The Dead Land Prison

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A prison the size of New York. They call it The Dead Lands. The Dead Lands are separated into three major groups each owned by a three different major gang: Hell's Redemption, Dead Land Kings, and Shadow Life. They're other minor gangs that own little territory. Marcel, Angelo, and Luis are framed for the murder of fifteen different people. Lifelong friends separated among the deadly groups of murderers, rapist, arsonists, and traitors. No way out, only the chance to live life like the people they were framed as or get killed. Once in The Dead Lands, there is no way out alive.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Once you arrive...

Submitted: August 11, 2014

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Submitted: August 11, 2014



 The transport bus' windows were barred, we were chained into our seats and on our way to The Deads Land. I thought i knew fear, but now I fully understand it. I looked over to Luis whose eyes were wide with shock. I turned to the right to see Marcel, who was muttering to himself. I hung my head and stared at my chains. "Fucked," I thought to myself. "I'm so totally fucked."  

  When the  bus stopped moving I could feel my heart beat speed up. The driver's door opened and shut. I could hear his footsteps walk down the side of the bus and round its corners. His keys jangled and the lock turned. When he opened the doors I could see the very the definition of fear on Marcel face.

  The driver stepped back as a security guard stepped up into the truck and grabbed Luis' shirt. When he refused to stand, the guard pulled hard on his shirt causing it to tear. Marcel and I stood up simultaneously with Luis. With the enslaved sound of the shackles we walked. 

  When we entered the first door of the prison, we smelled a something horrid. It was the scent of death and filth. Yet, we didn't hesitate to carry on forward. Luis stopped and looked back, he looked back at the freedom he was simply cheated out of. The freedom he will never be able to feel again. He slowly, hesitantly turned forward and began to walk again.

  The doors made a loud buzzing sound before they opened revealing three men with taser guns. "Just a precaution." One of them said. The had put bags over our heads and had us turn around. I could hear the trigger being pulled and feel the needle as it barely pierced my skin. The shock was too much for my body. And I became unconscious.

  I woke up in the streets of the prison with the default prison uniform. A black jumpsuit with the numbers 4221999. My birth date. I look down and saw what look like a watch on my arm. Next to me was Luis and Marcel in their black jumpsuits with their birthdays on the back. I stood up and almost fell back down, I was dizzy and weak. I couldn't feel much of my body, I staggered forward and fell to my knees. I heard Luis start to wheeze and cough, I turned to face him and saw him rise up. He rested on his elbows. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK FUUCCKKK!!!!!" He screamed slamming his fist on the concrete, over and over until his hand became a bloody mess. "Why?" he asked in a broken voice. Tears began filling his eyes and running down the side of his face. I looked over to Marcel and noticed something that sent chills down my back. "Marcel," I said "he's...not breathing."

  Luis stopped and turned to Marcel who was lying still on the ground, "Wait,no." Luis said rushing over to Marcel. He put his ear to his chest and whispered a single word. "No." "Come on, we have to go." I stood up and used the wall to hold my self from falling. "What do you mean? Marcel is dead we can't just leave him here!" I shook my head and began walking along the wall. "There's nothing we can do." Luis looked at Marcel than back at me. " Fuck you. How can you just leave one of your best friends to rot in the street." I stopped annoyed, frustrated, angered. "Do you think I want to? We don't have many other options! I can't exactly fucking give him a funeral can I?" I sighed. "Let's go. We need shelter."

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The Dead Land Prison

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