Chapter 1: Raised

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 253


Sadie dashed forward, blindly stumbling into the leaves nearby, looking desperately behind her to see if her pursuers had reached her. In a forest like the one she was traveling in, it was especially hard to see her surroundings. The air seemed strangely murky and misty wherever she went, surrounding her with a both mysterious and chilling sensation.

She tried to grasp a glimpse of where she was, squinting her eyes in every direction and sweeping her hand to dispose of the fog, but it was so thick that it was almost impossible to even see where she was stepping. She could hear them, for sure, they seemed only a few miles away. But by the rate they were traveling they would reach her soon before she got back to camp.

As she ran through her difficult surroundings, blindly running towards the direction her compass offered her, her mind flashed back to yesterday, where she had still been at camp chillaxing with Kenneth and Sara. Before they took Cody. She thought. It had happened too fast she hadn’t had time to think. The sudden call from Cody’s cell, a warning, the rusty deep voice…she shivered.

The unexpected loud banging of a gun jerked her back to the present. She tumbled forward, heads over heels and grimaced. She snapped around, grabbed at her hair in frustration, and then dashed into the nearby bushes for cover. Her soft brown eyes followed her pursuers as they swarmed past her, countless, like a swarm of bees. She sighed. They had gone. Still cautious, wary that they might reappear, she silently crept around the bushes and stayed in the cover of the leafy trees. Even with her unusually long brown hair streaked with a lighter tone, her hair seemed to make its way around the branches and not get snagged.

She looked up then sighed. For the first time she actually seemed to enjoy herself as she stared up at the rising sun bright but shaded by the red, yellow, and green leaves. She smiled and laughed silently as the wind offered her a slight breeze that blew gently in her face. The leaves swayed gently around her. A twig snapped. She whipped around.

“Well hello dear!” A voice exclaimed. She turned around again, confused. The voice had come from right behind her, yet when she looked around, there was nothing there.

“We’ve missed much together, and I was hoping we could…um reunite…” Again the voice sounded like it was directly behind her. She looked behind her shoulder just in time to see her old enemy. Minimum. She had that prideful look in her eyes, as always. But something was different about her. His usually tall, slender, and relaxed body was now hunched into a standing lump, tensed, almost as if… oh no, she thought.

Sadie cocked her head slightly, confused and overwhelmed at the same time. Minimum noticed the change in her expression and smirked.

“It’s true my dear…” She paused and smiled coldly. “I have changed…into a more powerful and unstoppable creature…”

Sadie stared at her, shocked. Minimum then took a delicate bottle out of her side pocket and uncapped its lid.

“Maximum will give me much power for your capture, Sadie…” Then a scent wafted up her nose and her eyes fluttered, and she collapsed, throat burning and hands shaking. The last thing she saw were those evil, dark, red eyes stare into hers, and her whole world turned black.


Sadie woke up with her head buzzing. She weakly looked around. She was caged in a box, it looked like, with translucent sheets of glass surrounding her. She slowly got to her knees and started concentrating on which parts of her body were hurting most. She found a few deep gashes on her arms and legs, and her head was still aching from the potion that the old ugly mistress…Minimum had given her. She scowled.

She placed her hand on her gashes and started murmuring like what seemed to be in a different language. The gashes slowly started to mend. As her skin seemed to weave itself back together, her headache subsided, and her vision slowly blurred back so she could see straight. She studied her surroundings.

Outside of the glass cage, a table stood with all different types of potions and spell books. She glanced at the book titles, and hit the bottom of the cage in frustration when she realized what one of them said. They had figured extracted some of her…power while she was unconscious. She gritted her teeth. Hopefully they didn’t have enough time to figure it all out, she thought, as she once again looked around to examine where she was. Only then did she find that she wasn’t alone inside of her cage.

She flinched once she saw him. With gashes deeper than the ones she had, and a huge bump that swelled above his eye, a boy about her age was unconscious across from her, slumped against the glass wall. His blond hair, seeming to usually to be wavy and tidy was now matted with blood and grit. I thought I was supposed to be able to…? Then she scowled again. Oh yay, they took more than I thought… she thought in exaggeration. She sighed, and then crawled over to examine him, careful not to reopen any wounds that she had recently had.

