Urufu x Fokkusu original

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




Yukio’s younger brother Kenji came back from having a celebration of his co-workers promotion. When he came back he thought he had a faint smell of a fox in the house. When Kenji when into Yukio’s room he saw Kana, he was angry at Yukio because he thought Yukio picked up another hobo off the street. Kenji woke up Yukio so he can get an explanation from him but all he saw from Yukio’s eye’s where someone who was asking for help, Kenji didn’t know why Yukio had that face on. The only thing that Kenji asked Yukio was if this stranger needed to go to the hospital. Yukio looked happy that Kenji understood what was going on so Yukio got the car ready and called his older brother Taiki who works late today. He told him if he can wait for him in the back of the hospital, Yukio drove as fast as he could to get to the hospital once he was there he saw Taiki waiting for him outside in the back. Kenji went to go park the car, Yukio ran to Kenji with Kana in his hands like a rag doll. Taiki had a bed ready for Kana, and then they rode the elevator to the tenth floor that’s Taiki’s personal floor.  Taiki did not ask Yukio anything about this person in the bed, he could tell by the look Yukio was giving Kana that Yukio was really worried about him so Taiki left it alone. Once the elevator opened they went to the last room in that hallway in that room Taiki had a hidden door in that room that no one new about in that hidden room it was like a lab of experiments. This room was specially made for people with gifts and power like Kana, Taiki knew that Kana was a demi-god, but some think about Kana gave chills down his spine something he never felt before. Yukio told Taiki that Kana was drugged, has a fever, and had frost bites. Taiki first put IV on Kana and then checked his tempter he was amazed on how high his fever was. Taiki gave Kana a dose of medicine thru the IV so it could work faster. Then Taiki looked at Kana’s frost bites and started to soak a towel in warm water and rapped it all around Kana. After Kana looked stabilized Taiki started checking Kana’s body for any other sighs and saw Kana’s swollen leg. Taiki saw a big circle formation on the swollen leg and could tell his leg was broken. Taiki took Kana to the x-ray room and when he got the x-ray’s back Kana’s leg was shattered to bits. Taiki had to re-break Kana’s leg because his leg connected together but at the wrong point. This of course made Kana scream in pain while he was in the middle of his proses. Afraid Kana might get up and try to move he had to restrain Kana from his legs, chest and arms. Then he continued with the pain full process after a minute or two passed he finished with the re-braking and put it in its proper direction. Taiki then started to get the bandages wet so he could rap it around his leg, then he got this black thick material after soaking in warm water it got soft and slushy. Then Taiki raped the black cloth around Kana’s leg after 10 minutes the black cloth got super hard like a rock.


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