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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 21, 2013



Kenji: After a while of just looking at my brother do the most embarrassing things, I was able to move. I started to walk to the bed but Taiki stopped me by pulling me back into him. I looked at him confused and told him “what?” it’s not like they are going to attack me, Taiki then gave me a pained look


 Taiki: “Looks like Yukio is stuck with Kana for life and what that means is we can’t touch them till they mate and they both do the “ritual of the gods” what the ritual of god is something like a register showing which god is going to marry who and where they are living at and other important stuff like that.”


Kenji: “Then does that mean we can’t touch Kana for nothing in the world? What happens if they try to kidnap him or if other people try to touch him or if by “accident” someone where to bump into him? Then what!?” being Taiki wanted to be smart and said something rather interesting.


Taiki: “from the data I collected and some thesis I conclude that by separating them will cause lots of pain to both parties and will cause them to go mad, which will lead them to look for their partner.”


Kenji: wow just wow I did not think something that crazy would happen to two god’s that mate each other but then again it only happened once, but no one knew how it happened or if they finished the mating process.


Taiki: after explaining to Kenji that we couldn’t touch Kana and Yukio without them trying to kill us, I decided to lay down on Yukio’s bed which he was not using. I then told Kenji for now to just go to the house to clean the house a bit and to buy some cloths for Kana. For now I’m going to rest, I feel exhausted and I don’t feel like doing anything right now but sleep.


Kenji: right now I’m cleaning Yukio’s because this floor is not livable for sick people like kana. Kana could end up tripping on the trash on the floor or the clothes, so for now I’m washing Yukio’s clothes and I’m booming the floors. It’s amazing that there are no mice in his floor; there is food all over the place all rotting away. ~2 hours later~ I threw out all the garbage in his floor, I never knew someone could have so much garbage in the house; it was about 10 bags full of garbage. I’m still not done with the clothes, since each load takes about one hour each. For now I’m going to the store to buy some clothes for Kana, we somewhat have similar size but he is smaller then me and skinnier too, which I’m going to fix, pretty soon. ~1 hour later~ I really don’t know what to give him for clothes so I tried to give him lots of plane clothes. This is how the list of clothes I bought for him went, 5 pair of pants, 5 pair of shirts, 2 sweat pants, 1 hoody, 1 jacket for the winter, 2 sweaters, 5 pair of sox’s/t-shirts/underwear. Since I don’t now Kana’s shoe size I’m just going to give him some fluffy boots to wear for now. So for now I’m putting the clothes away in drawers and hanging up the sweaters/ jacket. The house is spotless clean and most of the clothes are done washing so I’m going to head to the hospital to see what to do next. Looks like this summer-brake is going to be a long one, depending on what happens.


Taiki: I was woken, by something shaking my shoulder slightly and then heard the person saying that it’s time to go home, right now I don’t feel like moving but these beds were not as comfortable as your own bed so I decided to wake up. Kenji was sitting on the bed waiting for me to say anything so the only thing I thought to say was “How am I supposed to leave the hospital with these two still hear?” with that Kenji gave me a huge smile, one that I would not like.


Kenji still smiling said “you my dear loving brother are going to think on a way we can take these two beautiful children home without touching an inch of their hair.” He then smiled even more than before.


I say by the way he is speaking he had some problems with Yukio’s floor. (FYI floor as in his personal apartment for the house, since its 3 floors and a basement each of the brothers get their own floor. From youngest to oldest Kenji gets the first floor, Yukio gets the second floor and Taiki gets the third floor or so called the attic.) I gave Kenji an apologetic look and Kenji returned it and then dropped next to me and he showed me his “tired” face. I then got off the bed and let Kenji sleep in it, knowing that Kenji must have over worked himself to the point of exhaustion. Kenji is only 17, yet he already past high school and is currently working at his high school as a nurse. No, this does not mean he is smarter than me because I finished high school at 15 so technically I’m still smarter than him. That not the point I was trying to get at, it’s just that the “grown-ups” don’t believe in people like him that are super smart, so they treat him like garbage by letting him do all the work for the teachers. Stuff like grading, calling parents, teacher/parent conference, all this stuff that they don’t want to do they make Kenji do it by saying that they don’t feel good or that something came up. I know Kenji only dose it because he wants to prove to them that he is an equal to them but that’s not as they see it, they think of him as a freak. Since summer brake is here Kenji can finally relax and chill at home and won’t have to worry about work or impressing anyone.