He was worse than he looked from where she had been sitting. Along his arms where several huge gashes which looked like she would pass out if she tried healing, and though she couldn’t see his legs under his pants, his jeans were already drenched with blood to know how much he had been injured.

The huge bump above his eye was already looking worse from when she had first looked at it, and as she scooted closer she saw that his eye could be permanently damaged if she didn’t do anything right then. She could already see how much pressure was on his eye from the swelling from the bump. She nodded in determination, then set off with the deepest gashes first, moving on to the swelling over his eye, and then to the smallest gashes that she could find.

By the time she was half was done, indulging herself in murmuring all the spells that she knew, exact and precise, she was drenched in sweat and panting from the effort. As time passed she started to get more tired and dizzy. When she finally realized that she wouldn’t be able to heal him completely, she collapsed against the glass slumped, and lulled herself to sleep.

Just as she was about drift off, she heard a low groan and turned towards the noise. She found herself face to face with the boy she had healed. He had blue eyes. They stared for a moment into hers wide and panicked, then the boy opened his mouth the say something. “ah…” He coughed. He attempted to talk again, but out of his mouth came nothing but empty words. He stared at her in bewilderment, shaking. Sadie smiled. She weakly grabbed his wrist, placed her thumb on his pulse, and jabbed at it with her fingernail. He screamed. In mid-scream he realized that his voice was working. He looked at her with curiosity. She gave a half-hearted grin then weakly said, “Sorry, I’m a little tired, after being chased over 15 miles and healing both you and myself. We can talk when I wake up.” That will give him plenty to think about… she thought, as she once again drifted off to sleep.


He had been walking down to college, like a normal day, when all of a sudden he had heard a loud noise piercing to ear which made him jump out of his skin. Yet when he turned around there was nothing there. He studied his surroundings, and just as he was about to make out something, someone or something jumped out from where he was looking. Jayson remember looking into the thing’s sharp, red eyes and although he knew that he wasn’t supposed to stare into them. When he first felt the sharp jab of the sword he flinched and tried to turn around. But the gaze had been so intense it paralyzed him, willing him to stand there while he got jabbed, over and over, jabs which soon turned into swords slicing open his skin, legs, arms, and all over his body. He tried to scream in pain but the red eyes held him there, willing him not to speak or move. Black swarmed his vision. All of a sudden he felt something hard and rough blast into his skin, right about his eye, and he passed out clean.

When he woke up he felt sharp stabs of pain all over his body and groaned. The deep gashes in his arm had somehow gotten better and although he was terribly sore he felt as if much of the pain he had before had subsided. He looked around and found himself face to face with someone else. She had brown eyes.

“ah…” He tried to talk, but his voice didn’t work. He tried again, and started to panic. The girl laughed. He couldn’t tear his eyes off her. Her gorgeous streaked hair shined and especially her eyes…her gaze was so soft and peaceful. She grabbed his wrist gently, found his pulse, and then jabbed it with her fingernail.

“Ah!” He started to scream, but then realized that his voice was back. She muttered something, then turned her back to him and slept.

His eyes widened. Powers? He thought. He leaned against what looked like a glass cage that he was trapped in. Do I have powers? Is that why I’m in here? He shuddered at the thought. What about the time…? He shook his head and put it to the back of his mind. He looked at the girl. He didn’t even know her name. The girl insisted that she had healing powers and that she was capable of running 15 miles? He sniffed in disbelieve. But it did make sense.

Eh, no, it doesn’t.’ He thought. But the girl looked exhausted when he woke up and it had been almost impossible for him to live through what had just happened to him. His mind drifted back to the horrible memory. He could barely remember anything except for the red eyed gaze that had held him in place. He shuddered. He never wanted to feel like that again.

But with the state he was in now, it seemed impossible. He scooted over to the glass wall. The glass seemed so fragile, yet when he pressed against it, only then did he notice that there was not just one but sheets and sheets of thin but sturdy glass. He hated being contained. He wished he had stayed home. Then he could sit in his backyard; settle down with his favorite book, the wind in his face, the colorful leaves falling gently on his porch and backyard. He wished he was there when the wind would come and fro and gently will him to join them. He sighed.

Then all of a sudden his face turned hard with determination and he decided, I’m gonna bust me outta here. Then he turned and saw the girl, the girl with soft brown eyes and wonderfully streaked hair, and sighed again. I can’t just leave her. Then he nodded. First things first. He crawled around cautiously, looking for weak points in the glass doors.

