Jericho Island

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So here is first chapter of my novel I am working on. I am at a road block on what to write. This is about a girl who ends up in prison for murder and gets shipped to an island that is full of unknown, strange, paranormal, fantasy type stuff.... if you read this and have an idea of what I could write let me know. OR maybe even write a few paragraphs I could use in the book. I need some major help to get this book done.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jericho Island

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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Submitted: April 29, 2012



Chapter One

A large cruise ship docked at an island and in a single file line, as naked as could be, the inmates and mentally ill all walked off the ship and walked down a fenced path. The barbed wire was seven feet tall and aimed inwards to keep people from trying to jump in the water to escape.

The inmates and mentally ill, who were male and female, were fixed as to not populate. A thirteen foot tall fence circled the island. Some of the prisoners and mentally ill fought as the officers were pushing them into the fenced path way. Once the gate on the other side of the fenced walkway was open they dispersed into the woods.

The prisoners were people doing life sentences for murder and other such things. The big people had decided that it would be cheaper just to ship them all to an island to fend for themselves.

Tilly, one of the female inmates, ran as fast as she could to an oddly shaped tree with branches that drooped to the ground. Tilly pushed her way through the branches and found a ladder to a tree house in which she scurried up.

Tilly was slender but not very muscular. She was a bit on the weak side growing up. She wasn’t the type to do any working out. She had auburn hair that fell to her mid back. It was always flat because she had so much trouble trying to do anything with it that she pretty much given up on it. She has deep green colored eyes. She only stood about five foot three inches.

The other inmates tried to follow her up into the tree house. Tilly grabbed the nearest object, which happened to be a baseball bat, and she started hitting them with the bat as hard as she could. They eventually gave up and left.

Soon as they were all gone Tilly shut the door and put a chair in front of the door. She went to the window and noticed the other inmates finding their own little tree houses. There was a series of small and large tree houses. Some are one story and some are two stories. They were all connected by a wooden bridge. Tilly started working on cutting the bridge down that connected to her tree house. She didn’t want to chance what the others might do while she was asleep.

She heard the male convicts bragging about how they rapped other inmates and masturbated to each others nakedness. It disgusted her and she wasn’t about to have one of them try and rape her. She made sure to keep a sharp object on her at all times. Especially, since she was rapped by relatives growing up.

“Why’d you do that?” A male inmate hollered over when he noticed what she was doing.

“I don’t like the idea of this being here; that’s why,” Tilly hollered back over. She glanced around the honeycomb of tree houses and saw some of the other convicts and mentally ill made home by themselves and some lived together. She wondered how long that would last before they started killing each other.

“What’s your name?” the male asked as he sat on the porch of his tree house. His feet dangled over.

“Tilly. What is yours” Tilly asked as she finished cutting the rope. She stood up and breathed a small sigh of relief.

“I’m Jon and I was convicted of burning down a church house and killing everyone that was inside,” Jon boasted.

“That’s nice,” Tilly stretched out and went back into her tree house.

“What was you convicted of?” Jon poked his head through her window a moment later and startled Tilly.

“Don’t ever do that again if you plan to live!” Tilly slammed his head into the bottom of the window sill and put her knife to his neck.

“Whoa! Miss Attitude! Chillax a little! I wasn’t gonna do anything to you. I just wanted conversation.” Jon threw his arms out in surrender. Tilly let him go and took a step back as she put her knife back into her pocket.

Tilly was serving life sentence for murder of a dozen people. She was thirteen at the time and they still charged her as an adult. She was even charged with the murder of Ethan’s parents. That one she knew she didn’t do.

Ethan was her childhood friend. They knew each other before they even started kindergarten. Their parents had been friends for a few years before they gave birth to Tilly and Ethan.

Ethan and Tilly kept in contact after Tilly was sent to baby jail when she was thirteen. He wrote her for a year and then abruptly stopped.

