Fireworks (One Direction Love Story) Chapter 2

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Darcy Tomlinson and her best friend Eleanor Cadler can\\'t wait for the return of the boys. Darcy can\\'t wait to see the boys but most of all she wished to see her brother Louis. Eleanor\\'s heart belongs to Lou but what will come out of that? Darcy is caught off guard and needs to make a choice that will change her life. Forever

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Chapter 2: Reunited Darcy’s Proverb

We entered the airport and looked at the big TV screen above us, labeled ARRIVALS. We looked to find Los Angeles. Eleanor raised her hand and pointed to the board. I looked down and there it said, ‘Los Angeles, Exit 5’. We immediately turned to the left and walked following the arrows labeling where Exit 5 was. We reached it and saw that the passengers were not off the plane yet. They just landed. We took a sit and gazed at the door. I checked my watch about 100 times when El finally nudged my shoulder and I looked up. I saw the boys running towards the exit, suitcases behind them. They looked like crazy morons, running towards the entrance their suitcases swinging in about 100 different directions and flipping on all possible sides. The door opened and we ran towards them. They dropped their things at once and pulled us into one huge group hug.

El: Hi!!!!!

Me: OMG we missed you sooo much!!

Louis: So good to be home…

Niall: I’m hungry!!

Liam: We missed you too!

We separated and Louis pulled me off the floor into his gigantic bear hug. I laughed and smiled in comfort as his strong hands became strong around my waist. My hands were secured around his neck. He kissed the top of my head and whispered,

Lou: I missed you so much sis…

I smiled and inhaled his scent. I was beyond happy that my big brother was finally back home, in my arms. We separated and I turned to the other boys. Lou swiped El from her feet and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Her giggles filled the room. I jumped into Zayn’s arms. He pulled me closer and I rested my head on his shoulder.

Me: I missed you so much…

I could feel a smile play on his lips as he whispered back,

Zayn: Missed you too Boo.

Boo was his nick name for me. I giggled as I heard the familiar nick name. He planted a soft kiss on my cheek before letting me out of his grasp. Niall was right next to him groaning. I opened my purse and pulled out a bag on Nandos. His face lit up within split seconds and he picked me up and spun me around screaming.

Niall: Darcy you’re the best, awesomest, person in the world!

I laughed as he sat me down grabbing the food. Liam was next. His smile was polite but I knew underneath he was more than happy. His tight hands locked around my waist as I rested my head on his chest.

Me: Li-Li finally!!! I had absolutely no one to watch Disney movies with!

Liam: I know love, I know. But I’m back now and tonight is our movie night.

Me: Yes!!

He laughed and then weakened his grasp. I turned to Harry, the last one. His green eyes gazed upon me and that cheeky grin spread across his perfect lips and showed off his lovely dimple. Without further hesitation he pulled me closer to him. I giggled and held him tightly.

Me: Hazza’s back…

Harry: And he’s here to stay and watch over you babe.

I giggled and replied,

Me: I’ve missed you and our constant fights…

I felt a soft chuckle and then a reply,

Harry: Well, know we can catch up and do everything we missed out on.

I smiled and then he let me go. They picked up their bags and we all started walking towards the car. El and Lou were stuck together. They were all over each other. I smiled to myself as I walked in between Harry and Liam. I felt a stare on me and turned to look at Harry. His curls were spread across his head. They were messy but perfect. His beautiful hazel eyes…it felt like he was looking into my soul. His mouth curved upwards into that beautiful smile…and those dimples…WAIT. What am I doing? Did I just call Harry’s smile beautiful? I mentally slapped myself and looked the other way avoiding those eyes… We exited the airport and hurried to our car before the paparazzi would notice us. We packed everything into the car and sat in. Liam was driving, Niall in the passenger seat and the rest of us in the back. El was in Lou’s lap and they were exchanging passionate kisses. I smiled and turned around again surprised by those eyes. Zayn pinched my hand and I turned to face him. He winked at me and then pointed to Harry. I blushed and looked down. He chuckled lightly and looked out the window. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME? FOR GODS SAKE IT’S JUST HARRY. Harry, the one I constantly fight with. The one with those beautiful hazel eyes and those dimples…breathtaking smile…STOP IT!

I couldn’t believe myself. Harry and I were never more than just friends. Close friends. Never anything more…and now? Why was I feeling this way? He hasn’t changed. Apart from his muscles looking slightly bigger and his hair a bit less curly. It seemed his mouth changed a bit too…and his eyes darkened a bit. How was I seeing all this? Was I…falling… No I won’t even think that. There was no way in HELL I was falling for Harry Styles. No.Way. In.Hell

Hope you liked this chapter lovelies! I’ll update soon. Thanks! ;)



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