For the first time he noticed the cages adjacent to them. They were so clear and transparent that he didn’t realize that they were actually surrounded by cages and cages of glass, but with no other people.

A sudden scream disrupted his thoughts. It was a pained scream, as if that person were being tortured or mistreated. The scream jerked the girl awake and her eyes widened.

“Cody!” She screamed, and desperately tried to break the glass by pounding on it with her fists. She was so distressed she kept slamming on the glass, and accidently jammed her fist into several sharp points in the glass. Blood pooled on the ground around her. Once she saw that it was hopeless, she curled up, face hidden in her knees, and started to sob. Jayson looked at her in surprise and worry.

He crawled over and reached out to put his hand on her shoulder, but he hesitated. It sounded like not only her but someone she knew had been captured. That gave him even more determination to break free. It would be a waste of time to comfort the girl when the best thing he could do for her was to help her escape.

He shakily stood up, stumbled, but caught himself on the glass. Then he used all his will power and thought glass…glass…glass… He closed his eyes and concentrated. Wind blew on his hair from behind him, but was too concentrated to notice. The glass started to shake. Then it bust open. Shards of glass flew everywhere, almost neat small snowflakes falling on the ground. The only difference was that these snowflakes…were sharp. He winced as a shard of glass found its way on to his arm and pierced his skin. Soon both he and the girl were covered in the imaginative ‘snow.’ The girl stared at him, eyes wide with amazement, but must have been in these situations quite often because all she said was, “Let’s go.”


When the glass burst open, it made a noise so loud she nearly jumped out of her skin. The sudden noise bumped her out of her memories of her and Cody and she carefully stood and flinched as all the shards of glass fell off of her. She was nothing but amazed, but knew that they didn’t have much time so the only thing that she said was, “Let’s go.” As the boy shattered each glass door by only closing his eyes and muttering, Sadie grew more and more amazed. He himself didn’t seem to know anything that he was doing either. As they kept going through, the boy seemed to get more and more tired. Soon sweat beaded his forehead and he grimaced every time they were confronted by another glass door. Sadie stopped him at a particularly thick one, placed her hand on his shoulder, and stated one of the spells she had known for her whole life. He stared at her and his eyes widened. He turned back. He shattered the next door with ease. Sadie smiled. She examined him every time, and it seemed that he was using the pressure of something to burst the doors open. As they kept going, it took less time. The boy let out a sound of joy as they burst through the last door and raced outside. But as they sprinted through the leafy trees and brushes, Sadie scrunched her eyebrows in knowledge that they were both far from free. But as they raced down the roads and up the streets it was so peaceful Sadie thought that she was dreaming.

She called, “Hey! Wait a minute…” to her companion and turned around. She squinted. There was nothing different that she could see in the distance. She tipped her head in confusion.

“What?” The boy asked. “Why’d you stop?”

Sadie turned around. “No one’s following us…”

He shrugged. “Do they always?”

“dunno…” She paused for a while, lost in thought then turned around. She was still half indulged in her thoughts of Cody, and wondered if she should consult the boy about it. Then she turned she felt a strong breeze push her back. “Dah!” She exclaimed, surprised.

“What was that?” But as she got to her feet she saw that he was not listening but instead facing the breeze and the wind seemed to be willed to blow in his face, which ever direction he was standing.

She blinked, surprised. “Hey…er um hello?” She walked up and snapped her fingers under his nose. He flinched and his eyes flew open.

“Wa??!!” He jumped back and sniffed. “What was that for?”

“What were you doing?” Sadie asked.

“Er…” He stuttered, as if trying to figure out himself.

“Ok, whatever, but first things first…” Sadie cocked her head. “What on earth is your name?”

They both laughed. Then they both stared at each other. His eyes burned into hers. She coughed and broke her gaze. Then she said, “My name’s Sadie.”

He grinned.


They fell into an awkward silence. His grin slowly faded.

“Oh…” “Nice… name…” She coughed out.

“Ya…” He replied without meeting her gaze, “Yours too…”

“Anyways,” Sadie said a little too quickly, “Er…I mean…” She sighed in frustration.

Suddenly Jayson’s eyebrows scrunched and he closed his eyes in deep concentration once again.

