he never cried not even after being born so that was good for the mom because she never got complaints about her baby. She only got $7.50 a week and $1.50 per day. When her child was 5 she would leave him home alone, he nerved complained about being hungry or cold or like regular kids being scared. He was what everyone would say the weird child. At this very young age he was tough to not go near other kids don’t talk to kids and don’t trust anyone. His mom was always overworking herself no one worked as hard as she did. some times the workers tried to stop her so she can have a break but when they tried she worked faster than before. Nine years later his mom died of over work. And now he’s in high school he’s a freshmen at his new school. He rarely talks unless his teachers call on him but the teachers are afraid of him too and so he doesn’t have to worry about anything. He sat at the back of the class and no one sat near him until they got a new transfer student. His name was “Toshihiro” he wasn’t any ordinary boy he would work for his dad to finding suitable boys to sell as sex slaves. Toshihiro’s next target is Kana. Already on the first day Toshihiro was very popular with all the kids in his class. That’s what he wanted and his plan was to find Kana’s weakness but he didn’t find any loose screws. 


This is mine i did not copy any of this its just that someone hacked my account so I had to redew everything from my bookise account even a new email.

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