Tilly’s mom knew he was still alive but he never talked about why he stopped writing to Tilly. He brushed the question away whenever Tilly’s mom asked him about it. It was as though he had become disconnected or embarrassed of her. It upset Tilly so much that she had refused to eat anything for a week.

Ethan was the only one Tilly could trust and stand being around. She never really conversed with others unless it was necessary. Even then she seemed to keep a low profile. Never really talked unless it was related to whatever was happening like a class project or theater. She hated interacting with others mainly because of them teasing her a lot for dressing like a gypsy and the stuff she was into.

A disturbingly loud and awful growl was heard from the trees. It caused Tilly to jump and back from the window. She curled up in fetal position in a corner of the tree house. She didn’t want to be on this strange island she knew nothing about. She hated new and strange places.

A few moments later the growl was heard again and it seemed closer this time. She slid over to the window and peeked out and saw the biggest and ugliest troll to ever breathe and live.

It looked to be female and was roughly seven and a half feet tall. Its skin was a tan color. She was limping pretty badly on her left leg; which looked like it had a pretty big sized gash running vertical down her shin.

The tree house had a rather bright glow to it. Like there was some kind of light somewhere lighting up the room. Tilly couldn’t find the light source anywhere. She eventually gave up looking for it and began to rummage through things.

“Who are you?” A tiny voice was heard.

Tilly stood up and looked around for whomever that was. She noticed the light started moving. It made her jump a bit. It didn’t scare her, but it did startle her.

“My name is: Tilly,” she replied as she watched the light. It wasn’t very bright but it was noticeable. “May I ask who you are?”

“Tatiana!” the voice squeaked out as the light landed in the palm of Tilly’s hand. The light dimmed and Tilly could see the beautiful young figure of a girl.

“Wow, you are so gorgeous!” Tilly exclaimed.

Tatiana had to be in her early twenties in human years that is. She wasn’t sure if faeries aged like humans did. Tatiana has beautiful wavy fiery red hair. It flowed to her tiny little butt. She was skinny but not a sickly skinny. Her body curved so perfectly. Tilly could hardly see Tatiana’s wings. But they glinted from time to time when the light hit just right.

“Thank you!” Tatiana curtsied.

“Any idea of what happened to that troll?” Tilly walked over to the window and rested her elbows on the window sill. It was dark outside except for the lights shining through the windows of the other tree houses. She wondered if the lights were from other faeries. Tatiana sat on the window sill.

“Probably, Casper and his gang of kids.” Tatiana frowned as she landed on the window sill. “Those lights you see are not from faeries.” Tatiana’s voice broke through Tilly’s thoughts as though she read Tilly’s thoughts. Tilly looked at Tatiana still half in thought.

“What is being used?” Tilly sat in the bed.

“Kerosene lamps,” Tatiana mockingly said and Tilly breathed out a chuckle and half smiled.

“Are there other faeries around?” Tilly asked wondering if Tatiana was the only one around.

“Oh yes! There are many faeries about. No human can see them for they blend into the trees and such. They make themselves known only when they want to be seen by human eyes.” Tatiana quickly answered. She seemed happy to answer any question Tilly had for her.

She seemed to be a pleasant little creature. A lot of the faerie books she read made the faerie seem pure evil and mischievous. She wondered if all faeries are like that or if there really are some that are good and helpful.

“Do you have a family?” Tilly’s mind wandered when she asked. She tried to make conversation to get to know the young creature sitting on the window sill.

“Yes, but my parents and siblings are all dead.” Tatiana’s tone turned sad as she remembered how close she was to her family. They did lots together and told each other everything.

“Sorry to hear about that. I am an only child. I haven’t heard from my parents in such a long time that I forgot what they look like and sound like.” Tilly frowned still half in thought trying to remember her parents.

“That’s not good,” Tatiana fluttered over to Tilly’s shoulder and hugged Tilly’s neck.

“I know.” Tilly’s eyes watered up. “It seems as though everyone has abandoned me.” It had been so long since anyone wrote her. Some days she wondered if they were dead or just disowned her or something.