Sadie rolled her eyes. This ‘Jayson’ might as well have been a sparrow. He had an attention span as long as…about the shortest thing in the world. She snorted. She was about to snapped her fingers under his nose again when this time instead of facing the wind he actually raised from the ground. Sadie stifled a gasp.

Then she whipped around as she heard a twig snap. And there stood Cody, with streaks on his face what looked like whip marks. His clothes were torn enough to see all the streaks of blood on his chest. His sides heaved heavily. Then his eyes fluttered, and he slowly fell to his knees, panting.

“Cody!” She screeched, and scrambled over to his side. While she was checking over him, murmuring her healing spells and muttering about how serious his injuries were, her hands ran over something hard and bumpy on Cody’s ankle. She pulled up his pants sleeve to examine it when the beeping noise started. She jumped back startled, then cautiously crept back to it. Once she saw it she gasped. It was a bomb attachment, slowly counting down with every beep.


Each second seemed to be more threatening than the one before it. While she was staring there, speechless with shock, Jayson walked over and kneeled down beside her. “What’s the matter?” He asked, as he turned to see what she was looking at. His eyes widened then screamed, “Get it off him!!” His scream jerked her back to attention.


Her hands scrambled over the bomb desperately, trying to find a way to pull or take of him, but it was firmly stuck in place, almost as if it had been embedded into his skin.


As soon as the countdown began Jayson knew that they were in trouble. As the girl…no, Sadie attempted to wrench the bomb attachment off, even then Jayson had known that it wouldn't work. It was either one life or three. He knelt down beside her. Then the whole world seemed to slow down for a while when he said,

“Sadie, it’s no use. We have to let him go.”

Without letting her protest he grabbed her arm and started to pull her away from Cody. She wrenched her arm from his and glared at him. He flinched at how fast her eyes had turned from gentle to rock hard.

“Never!” I’m going to stay here whether I DIE or not!” She screamed, and then as she stared at him the flame seemed to die down in her eyes and they flooded with tears. “I understand though…You don’t have to stay.” And as she blinked, a single tear drop fell to the ground. He stared at it.

Before he could say anything she took a shaky breath and fumbled around in her pocket for something. She pulled out a pen and grasped his wrist. He flinched but tried to keep his hand as still as possible. She scribbled down a long and complicated string of numbers.

“Ca…Call.. this…number…” “Sss..Sara…will help…you.” “Tell her…that…it…happened.” And they stood there for a moment, staring at each other. Then Jayson closed his eyes, took a breath, took a few steps forward so that he was right in front of Sadie, and gently embraced her. She squeezed the breath out of him.

When they pulled apart he stared into her gaze for the last time and willed the wind to lift him upwards. Still unsteady, he toppled in the air like a jet about to crash, but then gathered the wind beside and below him and gently glided away. He turned around to wave his last goodbyes but he saw that Sadie had already turned around and tried to once again pull off the bomb stuck on Cody’s ankle. As the beeping grew louder he panicked and started to rush off, willing the wind to blow him away.

Then he came to a decision that made him jerk around and start speeding towards Cody and Sadie. Then the bomb offered its last ‘beep’ and exploded.


Though every part of her body willed her to make him stay, she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. She hoped that Sara would understand… As the bomb did its last countdown she drew in a shaky breath. This was it. She would die, right then.

Never again would she see Kenneth or Sara again. Never again would she slouch on the purple couches in her room and make up funny jokes with Sara. Never again would she hear Kenneth’s voice or his whisper in her ear about how much he cared and about how much he knew…Never again…She started to sob.

Then she quickly crawled over to Cody and clutched his hand. She ran her fingers over the bomb again and tried to wrench it off. Her eyes started to water. It had been clearly jammed and embedded into his skin and knowing their enemy, probably in the most horrible and cruel way…The tears started to pool in her eyes, and they slowly dropped out until there was a huge puddle on the floor.

She would die then, with her brother. Lost in thought, she suddenly realized that the bomb had already exploded but that she was still sobbing over the fact that she would be dead by the time it did. The she realized the reason she didn’t feel anything when the bomb exploded. She was on fire…no, more like…she was the fire.


It didn’t sting. It didn’t hurt. It didn’t even burn her. It seemed as if it was her and that the origin of the fire was coming from her. She looked down at Cody. Unlike her, who seemed safe and uninjured, Cody was literally burning up. She knew right away that she had the power to control the fire. With every movement she made, it ended up slanting towards that direction or even following the way of her hand.

