What's The Worst Thing You've Done?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Four friends sit down for a meal in the hope of a sophisticated evening but when they decide to play a harmless game everything goes horribly wrong.

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Submitted: July 15, 2014



What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Done?


‘More wine Finley?’  

The room was filling with cigar smoke as the four gentlemen sat round in a circle. The dimness from the table lamp caught their smiles against the puffs of smoke as they laughed and talked of memories past. Dinner was a success. The salmon was poached to perfection and each glass of wine had complemented every dish. Evans, the host had prepared for days knowing that tonight would be special. Their wives had gone away to the Swiss hills, leaving him and his friends a chance to bond over some fine cuisine. His butler Anton had gone to the trouble of getting the finest food for the occasion. He knew his employer was a man who thrived on image so anything less than the best was unacceptable. Everything had to be perfect.

‘Anton, could you fetch the Chianti?’ Evans called.

Nicholls threw back his last gulp and wiped his lips with a napkin. ‘So Evans, that was a mighty fine dinner.’

Anton crept in with the bottle of wine moving round each chair and pouring half a glass for everyone.

‘Thank you, I think the courses worked well!’

Collins laughed as he picked up his glass ‘I think it worked superbly sir! Probably the best salmon I’ve ever had.’

Evans smiled to himself before looking at his final guest. Finley, the youngest had yet to speak on behalf of the meal. As they dived into the three courses, he hadn’t said a word regarding the food or even the wine. He ate quietly and kept to himself with nothing more than a nod or gentle gesture at what was being discussed.

‘Finely, don’t be rude, Evans did a good job didn’t he?’ Nicholls prompted.

He looked up from his lap ‘Oh yes, it was most delicious Evans. Thank you!’ he returned his eyes to the floor.

Collins looked in confusion at his manner. ‘Everything alright Finely?’

‘Yes, you seem distant tonight?’ Nicholls added.

He looked around without making eye contact and fidgeted in his chair. ‘I did something bad fellows. Something really bad!’

Evans laughed ‘Ha! Nothing can be that bad Finely. I’m sure there are people out there who have done worse.’

‘Of course! I know people who are definitely going to hell. I for one have done many bad things.’ Nicholls threw back his wine and waved for Anton.

‘Me too! I wouldn’t like to sit in confession, I’ll tell you now!’ Collins added.

‘Is that right Collins?’ Nicholls laughed. ‘Care to share any naughty stories?’

He looked up from the rim of his glass as he chuckled. ‘I will if you will.’

Evans shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t like where this conversation was leading and felt his evening was slipping away.

‘I have an idea.’ Nicholls laughed as he lit another fat cigar.

‘I don’t like where this is going.’ Evans firmly stated.

‘No, No you’ll like this, it’ll relax Finely! We’ve all done bad stuff right? Well who better to confess to than your friends?’

‘Oh no, Nicholls is getting excited!’ Collins laughed.

Finely began to look worried ‘I don’t want to confess anything. You will judge me, I don’t want that.’ He reached for his wine and sipped it gingerly with a slight tremor in his lip.

‘Well why don’t we make some rules?’ Nicholls replied.

Evans breathed deep and rolled his eyes. Nicholls was by far his least favourite in the group. Everything had to be a game or a ploy to get the worst out of everyone. He seemed to enjoy a situation when it was tense or in danger or getting awkward. Evans would have left Finely alone in the hope that the evening would remain calm. Unfortunately, Nicholls was hot to find answers and wouldn’t stop until everyone was well and truly exposed.

‘Ok what rules?’

He necked back another glass and laughed. ‘Ok, we go round in a circle and confess the worst thing we’ve ever done no matter how bad it may be. The rest of us cannot judge in any way shape or form. No comments, no abuse, no nothing. Just silence, you got it? But you have to explain in full detail, everything that happened.’

There was an aura of unease as everyone contemplated the idea.

‘I don’t know Nicholls. This seems slightly uncalled for.’ Evans promptly stated.

‘Think of it as a chance for redemption. I know I would feel better after confessing to a few things and I’m sure you all would too. We can’t live with a burden forever so why not unload it?’

Collins laughed as he wiped his mouth and poured another glass. ‘As long as there’s no judgement, I think I’m game. How about you Evans?’

He thought long and hard. He didn’t plan this and had no intention to partake yet his guests were important and he needed to remain intact no matter how much it displeased him.

‘Fine, but I’ll go last; I’m not for this idea.’

‘Yes!’ Nicholls clapped his hands. ‘Now everyone remember the rules, no judging and no comments. Collins you go first, let it all out!’ he pulled his chair in and leaned forward. Finely remained where he was.

Collins took a final puff of his cigar before stubbing it out and waving Anton over to fill his glass. Evans leaned in mimicking Nicholls.

‘Ok, please bear in mind; I was very foolish in my youth.’ He laughed. ‘When I was Eighteen, my father had brought me a new car for my birthday. Well, as you can imagine I was a bit of a road racer, you’ve seen me in my cars, I enjoy speed! One morning I was doing almost 70 mph down a country lane by the house. There’s very rarely any traffic by us so going fast isn’t really an issue. Melissa had warned me not to go fast in fear that I’ll crash but the thought of anything happening never crossed my mind. Well . . .’ he paused to drink from his glass.

‘A young boy only about 7 was riding his bike on the left side. I failed to mention that the night before I was round for dinner with an esteemed colleague who poured brandy like it was water. In all fairness, I wasn’t fit to drive. So when I hit him and ran over his legs, rendering him unconscious, I didn’t have the right mind to take him to the hospital. So I drove away in a fit of panic. Luckily I hit him from behind so he never actually saw my car and thus couldn’t identify me. Talk about lucky right! I would probably say that’s the worst thing I’ve done. I’m lucky to be here though, I would have got ten years for that!’