Tilly couldn’t help but think back to when she was younger and saw all those lights that fluttered about. Dad had told her that they were fireflies. But something inside her had made her believe they were something more; something more mystical and mysterious.

Tilly remembered how her room looked before she went to baby jail. Her room had bookcases lining her walls and they were packed full of books on the unknown and anything mystical, mystery, paranormal, etc.

Hanging from her ceiling was UFO’s, planets, meteors, etc. She even had faeries hanging from the ceiling. She wanted to believe so badly in all the so called ‘non real’ stuff. She wanted to surround herself with all her stuff again.

Ethan’s room was just about the same. He was into the whole paranormal, fantasy, etc stuff. The only difference really between the two was he was male and she was female. Also, he was more athletic and on the track team. Tilly was into theater. She tried out for every play she could and Ethan was in every track race he could get into.

“That box is full of composition books. They explain a lot about this island. It will give you an idea of things around here. To fully understand you have to experience it. Otherwise, you are left confused and wondering.” Tatiana pointed at a box at the end of the bed.

Tatiana curled up, fetus style, on the window sill and went to sleep. Tilly sat on the floor in front of the box and began to read. They seemed to be mostly full of spells and drawings and such. After reading a couple books she decided to rummage through the room and see if some of the stuff that was mentioned in the book was still there. The floor and in drawers were full of used and unused candles. Various versions of Tarot cards were piled into boxes and the walls were lined with handmade posters. Poster were of gems, crystals, symbols, and much more. She went through everything and reorganized the room a bit.

“Trolls? Albino?” Tilly whispered as she thumbed through the book. There were all kinds of drawings and descriptions scrawled all over the pages. “Government lab? Mutants? What in the hell is going on here?”

Scrawled on one of the covers of one of the composition books were the words: ‘Every time a child laughs a faerie is born.’ She wondered how true it was. She looked up at Tatiana and she stirred but was still asleep. Tilly figured she would ask in the morning.


The next day Tilly spent a few moments writing in an empty notebook she found. Just as she finished writing Tatiana woke up.

“Good morning!” Tatiana’s small voice was heard on Tilly’s shoulder.

“Good morning!” Tilly smiled and put the notebook into a satchel that she found while rummaging. She picked up the composition book and asked “Is this quote true?”

Tatiana landed on her shoulder and after a minute she said “Yes, it’s true. Each faerie is born and then the faerie is taken to a family by a moth.”

They had a quick breakfast before deciding to go out and face what the island had to hold for them.

Tilly had also found a 3030 rifle with a strap. It was leaning against the wall in a corner. She picked it up and rummaged around until she found a box of bullets for it.

Tilly grabbed a camcorder she found the night before. It was an expensive looking camcorder; really nice and new looking. It looked as though it hadn’t been used yet. She had shrugged her shoulders and figured she would break it in and see what she could come up with.

Tilly video taped her little tree house and surrounding area.

On Tilly’s trek she stumbled across a male trying to rape a female. Tilly aimed the gun at him and hit him right in the forehead with a bullet.

“Thank you so much!” The young naked woman cried as she ran up to Tilly and hugged her arm tightly. Tilly was certain the girl was going to hug her arm right off.

“It was nothing!” Tilly cringed at being touched by another naked female. She yanked her arm out of the young woman’s grip.

She began recording again. She got close ups of some of the plants and animals.

Tatiana tried to make sure she wasn’t seen by the stranger. She crouched down and tried to hide herself in Tilly’s hair.

Tilly wanted to continue her trek to discover the place she was forced to live the rest of her miserable life on.

“What’s your name?” The young girl asked following right behind Tilly.

Tilly shivered not really wanting to be bothered; especially by a naked female. Tilly was never comfortable with the naked thing. She hated being naked around anyone; even other females or her family. She never looked at porno in her entire life. She never cared for the naked body.

“Tilly,” Tilly answered quickly not wanting small talk and not wanting people around her. Tilly purposely didn’t look at her.