She willed the fire back into her. With jerky movements she did what seemed like sweeping it back into her hands and body, slowly drinking it back into her. The fire slowly died. Black spots swarmed before her eyes and she staggered.

“Sadie!” She heard a voice call from behind her and managed to turn around. “Jay…” She tried to say, but then was gagged from behind. She felt rough hands from behind grab her shoulders and she knew right away that her second captor of the day was a man… or a woman with rough hands.

“Sadie!!” She heard Jayson scream, then with his face set in determination; he surged forward and tried to tackle the person who had muffled her from behind. Sadie felt the person behind her raise his hand and send a huge sweep of some sort of pressure to have Jayson topple over in mid-strike.

He lost control. As Sadie helplessly watched in her weak state, his shirt snagged on a branch, and he fell heavily, landing on his side. He cried out.

She suddenly acted limp, like she was about to pass out. The only way to beat this person in her state was to act weaker than she already was. Underestimation, Lesson #5. She thought. The person behind her let loose his grip and started making his way towards Jayson.

His back was covered with a long dark black cloak except for the gold mark that stood out from the darkness of his cloak. Sadie squinted at it and studied it. It was in the shape of a maul, and from what she saw; it was colored in with gold but trimmed with what looked like silver.

She stared at it, and nodded. She thought so. It was the symbol of a Fox-hawker, one of uncommon species of the wild. Only used during urgent times, she remembered what Kenneth had told her during a ‘wild history lesson.’ This was first time confronting one.

That makes sense why most pursuers are usually Eagle Jackals… She thought. As her capturer made his way over to Jayson, she grunted silently and followed him quietly by dragging herself along the floor, careful not to crack any of the burned leaves; some singed at the edges, but most completely burned from the fire before.

She painfully but carefully crawled right behind the man, looking for a chance to attack. Just as the cloaked figure was about to reach down to Jayson, she used all of her will power to twist her body around, using only her hands to support her body to trip the man with her legs. The man fell on his face, but recovered faster than anyone she had ever battled before. Once his body hit the ground he was up again with impossible speed and he swung his arm over and attempted to knock Sadie out.

But fortunately Sadie had already realized that he was capable of doing much more than her, and because of her already weakened state, she backed up and stared up at the man cautiously. For the first time she saw her capturer’s face clearly. The man’s face was an odd light pink color with huge orange splotches at the side. He…no it, whatever it was, looked much uglier than she had imagined. She peered closer but the man suddenly ducked his head and she could only see the black hood covering his face.

In that split second, she duked and dropped to the floor in attempt to reach Jayson. She realized that he was once again unconscious. She then swung her legs over again and succeeded in knocking the man’s legs out from underneath him. This time she pinned him down. She knew she couldn’t hold him down for long and could already feel herself weakening from the man struggling from underneath her. He was summoning something, either pressure or some type of force, she could already sense it. Then she knew that both she wouldn't be able to escape unless she did something in that moment. All of a sudden an idea in the back of her mind formed and she decided to do something crazy.


He regretted turning around. The first thing he felt was a blast of fire in his face that sent him flying—no, tumbling back in the wind. Before he could drop like he did before he willed the winds to support him. He slowly rose into the air. He nodded, glad that he now had control of the wind.

The he remembered Sadie and Cody in the fire, and whipped around to see what had happened. The flames from the bomb hungrily licked at the trees and bushes around it. He gasped at what he saw. There was Sadie, still on her knees clutching Cody’s hand, not being affected by the flames at all. A regular person sitting there would have been burned to ashes by now. Sadie’s clothes weren’t even singed. He couldn’t see Cody through the tall flames of the fire, and he worried if he was protected against the fire too.

Then as he cautiously glided/stumbled in the air forward to peer into the fire, he noticed that Sadie, instead of trying to escape the fire, was actually moving her hands in what looked like sweeping it towards her. As he looked more carefully, the fire seemed to actually disappear into her, as if she were eating the flames. He gently dropped back down to the ground, stared in the fire once again, and then stood, rigid with shock, as he watched the flames die down and suck into Sadie.

She swayed, and stumbled. He was about to rush forwards to help her when all of a sudden he saw the dark figure approaching her from behind.

