Bride of the Water God

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




"This place," Merlin started, continuing to stare at the new world in awe. " the Water Kingdom...?" His breath hitched as his mind became blank.

He...couldn't be here, could he? Not in the Water Kingdom, not when he was suppose to die. And yet...he was comforted by the thought of being brought to the water kingdom. As Merlin became accustomed to the bright sun, an enormous fish came out of nowhere and blocked his view.

"What the -" He began, only to stop when the world around him became clearer.

Golden fish the size of wagons and much bigger glided through the summer air with ease, as if they've been up there all their lives. Crimson red, and cornflower blue shone brightly across the sky, Merlin's eyes darted back and forth, taking in as much as he could. From the moss green of nearby forest, to the gray of simple concrete which dazzled beneath the vast atmosphere.

"Ahem." Startled by the sudden noise, Merlin snapped out of his trance. He turned around and saw an old man wearing the most elegant of robes, and felt a bit ashamed of his current wardrobe. His wrinkles told a story of his age and he glowed with an aura of wisdom so intense, it could bring sudden intelligence in even the stupidest of people. With his frost colored hair held back as a bun, and his garments flowing in the wind the man started to speak while gazing at Merlin.

"Welcome, I am in charge of the palace. My name is Gaius." Gaius spoke with serene words.

"Please follow me, I'll guide you to the Water God." And Merlin followed.

Lilac petals coasted with the breeze as Merlin panted heavily. The stairs leading to the palace were...enormous. The distance between the palace and beach was already to much fro him to handle, and now stairs! He certainly hoped that his physical pain would all be worth it in the end.

He closed his eyes in pain and continued up the stairs only to run into soft fabric and the smell of honeysuckle. Taking a minute to breathe, he looked up at Gaius. Although his mouth hadn't twitched his eyes were definitely smiling and Merlin just had to scowl.

"Please stay here." The old man said, and with a quick bow he left.

Merlin nodded and watched the man's retreating figure. His sorrow came back immediately. Am I really alive? It seemed he was, he could touch and smell and most likely taste. But the doubt still stung his throat, he really didn't want to be here.

What's going to happen now?

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