The Beauty of Life

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In a world of electricity and cars, phones and computers Gaia doesn't fit in, it's as if...she's not real and something about her family doesn't feel right.

There's a secret, a past that she plans to uncover, no matter that cost.

[ This is an old story dated back to July 23, 2010 ]

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beauty of Life

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




He really did it. I’m dead, deceased, gone. I, out of everyone one, I trusted him the suspect, murderer, thief of life, the Grim Reaper himself, and everyone trusted me. I told everyone too, they had their doubts and reasons, but I tricked everyone into trusting the enemy. Now look at me, lying on the floor gasping for air that will soon slip from my throat. And him sitting in the rocking chair, back and forth, cleaning his weapon. I guess this is why life is so valuable. A gift from God, something I was suppose to take care of. And now I close my eyes falling deep into the darkness knowing I will never open them again.


A dream. Just a silly old dream like all the others, all the same with the boyfriend killing everyone. Will I ever grow up? He would never do that, would he? Great. There I go again, thinking crazy thoughts about the impossible. I look to my left, oh no! It’s 7 o’clock already I’m going to be late! I rush downstairs on the cold wooden floor, gliding in my cotton socks and entering the kitchen. I make myself a quick bowl of oatmeal and some orange juice to jug it all down, then quietly not trying to wake up my parents and siblings I rush swiftly upstairs and find something to put on.


My bike is sitting in the garage all alone waiting to be rode on instead of collecting dust. I apologize to the bike, if I didn’t have a boyfriend who picked me up every morning I would sadly be riding my rusty old bike to school. Five minutes after I walk out the door, backpack on my back, I wait for my boyfriend.

I wait for another ten minutes, then 15.’He’s not coming.’ I thought ‘It’s 7:20 already.’ I sadly walk away from my house, leaving my poor, lonely, rusty bike behind. ‘I’m so sorry bike, but I wouldn’t want to be seen on you again.’ And I leave, hearing the echo of the bikes sobbing as I head towards school.


Ah. School, high school to be more accurate. A place for the nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, weirdos, and misfits. There is never a kid in school who’s alone. There is even a club for new kids called the ‘T&B’ no idea what is stands for though. As for me I guess I’m the only one who’s alone since I don’t play the high school game. It’s 8:25 I’m late for class, I enter the school, my class is upstairs and the halls are empty. I dashed to the office to sign in and pick-up a tardy slip. And exit the office walking through the hallway, I turn at a corner, head up stairs and enter another hallway, I walk faster and faster as I turn corners and enter more and more hallways, one more hallway to pass through. And since most of my classes alternate from one side of the school to the other I’m going to be passing through more and more hallways and turning around more and more corners. I walk further and further, faster and faster, then I halt. I can hear two voices, male and female, talking, and I can see them too. It’s my boyfriend and the meanest popular girl in school. First they’re talking and she begins to cry, then he scoops her up and kisses her. It hurts, my heart burns badly and is throbbing inside, my body aches and I freeze. My boyfriend, the hottest boy in school, is kissing the most popular, mean, bitchy girl that he said he had always hated. I stare and stare on, the girl notices me and continues, I can feel a wall of tears starting to build up. My hatred starting to ignite, I don’t run, instead I walk up to both of them and break them apart. I take all of my ignited hatred and extinguish it upon my ex-boyfriend by slapping the crap out of him.

Then I turn to the terrified girl behind me, this time a pinch of sorrow and despair add on to my extinguished hatred and I hit her so hard with my backpack that she doesn’t get up off the floor.


I’ve been suspended. I had to have a meeting with the principal, he said “Gaia, you’re an excellence B average student and you have never been complained on or have reported any problems. So why take such a violent action?” I couldn’t answer the question with an answer so I said, “Why are people so mean? Why do you think no one comes and tells you anything? I’ve only met you twice and seen you in the hallways. So why ask me now?” The principal couldn’t answer my question he only shook his head and said I could leave if I wanted to.


It’s Tuesday. No one called me but that’s alright because I have no friends. I found out through my sister and brother who attend the same high school as me (I’m a 10th grader and they’re 9th graders) that I took a baseball bat and swung it at Yasmine (the mean girl) and took my belt and hit William (my ex-boyfriend) in the face. Now my brother and sister avoid me more and more, I feel so lonely.

Even my parents talk to me less and less.



It’s a Wednesday night. Everyone except me is asleep and I creep out of the house. The night sky is glowing with stars and the moon shines on me making me feel special. It’s freezing outside but I don’t care. I hurry inside my house, put on a warm coat, grab my digital camera, and head outside. I run to the garage and take out the bike. I hop upon it and ride. The bike squeaks happily and joy feels me up. At least someone or something is happy to be with me. I continue to ride and ride as soon as I exit my city and enter the outskirts of town. I like to sleep on the hills that border the city from the rest of the world. I find my special hill and lay I sleep and sleep. Dreaming of the sky, stars, people and the beauty of life.


Hello? Hello?” I hear the honey-coated voice saying. I think of breakfast and waffles with honey. My eyes flutter open and I step back into reality. The honey-coated voice was laying right beside me. A boy looking about 17, two years older than me. I smile. He’s cute, dark hair, yellow eyes with a pinch of green and blue, and an athletic figure. “Hello.” I reply. He smiles back and gets up. “Well since your not dead I guess I better be going now.” he said. I look at the sky, judging by the horizon I was thinking it was around 4:00 am. “Hey!” He said. I looked at him, “What time is it?” He takes out his cell phone and looks. “Oh no! I’d better get going.” He looked at me laying down. “Mind if I borrow your bike?” He asks. “Yes. Yes I do in fact-” I’m cut off as he shrugs and take my bike anyway. He pedals fast, I chase after him. He is going farther and farther toward outside the outskirts of the city. I don’t care all I want is the bike he stole from me. After 50 stops and at least 5 miles of running I finally catch him only to fall on him while he’s pedaling and causing a horrible fall. One of the wheels hit me in the head and I fall into a deep sleep, entering another wonderful world of the beauty of life.


I can see light, a very powerful light that whispers to me, tells me, of wonderful things and a power that on my sixteenth birthday will be unleashed and great things will start happening.


I don’t believe. I force myself to wake up. I am staring at the blue sky, no, it’s a blue wall. I check my surroundings, I’m on a bed, there is a desk and chair in the corner, and a boy on the floor.

The same boy that stole my bike.’ I thought, I sat up. He looked really cute, he was soaking wet from sweat though. I poked at him with my foot, he stirred, I did it again, he swore and got up. “You know you really fast…and strong.” he said rubbing his hand over his hair. “Where’s my bike?” I stood up, there was a door and a window, I headed towards the door. It was locked. He stood up. I ran towards the window and was able to get half-way through until he pulled me back in.

Let me go!” I shouted, trying to get lose from his grip. “Let me go you stupid idiot!!” finally managing to wiggle my way out I crawled through the window. The room was actually part of a house. I saw my bike resting on the wall and hopped on. The sky was still a dark shade of blue and I sped all the way home.



Thursday night. Wha- What is that? A bright light? I’m awoken by the smell of bacon and maple sugar. I don’t want to get up today. “Ugh.” I say, forcing myself out of bed. “Gaia!” Calls my mother, “Come downstairs and eat something!”


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