“Sadie!” He called, trying to warn her.

When she saw him she started to call out, “Jayson!”

When all of a sudden the figure in the black cloak pulled out a gag and covered her mouth tightly. His eyes widened in alarm and shakily rose into the air. Behind the hood of his cloak he could see the cloaked figure smirk.

Then his mind jerked and he heard from what seemed to be inside his head, ‘You just try…as the youngest person I’ve battled, you won’t even touch me…’ the voice quietly faded. Jayson burned with anger. His face set with determination, he surged forward with all his might, willing the wind to give its full strength. But as he dived forward the cloaked man simply raised his hand and sent a huge impulse flinging at Jayson’s chest.

Jayson jerked, and suddenly the winds weren’t supporting him anymore, which made him drop back, snag his shirt on a branch, and fall unto the forest floor. As his head bounced off the floor, his eyesight dimmed and his gaze turned hazy. Half unconscious, he groaned. He struggled to stay awake, not to pass out, but it seemed as if the man’s presence itself weakened him.

He could feel the steady and hard footsteps approaching him, and he started to panic. His head buzzed and his heart was thumping, one beat for every step that the man took towards him. He weakly lifted his head, and was surprised at what he saw. Sadie, instead of lying on the floor across from him was crouched on the floor behind the man, cautiously creeping forward behind him.

He almost let out a half grunt half exclaim in surprise, but he kept quiet. Then all of a sudden Sadie balanced on the floor on her hands and swung her legs around to trip the man. The man, his eyes still fixed on Jayson, was not aware of Said until her legs actually made contact with his. His eyes widened with shock, and he fell to the ground, straight on his face. He suddenly jumped up and thrust his arm, full force, towards Sadie. Jayson tried to lunge forward to stop the man, but it resulted in his head bumping into a huge rock beside him. The last thing he saw was Sadie, once again knocking the man’s legs from underneath him, and struggling to pin him down. Then right before he passed out, he felt strangely exasperated, and thought to himself, ‘As if passing out once a day isn’t enough…’ And all went black.


As she struggled to keep the man under her control, the gears in her head turned. The bomb that had exploded earlier had clearly been meant to explode, so she reassured herself that it wasn’t her fault. But then as she kept thinking about how she sucked the fire into her, and how the fire seemed to not even scald her skin… She shook her head. No time to think about that. Before she could think of anything else, the man…no, thing underneath her started to shake. Strangely, maybe out of instinct, Sadie let go and fumbled back. Was he shaking from exhaustion or from trying to summon something? The last time that happened…She shuddered. No, She thought, No use getting distracted… She then finally came to her senses and realized what she could have been doing this whole time. Run. She seemed to say it and think it at the same time. Time seemed to slow down as she thought about it. But I can’t just leave Co…Even in her thoughts her voice seemed to choke on the words. She knew she could never manage to carry two teenage boys both taller and heavier than her all the way back…home. Just the word filled her with joy and extreme determination to get back. She sighed in frustration. Then all of a sudden she heard a quiet and nearly inaudible sound from the trees behind her. She quickly turned around, all her senses alert for another attack. Nothing moved. She stayed there, crouched, for what seemed like another few minutes, before cautiously turning back around again. But when she turned to face the man that was she had wrestled with earlier, she saw nothing. He had disappeared.


She’s dead. Sara thought. She’s dead when she gets home. I’m gonna bust her head open with that new frying pan we bought yesterday and…

“Mornin’ Sara! Where’s Sadie?”

Sara turned around to find herself looking at Kenneth, who had just gotten out of bed with the horrible ‘hair style’ that he always had in the morning. The usual. She frowned.

“What’s up Sara?

He said her name with a slight accent, making her name sound like it was split into two parts and rhymed. She rolled her eyes.

“Er…Nothing.” She said, thinking, I’ll tell him later…eventually…He’ll be way too upset to concentrate on anything. Her thoughts traced back to yesterday, when Sadie had made, made her promise not to tell Kenneth until later in the afternoon if…no, when she came back. She forced a smile.

“It’s just that I…um can’t find the frying pan we bought yesterday!”

“Oh.” Kenneth said, cocking his head. “It’s…I think Sadie stuck it over in the top left shelf of the zebra cabinet in the kitchen.”

