Urufu x Fokkusu original

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: July 01, 2013

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Submitted: July 01, 2013



After a few hours kana was stable, Taiki sent Kenji to look after Kana for him till he got back. Taiki had to go back to work it was 4:10 and his shift started at 4:30. After Taiki left Kenji looked at Yukio, he was half asleep trying to stay focused on Kana’s face. Kenji never saw his brother that serious about someone ever in his life. Usually Yukio would goof off with random people, he wasn’t really attached to anyone in particular unless it was about Taiki or Kenji, he would talk nonstop about them. After a while Yukio feel asleep, Kenji went to the bath room to get more hot water so he could soak the towels in hot water to apply them on the frost bites. Kenji then ordered food for himself and Yukio, and then he woke Yukio up so he could eat. Because it would be bad if another person got sick! Kenji got word from one of the nurses that Taiki would be coming soon. Kenji asked Yukio if he knew anything about this person. Yukio told Kenji that all his records where in the house and he did not look at them, so that put them in a bad position. Taiki came at noon; he brought some wires with him into the room. Yukio didn’t know what Taiki was going to do but Kenji knew exactly what Taiki was going to do. Taiki was going to do a blood transfusion but since Kana is very weak he won’t be able to produce more blood in time so Yukio was going to be Kana’s blood bag. Yukio was not a big fan of needles and tried to run but it was two men against one in the end Yukio lost and was tied up to a bed.  They had to put a cloth on Yukio because he wouldn’t stop screaming for help. When they started the transfusion purple blood was coming out of him, not red blood. That really shocked Taiki and Kenji they never saw someone with purple blood, so after the blood was transfer Taiki rushed the blood sample to his lab room. Kenji had to finish the job by giving Kana some of Yukio’s blood to him, of course Yukio was trying to scream for help but of course nothing came out of his mouth. After a while Yukio stopped trying to resist and was really quiet and still, that’s when Taiki came back with the results of the blood sample. Taiki then confirmed that Kana was half demon half human. Yukio looked at Taiki and Kenji like if they were crazy because Yukio does not know he was a demon himself and no one has ever told him about demons where real. That’s when Yukio started feeling light headed and blacked out. In this so called dream Yukio saw Kana chained to the wall, there were chains all over him. The chains were all over his legs and his hands and body and his neck. These chains were hurting Kana, he was bleeding all over from all the chains rasping against his skin. Yukio ran towards Kana so he could help him but something wired happened suddenly Yukio turned to a wolf and had blue fire on all four of his paws. He then broke all of the chains with the fire but was even weirder was that then Kana turned to a fox. When Yukio picked up Kana, Kana looked so skinny and fragile like if anything could break him easily. Out of nowhere they were falling and when Yukio opened his eyes he woke up from the dream he was in the hospital and an IV on his hand. He looked to his right and saw Kana still as white as paper. Yukio tried to get up to see if Kana was real or not but couldn’t he was restricted from his legs, waist, chest and arms.

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