She never was able to trust anyone so she just pushed everyone away; except, Ethan and now Tatiana. Something about Tatiana made her want to trust her and have her around.

Tilly recognized some of the plants and animals and some she never seen before. She wished she had something that would tell her.

“My name is Izzy,” Izzy struggled to stay up with her. She wondered where Tilly was going in such a hurry.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Izzy asked a few paces behind Tilly.

“No where. I’m just filming,” Tilly squatted down and picked up a rosary that was sitting on the ground. She thumbed the turquoise beads before putting it around her neck.

Tilly kept trying to quicken her pace to loose Izzy but Izzy managed to keep up. She is like having a leech that you can’t get off. Tilly wanted to keep to herself ever since Ethan ditched out on her and stopped writing. She was certain that they would be friends forever. She felt used and discarded. She felt so abandoned and alone. Her mother had even stopped writing to her once Tilly turned fifteen. It was as though they had given up on her.

“Put this on to cover up since you‘re gonna follow me!” Tilly let out a deep sigh as she threw her trench coat at Izzy. She might as well be dressed if she won’t leave Tilly alone.

“What’s this?” Izzy asked as she bent over and picked up a piece of paper.

Tilly snatched the paper from Izzy and opened it up. Izzy looked over her shoulder and they both saw the paper was a map.

“Is that a map of this island?” Izzy asked as she stepped back after getting a glare from Tilly. Tilly found it rude and unacceptable for someone to look over her shoulder.

“Probably!” Tilly mumbled as she looked over the map. She noticed on the top of the map it said: “Jericho”. She assumed it was the name of the island she was on.

Tatiana whispered where they would find other humans; ones who have been on the island for a while. Tilly pointed at the spot to be sure of what Tatiana was talking about.

“Who’s Jericho?” Izzy asked as she stepped back and looked around at all the trees and such.

“Probably the name of the island!” Tilly said irritatingly. The spot where they stood was densely populated of shrubs, trees, weeds and other such greenery. The plants and weeds were waist high and some trees had branches that drooped down fairly low. Weeping Willow was the first to come to Tilly’s mind on the name of the tree.

Tilly made sure she recorded everything she saw, felt, heard, etc; whether it was on the video camera or in a composition book.

“Wow! This place is so thick of trees and foliage.” Tilly scanned the camcorder around and videotaped some of the smaller animals and insects.

“Lots of small rodents I have noticed,” Izzy spoke up as they both saw rodents scurrying about on the forest floor. They tried not to step on them as they walked along.

Not a lot of light shone through. Although there was enough coming through that you could see around you. Every now and then you could hear the sounds of monkeys shrieking and rustling of the weeds and trees. Tilly and Izzy nervously kept looking around themselves. Tilly kept her gun at ready just in case.

“Right there!” Izzy pointed to a line of trees that bent and made a tunnel. They looked as though they were purposely bent over to make the tunnel.

With a quick glance around Tilly stuffed the map in her pocket and headed towards the tunnel of trees in a quick and steady pace with Izzy trailing behind, struggling to keep up.

After few minutes they finally reached the end and found themselves at the entrance of a cave.

Tilly sighed as she looked around for a moment. Her mind was racing with all kinds of questions. Like: Who made the map? How many people were on this island before her and the others were dropped off here?

“What do we do?” Izzy asked and Tilly shook her head in disgust.

“Sit and wait a minute!” Tilly suggested after a moment. Tilly really wanted to be left alone to drown in her thoughts. Tilly didn’t even know Izzy’s true intentions.

Tatiana was keeping quiet to keep Izzy from discovering her. Tatiana had a bad feeling about this Izzy girl. She had a look about her that sent shivers down Tatiana’s spine.

Tilly heard an echo of footsteps coming out of the cave so she ducked behind a bush. Izzy stood for a moment longer then jumped next to Tilly. The two stayed as quiet and as still as they could.

After a moment a group of pale people walked out and down the path. They dressed in gothic clothes and were expressionless. There were young and old; men, women, and even children.