The room remained silent. Nicholls put a hand over his mouth trying to hide a smile whilst Evans and Finely looked in horror without speaking a word. Collins leant back and basked in the silence without a worry. Anton came in and filled all wine glasses without a comment or even eye contact.

‘Thank you Collins, that must have took some courage.’ Nicholls calmly nodded. ‘So it’s me now yes? Great!’ he slugged back his wine and swayed only briefly before getting a cigar cutter from his pocket. Evans looked down at the floor like Finely and fidgeted like a troublesome child.

‘Are you ready for this?’ Nicholls laughed. ‘Remember when I worked for the law firm a few years ago? Well at the time I had very few clients and not much money to my name. One client who always held me in high respect was a lady called Mrs. Cunningham. Ancient she was, almost 93 and she had wealth up to her elbows. Her house was beautiful, and her bank account was even more attractive. She used to come in and tell me of her wishes when she died. She wanted to leave everything to her relatives who lived in other countries and took me on to sort out her will. Well as you can imagine, she was losing her marbles slightly and had poor eyesight. She trusted me though! Oh yes, she trusted me with her life. She trusted me enough to write her will and read it when I finished. She even took my word for it when I said I had included all her relative’s names on the paper. However . . .’ he laughed briefly. ‘There was only one name on that will! I was made a millionaire overnight and did anyone notice? The family thought she didn’t have a will, ha!’

Evans shook his head as he continued to look down. Even Collins had sunk his head slightly.

‘Hey hey we said no judgement!’ he shouted.

‘We’re not judging Nicholls, just calm down.’ Evans replied.

He lit a cigar and gulped his wine as the red stained his lip. ‘Right Finely, looks like you’re next my old son!’

Finely snapped up ‘I don’t want to play this Nicholls, I want to go home.’

‘Ha!’ he sprayed wine over the table. ‘Home? Don’t think you’re getting out of it that easy. I bet your story is the best we’re going to hear. Spit it out boy!’

‘No Nicholls, let’s leave him alone, he clearly doesn’t want to say.’ Evan’s protested.

‘That’s no excuse. I told my story, Collins told his and you two are up next. There’s no going back now, we’re all in this together.’

‘I for one would like to hear what Finely has to say.’ Collins chirped in.

‘There you see! It’s your turn boy!  Speak up.’

Evans rolled his eyes. ‘Oh for God sake, Finely just say what you have to say and let’s get this over with. Let Nicholls have his moment and then we can all forget about it and move on.’

Finely looked up. ‘Are you sure Evans?’

He put his hand over. ‘Of course I’m sure, nothing you say can possibly be worse than what we’ve already heard!’

Nicholls laughed and grinned at Collins as they brought their chairs forward. Finely took a gulp of wine and began.

‘Last week I went to your house Evans, to see if you wanted to play squash at the club. You were away at the time but I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have gone if I’d have known.’ Evan’s eyes dropped. ‘Well . . . Elizabeth was in. She was in the garden room sunbathing. I didn’t want to hang around but she insisted that I stayed for a glass of lemonade.’

‘I don’t want to hear anymore!’ Evans stood up.

‘Sit down!’ Nicholls ordered. ‘He has to tell the whole story! Remember the rules Evans.’

He slowly took his seat again. He seemed intimidated by Nicholls’ tone.

‘Continue Finely.’ His smile returned.

Finely momentarily looked over at Evans before snapping back to the floor. ‘We had a glass of lemonade and talked. She then suggested we have a brandy. I didn’t want to be impolite so I accepted the glass and we drank those as well. She said you were going to be away for the whole day. It was then when she started to advance on me. I didn’t want to do It Evans but she’s such a magnificent woman. She’s mature and I had never felt such a connection with anyone. We made love and swore to never speak of it again. But we did. We spoke a lot about it. I think I’m in love with her. Maybe I’m crazy but I think she loves me too. Please don’t hate me Evans. Maybe this was the best way to tell you.’

Nicholls held back a laugh as Evans remained still not averting his stare.

‘You can’t comment Evans. Remember the rules!’ Nicholls taunted.

Evans swallowed deep and stood up from his chair.

‘If you’ll excuse me gentleman, I need to use the bathroom.’ And he left without another word.

The room remained silent for several minutes as Nicholls calmed himself down.

‘I for one am so glad we decided to do this. This evening has been exquisite from the start. Don’t you agree Finely?’

He looked up with tears in his eyes. ‘I just want to leave Nicholls.’

‘Don’t be rude boy! You’ll anger our host.’ He slyly smiled.

Evans returned and sat down without saying anything.

‘I would like to make a toast. Anton, bring us something special!’ Nicholls yelled.

He came in and filled the wine glasses to the top.

‘To close friends . . . and honesty! Pick up your glasses . . . Now! Collins and Finely timidly picked up their glasses and drank in unison with Nicholls. ‘You not joining us Evans?’ he calmly enquired.

He looked up from the floor and sighed. ‘No thank you Nicholls, I’m quite tired. I think I might go to bed. Thank you for a lovely evening. Please let Anton know when you leave.’ He made his way to the door.

‘With salmon like that, we’ll all be back soon haha!’ he sprayed his wine as he laughed uncontrollably.

Evans was just at the door before being asked a final question.

‘Wait, wait! The games not over, we didn’t ask Evans. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?’

He took out his handkerchief and wiped his brow.

‘I once put rat poison in a 1974 bottle of Borollo.’







© Copyright 2020 ajrobinson1. All rights reserved.

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