Sara nodded. “Gotcha.” She turned to leave the living room when all of a sudden she whipped back around. “The zebra cabinet? Since when did we have a cabinet with stripes?”

Kenneth started to answer when all of a sudden there was a loud sharp series of beeps, coming from outside of the house. Sara’s eyes widened. She and Kenneth stared at each other. The alarm.


Kenneth dreamed of Sadie. He didn’t mean to, of course, but he tended to think about her a lot these days. He grinned. He could just see her, in that gorgeous scarlet red dress, holding a rose in one hand and a machine gun in the other. Vicious and Pretty, He thought. He couldn’t wait to see her this morning. Then he shook his head. How could he be thinking of something like that? There had just been an ambush yesterday, and Cody, his closet friend, had been taken. Kidnapped, He thought. Such a strong and burly teen like him, kidnapped. He closed his eyes as he lay stretched out in bed, thinking. He remembered it like it was yesterday. Well, technically, it was yesterday… The husky voice that had magically found its way to Cody’s phone… that was pretty freaky. It had warned them, with the strangest accent, that they wouldn’t be spared or something, Uiiss hafff dunn thi wuurkkzz zwell…bout uzz zhhall nut bee sszzpparrid… Thankfully, Sara, who could somehow understand, translated: You have done your work well…but you will not be spared. The threat had still been hanging in the air when all of a sudden they had rushed in…somehow breaking through the barriers set around the house, Kenneth’s solid and sturdy work of a wall…and kidnapping Cody. He still didn’t understand…nothing was supposed to be able to break through his work….nothing….He had been told a few years ago, before he had found Sadie, that he was special, that he had been granted a special and unbeatable and unstoppable power, and that nothing…He shook his head. Sadie had told him not to concentrate on his past. He could think about it…but she said that he should focus on the present. He sighed. How much he missed Sadie…Then he leaped out of bed, not even thinking about his hair and ran out his door to find her.


Alarm. Cody. Alarm. Sadie. Alar…

“Come on Sara!!” Kenneth interrupted her thoughts with a yell. She shook her head and she jerked back to the present. She and Kenneth scrambled over to the hidden passageway behind the closet, and frantically pulled the closet away. Sara almost cracked a smile. She was so proud about the secret passageway they had made. The cleverly hid tile on the wall slid open as Kenneth and Sara pressed the small control button under the TV in the living room. As they scrambled in it and slid the door quietly behind them, she shrieked. There was Sadie.

“Where have you been!?”

Sadie gasped for breath. “CodyandJaysonareunconciousandthestinkingmanisstillaliveandhedissappearrrredd!”

“What!?” Kenneth and Sara asked at the same time.

“Dude! Slow down!” Kenneth said, confused, “Weren’t you at home?” “In your room?”

Sara winced. “er…about that…”

“Just…ah!! Hurry! Come on!” Sadie waved her hands in frustration at them. All of a sudden Sara noticed the ashes and grit that covered her. Her usual long and silky hair was totally filled with dirt and mud. It looked like she had gone through a mud/grit car wash. Sara shivered at the thought. Then something else caught her eye. Sadie presence…was different. Like not physically…but…She stopped dead.

“Woah. What happen…” But Sadie was already on her way back out the tunnel, and snapped around quickly and gestured for them to follow. As Kenneth, Sara, and Sadie squeezed out of the entrance of their dug out tunnel, Sadie started to sprint, not even making sure that they were following. As they ran through their backyard, filled with different types of flowers that had just recently bloomed, Sara longed to stay back and enjoy the sunshine with...Cody. She sighed and nearly slowed down, only to glance up again to see Kenneth and Sadie just disappearing behind the massive oak tree near the edge of their magical borders, into the Outside world. The Outside…How long had it been since she had been Outside? She paused and her eyes widened in surprise. This was her first time in 5 years.

Sara put her hands on her knees and panted in exhaustion. As she looked around for Sadie and Kenneth, she saw the wreckage. She froze, stunned. It seemed as if some type of hurricane had come slashing through, destroying everything it touched. With fire. She turned to Sadie in confusion.

“What happened?” She whispered. But Sadie wasn’t listening. Sara watched as she crawled over to big lump lying on the ground that she hadn’t noticed before.

“Cody!” Kenneth yelled, and scrambled quickly over to where Sadie was. Sara started to make her way over when she saw something else in the corner of her eye. Someone else was in this fire, she thought, and slowly, almost daintily made her way over to the other body. It moved.

