Urufu x Fokkusu original

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 06, 2013



Yukio’s wolf god: I saw my beautiful wife from within my human’s body he was pale white and had long dark black hair and had red eyes. Those red eyes where calling for me to help and those eyes felt scared. Though the human Kana does not look of age, he seems to have grown to his mature state fast. So I took over Yukio’s body, so that he can see how stuff is done. I showed my power thru my eyes so that he could focus on me, after seeing that his focus was on me I started walking towards Kana and his fox god, I was so close to him that it made him shiver. Within a heartbeat I gave him kisses all over his face, but avoiding his lips themselves. Then I started to linger my kisses towards Kana’s eyes, using my powers to soothe both Kana and his fox god. Kana’s fox god left seeing as I was no harm to Kana, In which the Fox god left Kana, Kana fell back into his slumber state. I caught him then laid him back in to the bed he was in, I then scooted him to the side with the rails and I went in the bed with him, seeing as Kana was starting to shake of how cold he was and the lost contact. After a while of me warming Kana up he stopped shaking and was having a normal breathing. I felt that it was time for me to leave too, so I gave Kana a sweet kiss on his forehead and then closed my eyes to let Yukio take over but to my amusement he too was asleep.


Yukio: so it seems I did the most embarrassing thing in the world, the one reason why it was embarrassing was because my two brothers where there watching me as I would kiss this little helpless boy Kana. I still could not use my body so I was just seeing what was happening next, when the second most embarrassing thing happened, I ended up in the same bed as Kana and I was snuggling up on him. After a while of watching him I felt sleepover take myself so I did the only thing this body of mine would allow me to do, sleep.


Taiki: I was watching my brother Yukio as he stood and walked to kana and his fox god, but also it was not Yukio in control of his body which means it was Yukio’s wolf god, which made sense as to why Kenji and I couldn’t move at all. Yukio put his hands on each side of Kana’s little shoulders and started to kiss him all over his face. Also from what I can see Kana was not in control of his body because of those red eyes hinting otherwise, it seemed that his fox god felt the presence of another god so Kana’s god has to force himself out early and so it seems right now he’s in protect/defense mode. Which is rare to happen and also is my first time seeing it in real life. Yukio kisses started to linger near Kana’s eyes, kissing one side then the other back and forth till Kana’s eyes closed. Kana then fell towards Yukio I which Yukio caught him effortlessly. Yukio then carried kana towards the bed kana was originally in and put him near the side with the rails. Yukio then came in to the bed also and covered both of them with the thick blankets; I could also tell that Yukio was holding Kana protectively. Soon after I was able to move, this means that Yukio’s wolf god has fallen to sleep with Kana.

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