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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013




As Yukio tried to get out of the restrictions he heard someone say “so you finally decide to wake up?” Yukio was shocked when he heard the voice but then realized it was Taiki. Taiki had bags under his eyes and looked like he hasn’t eaten in days.

Yukio half glared at Taiki “Taiki? ……Why am I tied up?”

Taiki: “It’s to prevent you from hurting yourself.”

 Yukio: “What are you talking about? What do you mean by me hurting myself?”

Taiki: “You will see….”


Yukio: just then that’s when my body felt like it was being smothered in fire. All I felt was the heat consuming me with the pain. I tried calling Taiki to help me but all I got out was an agonizing scream. That’s when I started to see black dots in the outline of my eyes, they started to get closer and closer to my eyes till they covered my eyes completely….. black.


Taiki: Just grate today is my little Yukio’s birthday (YAY! Best party ever it’s in a hospital!! NOT!!!) He’s now 20 years old which means that the wolf god within his body is awaking. Which as you can see is a pain full process. “What am I going to do with you little Fox?”


Yukio: Its hot….. I can’t breathe. I can’t move, there’s no one here to help me …. Shit! I don’t even think they can hear me scream even if they were here. My voice is completely cut off and my body is stuck to this stupid bed with these shackles. Me not noticing my surroundings like the idiot I am, there was a guy sitting on a chair to my right and he cleared his throat. That’s when I notice the guy he was like in his late twenties and he had long silver hair that went to his chest. Talking about chest he wasn’t wearing a shirt, something more like a robe which he didn’t fix when it was falling off his shoulders. I didn’t even know the pain went away till this guy said “are you ok now?” all I could do was shake my head yes. He had a really deep voce which shocked me because I thought only guys who go to the gym every day have deep voices like that (ha! Proves you wrong, never judge a book by their cover!). He then started to walk closer to me and when he was near the bed he took the shackles off of me and told me to stand up, I did as told not wanting to get this guy angry. I was then face to face with this guy, we were about the same height. He then cupped my cheeks and whispered something and then he kissed my forehead. While he was kissing my forehead my entire body went numb, it felt like he was draining me. After his lips left my forehead he let go off my cheeks and I fell down on to the floor like a sack of potatoes (LOL, love me them potatoes). He then lifted me off the floor like nothing ever happened and put me back in the bed and then he put his forehead to mine and all theses weird pictures where showing up in my head, like when a teacher tells you to read this entire book in a day and summarize it but you just forgot what the story was about because of how fast you were reading, well that’s what happened to me it felt weird. He then stood up and whispered something about protecting a fox. What fox? After that my eyes felt heavy and so out I went.


Taiki: so Yukio finally calm down a bit at least he’s not screaming no more just some grunts from him so I think the process  is over. Now I got to deal with this kid which Yukio brought with him, I doubt  even Yukio can tell who this kid is, he looks like they starve him for like his entire life time here, it’s amazing he’s even alive. I mean like his extremely high fever and that huge circle on his leg which was broken with all those frost bite, someone would have just died with the high fever but not this guy he was fighting to survive. Now I’m really curious as to where this kid was before Yukio found him. I got to get more hot water for the towels that are around this kid so his frost bite will ease down. Kenji then walked behind me silently like the creep he was at startled me almost dropping the hot water onto myself. He laughed like the crazy person he is without even thinking where he was, so I hit him across hid head and told him to stay quiet because we were at the hospital. He then gave me a smile and took the bucket of hot water away from me.


Kenji: seeing my brother startled from me being behind him made me laugh so hard it almost made me cry until Taiki hit me in the head which made me kind of sad because I was trying to cheer him up a bit, which failed. Well whatever I saw he was holding a bucket of hot water I think it was for that kid Yukio brought with him so I took it from him leaving his startled self in the bathroom and went to were the kid was, Yukio was grunting which means I missed when he was changing to his god forum (which looks sexy XD). Anyways I started to take the towels off of the kid and was soaking them in the hot water and then made sure they were not dripping because cleaning a bed is some hard work, last time some kid vomited on the bed and I had to clean it which was disgusting. Back to the main problem at hand I could like see this guy’s ribs they were like popping up and stuff. I tried to hurry up because this kid started to shiver I think he was cold so now I’m trying to find some blankets which are at the top of the cabinet which I can’t reach because of my small figure, angry face! That’s when Taiki startled me, he was sitting on the chair I was sitting on and he gave me this (poor you! Wish you were taller? Need help?) Face which made me want to punch him. I then grabbed the chair that was to the left of Yukio and used it to grab the blankets and I jumped off the chair and went to the kid and covered him in the blankets to which he stopped shivering. “Hey Taiki…..Why do think Yukio brought this kid with him? Does Yukio know him from school and get in a fight?”


Taiki: “stop having your weird conclusions, of course Yukio didn’t get in a fight with a kid and I doubt Yukio knows this kids name. Besides he is not entirely human he is part demon if you ask me, if I’m correct he’s a fox.”


Kenji: “Fox? So that’s what I smelled in the house! So like some type of fox god?” then that means we will be in the presences of two gods, it’s even rare for the gods to come to you first before transforming. This means he trusts us to protect this body to the bitter end, and he was in the house too AHH I’m so lucky.


Taiki: “I don’t think so; this kid seems to be in more pain then Yukio. I think he might be the outcome of an angry fox god who has yet to rest in peace. Though I can’t prove it I just sense it like the god is still waiting for this kid to complete his mission in the word so he can finally rest in peace. This kid also looks nowhere near ready to transform into his fox forum, which means we got to protect this kid till he is ready. Got that Kenji? We got to make sure this kid doesn’t get hurt, no matter what.”



Yukio: Ahhhhh my whole body is covered in sweat that it’s disgusting! Hey well look at this, the cuffs that where on me are now gone, good. As I was getting off the bed I saw Taiki and Kenji both with a serious face, weird because Kenji usually doesn’t have a serious face going on even if something bad happened, Well whatever I’m going to  leave them be for now.  First I want to see how the kid is doing; he is still asleep so I can’t do anything about that. He seems so cute sleeping now than when he was at the house and his breathing is back to normal. This is good meaning he won’t be dying on me or anything of that sort. For some reason his sleeping face seems so cute I just want to kiss him crazy but I’m going to hold back for now since this kid is sick. Wait was I just thinking about kissing a random stranger and a GUY?!?!?!?! What the hell am I thinking  ~(@.@)~



Nina: “Hello people this is the first chapter that is long which in my case is good but bad at the same time because no one is reading”*cry’s in corner*  X’( “ if you are reading then leave a comment of your existing so I can know someone is at least reading my storyO_O  please I’m begging you here  =3=  fine don’t do it not like I expected you to do it in the first place” *sheds a tear, then walks out of room*

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