Urufu x Fokkusu original

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




 One day Kana went home to get a bike he found in the trash and went to the store to buy rice. Then he strapped the big bag of rice to the old bike and then rode his bike up the hill. There was a big rain storm almost knocking down his bike but made it home safe. When he went home he put the stand on the bike to hold it while he unhooked the bag of rice and the stand was to old and the floor was wet so the stand slipped and the bike and the entire bag of rice fell on him. One thing Kana didn’t know was that the bike had bar spikes on it, and the bar spikes fell on his left leg. The bar spikes shattered his bone in his leg, he never felt so much pain in his life he was screaming like if he was burning in lava. He had to take the bag of rice off of him before he can move the bike. When he moved the bike it left a huge red dotted circle on his leg. It was bleeding like a broken water foist. Kana couldn’t go to the hospital or see the nurse at school so all he did was tie up his wound and shake it off but it wasn’t easy for him because he already lost a lot of blood. Since he was out all day in the rain and didn’t change his cloths his wound got infected. The next morning when he woke up he felt very dizzy and his leg was pulsing like crazy. He had a high fever but still went to school not knowing. Toshihiro saw that Kana looked really pale, he was thinking of using this to his disadvantage but Kana acted like normal. The next day Kana’s fever got worse it was 130 degrees, a normal human will die at 105 but since Kana has the god’s curse within him he’s able to survive but he will be very weak. Kana not knowing how high his fever is still went to school that’s when Toshihiro notice that Kana was not acting normal he was panting, he was as white as snow and he was swaying like crazy looking like a zombie. Toshihiro took advantage of the situation and put some sleeping powder in some juice, then told Kana that he wanted to see him after school at the library. So Kana went to the library and Toshihiro told him that he needed to barrow some notes and if he can help him with his homework. So Toshihiro told Kana that he was going to get juice for them both and came back with juice, he gave Kana a box juice and he took the other  after 5 minutes Kana fell out of his chair out cold. Then Toshihiro called his dad’s workers telling them he got a good catch. Within 10 minutes they came through the back one of the men carried Kana into the car and they left to the auction house. There they undressed Kana and that’s when Toshihiro found the wound in Kana’s leg, he then told them that they had to cover it up with powder or cream but all means to cover that wound up or else the bitters won’t buy him. So they put a powder that looked just like his skin and then the wound that was there looked like it diapered. Then went on to the auction, it started at 10:00pm it was still 9:15 so then between that time they had to write  a report about Kana like if he was being adopted but this report was very simple just about 3 pages long a normal report was about 10-20 pages long. They were amazed at how low a person was Kana and how he had no records in a way that was good for them.

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