Bride of the Water God

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




The sounds of a rubber ball could be heard in the distance. Thump thump thump A golden ball stopped at the point of Merlin's feet. Picking up the ball he looked up to see a boy, no older than eight staring at him. His cheeks were tan, his hair blond. On top of his golden head lay an obsidian...whatever it was, it looked like a dam, emerald leaves adorned the side though and the child's robes were blood red. He looked like a royal.

A kid in the palace?

He crouched down with the ball in his hands and handed it back to the boy. He smiled at the child, who still just stared. Merlin became a bit nervous, maybe the Water people didn't speak his language? But Gaius was able to, and Merlin understood him perfectly. "Hello little boy. Do you live here?" A small gust of wind swept across his face as the boy passed right by him, leaving Merlin's mouth hanging a bit open. "W- was I just ignored?"

"Oh...I'm lost." Merlin said as he bit the sleeve of his robe and he continued down a red bridge to an area which looked like a garden. Sun shone on perfect green grass, to the right orchids blossomed, lilies the size of a small child shot from the ground swaying the in wind, moving gracefully. He squatted on the side of bridge, near a marble column, and sighed. It's been a long day and Merlin was already beyond exhausted. He looked up to see a pond in the middle of the garden, swans dancing along the ripples created upon the surface and a man hiding beneath the sun. Covering his mouth to make sure the handsome stranger didn't hear his shriek of surprise, Merlin's mind started to wander in ten different directions. He wanted to know if that man was his husband, or if once he saw his face, just as the legends went, would he be eaten?

"There you are."

Merlin spun around to see Gaius looking tired. "I'm sorry I moved, I just saw this boy, and then got tired and..." The old man just put up his hand to show he didn't care much and started walking, with Merlin following. They soon reached a tall wooden door the color of onyx with a golden emblem of a dragon in the middle.

"Why a dragon?"

"It represents the temper of our king."

"His temper is one of a dragons?"

Gaius nodded, his eyes dark. "He destroys everything in his path once he's upset or sad. It is best if you don't trouble him often. We might not have a kingdom anymore if you do." He mumbled the last part to himself, not expecting the boy to hear.

"Wh-" Merlin was cut off as the set of doors opened wide. Looking straight ahead Merlin saw a beautiful room filled with velvets and silks, a desk which looked as if it were made of jade and special artifacts hung about the room. In a far corner of the room sat a man with long locks of brown hair and a tan muscular body, his jawline chiseled and strong. The same man that was standing in the pond! He wore dark robes this time and held his hair back, the aura vibrating off of him was intensifying and Merlin found it hard not to coward in fear.

"This Merlin, is General Cenred Ellis." Cenred stood and bowed before sitting back down. So he's not my husband. Somehow this relieved and irritated him. Gaius could tell of the boy's impatience and chuckled. "And this is-" Curtains were immediately pulled back and Merlin was shocked at what he saw. "Your husband, the Water God." Gaius finished and left the room with Cenred following shortly behind him.

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