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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: September 28, 2013

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Submitted: September 28, 2013




Taiki: “ok well let’s just see how there doing for now and if Yukio wakes up we will ask him where he found the boy, hopefully he might have something for me to work with.”


Kenji: “ok fine, after this I’m going home to get some sleep.” As we were walking in to the room where Yukio and this kid was in, we found Yukio out of the bed and was caressing the boy’s cheek. We were walking as slow as possible to not scare Yukio and to make sure he wouldn’t do something he will regret later. So far so good, I don’t think Yukio was being controlled by the way his body was shaking. Usually if your animal side takes over your body you won’t feel pain, cold or heat. You will be in this comforting darkness till your animal side lets you take over again. I was the first to reach Yukio so I slowly brought my hands to his shoulder, then as low and quietly as I could I whispered to Yukio “Happy birthday, Birthday boy” that earned me a glare from Taiki, but Yukio didn’t do anything just say in a rasped voice “yay” that’s about it till he started walking to the bathroom. “Well that went better than I expected, right?” Taiki like his usual mood said “way to ruin the mood!” and hit me behind the head. Dame that’s some force he used right there and then.


Kana: my body felt really heavy, and my eyes won’t open. I think someone kidnapped me and then sat on top of me while blind folding me, if that’s what it where to be in real life occurrence. I heard a lot of mumbling and a lot of movement around me; I also heard this beeping sound it was quit loud. I dough it was the school emergency bell because usually it’s this super long buzzing. So to try to get out of this I tried moving my fingers. At first nothing was happening but slowly they started to move I was happy for that, now I’m going to try to move my right toes not my left because I know that any movement will hurt me because my leg is broken. So far my big toe is moving but that’s as far as I got until I felt someone was rubbing my cheek, his movements where swift and soft. If only I could see who was doing it but my eyes still won’t open. Then I heard someone whisper something and then I heard a mumble till the hand that was rubbing my cheek left. Then I heard more mumbling, I’m starting to wonder if there even speaking English. So for now I’m going to work on my other 4 toes till I can move them all.


Yukio: right now I’m in the bathroom thinking about what I did the day before my birthday, it was working at the host club, eat, talk with my best friend who told me about this store, then I bought a boy from this old guy before he could get his hands on him, take the boy home, Kenji found out, we took the boy to the hospital, me giving the boy my blood, then a lot of pain, and now we are here, me trying to sort out my thoughts. After thinking this all thru I forgot that I don’t even know anything about this boy and that his records where at home. So after a quick face rinsing I ran out the room before Taiki or Kenji could say anything and ran to my car and drove to the house. I then found the yellow envelope containing the records of this boy so I then drove back to the hospital to then give this to Taiki because I know that he would want to know about the boy as much as I would. When I went back into the room Taiki was cussing about me leaving and him going to cut my balls off and some other gruesome stuff. After hearing all this I ran as fast as I could and jumped on top of Taiki, knocking him down with Kenji. Me and Kenji where laughing up a storm while Taiki just glared at us and mumble something under his breath something like ‘I’m going to kill you both’. So after we stopped laughing our guts out I threw the yellow envelope to Taiki and I stuck my tongue out to him.


Taiki: After a second of giving him a puzzled look I said “what’s this envelope for?”


Yukio: “well if someone is the doctor and if he wanted to know more about his patient then wouldn’t he look at their records?” I felt so smart.


Taiki: after listening to him it then clicked that this was this boy’s records, while reading it/ skimming thru it I found out this boy was named Kana, he did not have a last name, he’s 14 years old his birthday is on July 31st which is in a month and a half. Something I did not find was who the father was and or where this woman lived before she moved here. Also it looked like this boy never went to a doctor ever in his life, which means he never got his vaccines when he was little or his yearly check-ups. For now I will give him 3 different vaccines which are necessary to have and then in another week I will give him the other 3 he needs. After reading thru the rest of the paper I found out that Yukio signed this paper saying he’s marring Kana, at first I was thinking to myself if that was even possible but then I remember only the black market could do that, then thinking some more now it made sense as to why Yukio cared for Kana the way he does. It goes something like this, since he signed that agreement Yukio’s wolf god now thinks they are truly married and so he thinks of Kana as his wife, who he will protected till the end of eternity. So if you were to look at Kana’s current name it would be Kana Wakahisa, it doesn’t sound that bad to me. Why not try it out loud so the 2 of them can hear the boy’s name “Kana Wakahisa” as if on Q kana broke out of the restrains I put him in and he was shaking like crazy and his eyes where blood red, he came out of the bed and was wobbling and was sort of growling at me. After a minute of us just looking at Kana, Yukio’s eyes changed to a color which to us was blinding to us, which made me and Kenji feel so numb we couldn’t move.


 Yukio: after hearing my brother Taiki say the words “Kana Wakahisa” I felt so happy that I didn’t know that Kana was standing right behind us and was, what would you call it growling? Well yea he was growling at Taiki I think for speaking his name which for some reason made me want to comfort this fragile boy in front of me. So I stood up and was now looking in to Kana’s eyes that were also looking at me, my eyes felt warm and tender and I was trying to get that into Kana that we won’t hurt him. Out of nowhere my body was moving to its own according I couldn’t stop myself for what I was doing, it was like my body was on auto pilot, also my voice wasn’t working all I could do was see what I was going to do next.






Nina: LeLz so I’m going to give the define words for their names that are in Japanese.

Main character 1 middle brother: Yukio/Wakahisa: happy man/forever young

Heroin: kana: name of demi-god

Villain 1: Toshihiro: wise

Younger brother: Kenji/Wakahisa: to study/forever young

Oldest brother: Taiki/Wakahisa: large, great or radiance, shine/forever young

Also I just thought of a last name for the brothers which mean forever young and I was like if I had that as a last name I would start singing the song “forever young” got to love that song XD

Also I have 3 diff. accounts where I post this story but out if the 3 I think I like wattpad the most. Also I love the people there and there books with music/pictures. The other 2 accounts I have is bookise and quotev.

Also sorry for not updating in like 2 months I was being a dick and an ass.

Also I say also a lot so you might see a lot of it in this chapter, Bye“*\\(ouo)/*”

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