Tilly made sure she got this on video tape for when she found a way off this island. Tilly slowly and quietly got up and eased her way into the cave. Izzy followed closely looking back every so often.


“Why are they so pale? Do they spend most of their time in the cave or something?” Izzy quietly asked as they made their way. She was right on top Tilly and stepping on her every other stepped it seemed like.

“They are called ‘Albino’.” Tilly sternly said as she cautiously made her way into the cave.

“What is Albino?” Izzy asked a few moments later, just as they entered an opening to a rather enormous room. It looked to be at least 2 miles in diameter.

“Holy shit!” Tilly was breath taken by the size of the place. There were so many people scurrying around working and playing. It was almost like seeing a bunch of ants scurrying about working on their missions.

Someone had snuck up behind the two and grabbed them. Izzy and Tilly struggled to get free but weren’t strong enough.

“Who are you and what do you want with us?” Izzy cried out with tears running down her cheeks.

“The question is: what are you doing here? You are trespassing!” One young bulky man’s booming voice echoed through the corridors.

“We were abandoned here by our own people,” Izzy continued crying.

“Shut up!” Tilly screamed at Izzy. Tilly wanted to forget her past and start fresh.

The two were eventually thrown into a room together that looked like prison cell.

“Hey fuck face. Give me back my fucking gun. C’mon you goddamn freak.” Tilly pushed herself against the bars to try and see down the hallway. She couldn’t see anyone. “Goddamn it. I am talking to you.”

One of the young pale men walked back to the bars and slammed the butt of the gun against the bars. Tilly jerked her hands back to keep them from getting him.

“Give me that you fucking freak!” Tilly screamed.

“It’s mine now.” The young man grinned and Tilly spit in his face. “You will pay for that little lady,” The guy laughed and walked away wiping the spit off his cheek.

That is where Tilly started to rethink her life. She wondered what it would have been like if she would have done the total opposite that day when Ethan and her were seven. If they hadn’t have killed all them people; which included his parents. Would things have gone differently if she hadn’t taken full blame just to let her best friend and secret crush go free? What if Tilly made him take full blame?

“You aren’t a very sociable person are you?” Izzy asked sitting against the back wall.

“No, I’m not!” Tilly snapped as she rolled her eyes. Tilly sat against a side wall close to the bars. Tilly hated being locked up. She needed to be free. Her parents rarely let her do much. When she did do what she pleased they usually locked her in her room. There were bars on the window and the door locked from the outside of her door.

The room was only eight feet by eleven feet; with the ceiling only six feet high. The room seemed as though it was made of cement. That included walls, ceiling, and floor. It was rather cold in the room. It even had a wet feeling to it; a misty wet feeling. Her head was pounding from not having caffeine for a few days.


“I have just gotten to where I don’t like being around people.” Tilly growled.

Since Tilly had gotten thrown in jail she actually gained muscles in all parts of her body. Even parts that she didn’t realize she had muscles at. Her muscles weren’t bulging out like those on the WWF people. But they were well defined. At this point in her life she figured she would stay at her height of five foot two inches. Her hair was shoulder length and flat as usual.

“You are a very unpleasant person! I‘m not stupid, I know you were trying to loose me. That you didn‘t want me around.” Izzy sternly said.

“Now what gave you that idea?” Tilly sarcastically remarked.

“Why are you like this?” Izzy ignored the question that was obviously one not to answer.

“It’s because the last person I let get close to me back stabbed me and abandoned me.” Tilly’s eyes watered up. She quickly wiped them away.

“Sounds shity!” Izzy paced the cell.

“Tell me about it,” Tilly whispered and buried her face into her knees.

Izzy looked to be about three inches taller than Tilly. Her hair was a coal black that flowed to her buttock and was in a French braid. Her hair shined beautifully. Izzy had green eyes and her skin was a tan color; probably from being outside so much. Izzy was a sickly skinny which was, probably, from not eating enough or right. Her eyebrows were nicely shaped.

Tilly sat there for a few moments with her face buried.

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