She nearly shrieked, glanced back to make sure Kenneth and Sadie didn’t hear, then crouched down and whispered, “Hello?”

The figure shifted and turned, just in time for Sara to see a face appear. Matted and dirty blond hair covered most of it, but she was able to see the huge bruise along his eye and the slight freckles that danced across his nose. She cautiously nudged him with her finger.

“Whaa.a..?” The boy stirred and attempted to talk, but it came out as a half cough half whisper.

“Eeer..” Sara said uneasily, “Don't move.” She slowly stood up so she wouldn’t alarm the boy.

“Won’t even try…” The boy muttered. Then all of a sudden his eyes popped open and he tried to scramble to his feet. Sara flinched at all the bruises and scars she saw long his face and arms. His blue eyes squinted up at her. Sara could tell that he was trying to determine if she was a threat or not. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m not the cookie monster coming to devour you now, so calm down…” Oh. What was his name?

He raised his eyebrows. “Jayson.”

“Jayson!!!” Sara heard someone shriek, literally, screech, and she turned around to find Sadie scrambling over to them, tripping on every other branch she encountered. When she finally made it, instead of confronting Sara, she dropped down and wildly searched Jayson for any scars or noticeable wounds that he had.

She’s probably gonna find tons… Sara thought, as Sadie flinched at the sight of Jayson.

“Are you alright?” Sadie whispered, just loud enough for Sara to hear. “I was worried sick about you…” Jayson, who seemingly was overwhelmed by Sadie’s gaze and voice, just stared and nodded slightly.

“What happened after I left?” Sadie’s voice slowly increased in volume, as it did when she got alarmed. “Did Cody wake up?” She stared down at him. “Did you wake up?”

Jayson’s continuous nods slowly turned into shakes of his head. “No…” His words turned into splutters of coughs, and he was gently lowered to the ground by Sadie. “It’s alright…Just hang tight there…” Sadie gave him a reassuring smile. Jayson half smiled back and passed out clean.


Jayson woke up to find a pair of anxious eyes staring down at him. Sadie. His eyes slowly fluttered open, and he found himself face to face with the girl all his recent affection had gone to. Har har, speaking in romance poems now Jayson? He silently chuckled to himself.

“Jayson?” “You alright?”

Here’s your chance Jayson! He thought to himself, Make it sound good.

He was about to say something like “Yup! I’m good *smile* thanks,”

But instead it came out like “Uh-hung, ya, I’m food. *sneer* tanks.”

Sadie’s smile turned a little uncertain and she cocked her head at him.

She looks so cute when she does that, Jayson thought, and then shook his head slightly at what he had just did. Totally screwed-up. I’m such a jerk. “Uh…I mean…I’m good, thanks Sadie.”

Her expression immediately relaxed. “Awesome!” “You hungry?”

Jayson grunted and slowly tried to sit up, hoping that Sadie would help him and that he would once again be able to feel her touch…

“Great! I’ll go get some soup for ya! Be right back!” She smiled. He was lost in her gaze for a minute then collapsed back in his bed and nodded. She started to stand up from the side of his bed then turned back around.

“Don't move.” She smiled again and ran out the room.

Jayson sighed. It seemed as if there was nothing he could do in his ability at the moment…

As he waited for Sadie’s return, he examined the room around him. It seemed as if it were a dug out room, he could see the small dirt patches along the wall hastily covered with wall paper. It was a nice sky blue, a relaxing and almost comforting color, one that made him feel safe. He noticed several Wanted posters on the wall, and chuckled. There was Sadie, smiling brightly in the small square of lines that contained her. It must have been some type of joke, because there were several others, one with a boy on it, unlike Sadie grimacing. He had dark brown eyes like Sadie, and he saw a slight resemblance between them.

Probably brother and sister…He thought. He shifted in the bed restlessly, and then stopped as he noticed his surroundings once again. The ceiling had a typical but nicely decorated lamp; one that hurt his eyes if he stared too long at it. He squinted and looked around the room, and something else caught his eye. It was another picture of Sadie, this time in a gorgeous scarlet red dress. She was holding a rose against her nose. Her face was in a dreamy expression, on that filled Jayson’s heart with a longing to be beside her. He sighed. It had been a long day.

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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