Distant Betrayal

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This story is about a young couple who get married right out of college and adopted a baby girl. The man gets drafted into the war where he meets this young woman. He has an affair with her and gets her pregnant. He had a choice between his wife and this othe woman and he chose the other woman. In this case some may not live till the end of the book.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Distant Betrayal

Submitted: February 08, 2007

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Submitted: February 08, 2007




Dana and Marcus Stevens were meant to be together. The lived in a small town in Brookdale where they happily established a family. It wasn't until recently when their marriage started to go downhill. Dana had been trying for the longest to have a child but finally they gave up and decided to adopt new born baby, Sani.


It was Christmas eve and the Christmas spirit was kicked into overdrive in the Stevens household. The tree was decorated with all kins of lights and ornaments and other various objects from around the house. Reefs were hung from the doors and window and candles, burning and giving off different smells, were lined neatly along the mantle piece. Dana and Marcus had invited their families over for Christmas Dinner. It would be the first dinner they have had as a family; since they had just gotten married the previous year.


Marcus and Dana got married as soon as they got out of college which they attended together at The University of Chaplin. Marcus was the star of his football team and Dana was head dancer of the dance team. They were both dating other people at the time that they met but at one of the home football games that the dance group happened to be dancing at, the Chaplin football team won and received a trophy. The dancers went out onto the field and danced to celebrate the victory. Marcus had met up with her after the game and eventually after their prior relationships had fallen apart they ended up dating each other.


“Marcus! Go to the store and get me a pint of Cream of Mushroom Soup!” Dana yelled from the kitchen where she was trying to make baked macaroni and cheese. Marcus was in the middle of watching the basketball game while rocking the baby to sleep at the same time. “Honey, I'm busy, why don't you go get it” Marcus yelled back which made the baby begin to cry. “D***”, Marcus gave up and put the baby gently into her crib and she began to play with the toys. Marcus left the house to go search for some cream of mushroom soup.


About thirty minutes later Marcus returned home with loads of groceries which were mostly junk food, including: Chips, Soda, Cookies, etc. “What the h*** is this, you know where are on a tight budget and you bring back this garbage. Where is my soup!” Dana said angrily. Marcus handed her her soup and she went back to the kitchen to finish preparing the Christmas dinner. Marcus went back into the den, sat down, and finished watching the game.


A few hours later Dana had finally finished making her elaborate Christmas Feast. She went into the bedroom to lay down and take a quick nap. Marcus came in and laid down next to her. “Honey, relax.. the meal is going to be great” he said running his hands through her long brown hair which was put up neatly into a ponytail. “Marcus, how can you say that... you haven't even bothered tho see what i was cooking. You didn't even volunteer to help” Dana said sitting up in the bed. Marcus sat up also but took her hand into his, “I'm sorry, you're right... I haven't been helping you, I'm just nervous about the dinner tomorrow” he said kissing her on her forehead. Dana leaned back into Marcus's big muscular arms and he embraced her lovingly. “I love you baby” Marcus said kissing her neck tenderly. “I love you to, Marcus” Dana replied. Just as she was about to return the kiss to Marcus, the baby began to cry loudly.

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