Now I’m thinking of a way to move Yukio and Kana without touching them, but the only thing that comes to mind is to take the bed which Yukio and Kana are in and take it and to put it inside the ambulance, then take Yukio and Kana home like that. I think that’s the only choice I got in this situation. I got my phone out and told one of the paramedics that drive the ambulance; if he and one other could drive Kenji’s car and mine to the house in exchange he would give me the keys to the ambulance, then once home we would swap car’s. I told them I would meet them down stairs to give them the keys. For now I’m just disconnecting any wires that are on the bed so that I could take it in to the elevator. Doing my best not to touch Yukio or Kana, I had to cover them in a blanket and then strap them to the bed so they would not move from the bed when I’m driving, also so when I’m leaving the hospital no one will see them. Once all the wires were off I pulled the bed into the elevator and I’m carrying Kenji on my back since he barely got some shut eye. Once we got to the first floor I gave the two guys Kenji and my key’s to the cars and then the guy I was talking to on the phone gave me the key to the ambulance. After they left I put Kenji down on the couch on the lounge so I could start the car and put the bed in the back. The ambulance was already stationed in the back so all I had to do was put the bed in the back. I pulled the bed to the double doors to put the bed inside since no one helped me it was quite hard putting a two hundred pound bed into the ambulance, Yukio going to have to lose weight. He’s going to have to exercise more and eat less junk food.

Now I’m securing the bed to make sure it doesn’t swivel side to side when I’m driving. After checking everything I closed the doors and then went to the lounge where Kenji was still sleeping, I picked him up and put him on my back. After getting to the back I had to quickly sign out of work, once that was done I opened the passenger’s door to the ambulance and seated Kenji in the chair and buckled him in. I went into the driver’s side and buckled myself in and then put the keys in the engine. I drove out of the parking lot and drove home. I didn’t use the sirens because it’s not like I’m going back to the hospital or anything, the drive home was quiet, too quiet to my liking so I sped up to the house making it in about fifteen minutes. At the house I meet the two guys who were driving Kenji and my car, so I told them to wait a bit before I return the car because of the bed and Kenji. I have to wake up Kenji now so he could help me with the bed. Waking him up was a hassle since he only got about 30 minutes of sleep so he was quite angry getting him up. In the end we got the bed out of the ambulance and the two guys left. I told Kenji to wheel the bed to the entrance near the stares, while I go and park the 2 cars in the garage. AHHHH! I’m so tired I just want a hot shower and sleep but that’s not going to happen so I’m just going to walk myself to the front door. Kenji was there just looking off into the distances, he still seemed somewhat pissed off since his brows were still furred. I slowly walked towards Kenji trying my best not to anger him but I guess he still heard me.


Kenji: “Are you done yet, can we go to sleep now?”


Taiki: sigh “we just got to get Yukio and Kana to Yukio’s room and then were done, so just bear with me a little longer.” Kenji just gave me a muffled ok and then went to the front of the stairs to hold the top half of the bed. Since we don’t have an elevator we would have to carry the bed to the second floor by using the stairs, luckily for us the stairs go straight up and not in curves. I went to hold the bottom half of the bed and gave Kenji the “okay”, since I had the bottom half of the bed, most of the weight was on me. I think that’s why Kenji took the top half, once at the top I wheeled the bed to Yukio’s room and close behind me was Kenji. I stopped the bed so I could open the door to Yukio’s room, and what I saw was a clean room, fresh sheets and blankets, the room also smelled fresh. Kenji really out did himself cleaning as far as I could tell. I then wheeled in the bed to the left side of the bed and slowly started to undo the straps Yukio and Kana were in, and then I took off the blankets off of them.


Kenji: when Taiki took of the blankets off of Yukio and Kana, they were both in a weird position. When I looked at them, Yukio had his face all up in Kana’s neck and Yukio had his hands around Kana’s waist, in a protective kind of way. Ahhh! There in a sexual position, this was yet another embarrassing thing to see. I dough this will be the last time I will see my brother in this kind of position. Taiki then pulled the covers off of the bed and told me to hold the right side of the blanket and he was holding the left of the sheets, we then pulled them off of the hospital bed. In doing so the sheets looked like a hammock and with Yukio and Kana still in the sheets made them face each other even closer. Taiki and I then placed the two love bird’s gently down into the bed. After Taiki and I were done with that Taiki called someone to go pick up the hospital bed after placing the bed outside. Without speaking Taiki and I both decided to sleep on the couch in Yukio’s living room, I just need a nap after that I will make some good homemade pizza for me and Taiki.

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