Urufu x Fokkusu original

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




Then started the auctioning it was Friday 10:32p.m. and it was Kana’s turn to be auctioned. There was this one man that was not a normal visitor he was a newcomer he heard from a friend that if he brought $5,000,000 to this location they will let him in for free and he can pick a toy to play with, but this man was stupid thinking they will have real toys here. His name was Yukio like his name said he’s a very happy man when he found out what this place was. He really was amazed there was such thing where he lived and that’s when he saw Kana. He was amazed at how cute Kana was and he notice that these kids they were selling where all drugged. Out of all the kids’ Kana stood out to him. Now started the betting when it was Kana’s turn there were lots of bitters and there was this one old man with a creepy smile winning the auction so Yukio made a stand and put forth all his money in cash which was $5,000,000 the entire room fell silent and that’s how he won but everyone was giving him a cold stare like he lost the war. They gathered all of kana’s stuff and they gave Yukio kana’s files. They left and Yukio took kana to his house it was a big house of 3 floors and a basement. Yukio lived in this house with his 2 brothers he is the middle child his younger brother works as a nurse at a high school and his older brother is a license doctor and works at the best hospital in japan Yukio works at the best host club in japan. Which somewhat angered his dad for not following his footsteps to being a doctor. When Yukio went to his house it was dark and quiet not a soul to be heard. Yukio went to his room and placed Kana in his bed. Yukio saw that Kana was drugged multiple times and that he had a strong fever. So Yukio made a cold bath and put ice thinking it will make his fever go away. He disrobed Kana and put him in the tub. The first thing that happened was that Kana screams SO loud it made Yukio lose his balance and fall into the tub with him. Then Yukio was screaming of how cold the water was, so he jumped out and ran to get a toile for Kana. When he got Kana out of the frizzing water Kana was shaking like a Chihuahua. Yukio had to hurry and find some warm clothes for Kana to wear or else he might get sicker. By the time Yukio got Kana dressed and he changed too he was exhausted he fell asleep next to Kana. 


 part three just for BlackGoth  :)

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