Alex's Story Zombie Apocalypse

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Where it all began...

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013










Alex’s Story


By: AL3X N0554






















It was a cold winter night, the streets were empty, not a sound…. ‘Weird, no zombies’ I thought to myself. I’ve been walking for 2 days straight and my food supply and ammo was running thin. I saw the street I was on, I shed a tear, and it ran down my check. This was the street where I used to live, before…..

1 Months ago….

It was a sunny, around mid day, I was playing games with my friends Danny and Britney. A 13 year old playing freeze tag, I felt stupid, but it has been years and I forgot how fun it is, we we're playing in Danny's front yard. My neiborhood was small, only a few houses, it was poorly maintained, there was wild grass almost every where even the drive way, the small drive way was so small that made cars impossible to cross. That’s why me and my brother used to ride bicycle a lot it ,was easier, and there was a sweet ramp where you can jump 15 feet and do an awesome slide. ‘Hey, Alex!’ yelled my big brother, Francis. ‘Time to eat!’ he yelled at from our house. ‘Food? Excellent.’ I said to myself. I ran to my house as fast as I could, I was getting hungry. My house was ola, small, only one floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, a small living room with no couch, and 1 bathroom. We were poor, but my brother managed to make the greatest foods. Pizza, lasagna, baked ziti…what delicacy has my brother made today? I opened the door to my house, it made a loud creaking sound, and I smelled pizza, pie, French fries. my mouth was watering. I saw on the table in the living room, what looked like a feast fit for a king. ‘Where did you get the stuff to make this?’ I asked, sitting down and giving grace. ‘A grocery store was giving it away for some reason, something about the end of the world. Crazy idiots but, free food so who's complaining?’ he said. We laughed, I started to dig into some fries and 4 slices of pizza. ‘Delicious as always, Francis.’ I said. ‘I aim to please’ he replied. ‘AHHH!’ we heard a scream that sounded like Britney. We came running outside, it was Britney on the floor, she wasn’t moving, Danny was nowhere in sight. We came running to Britney she had a bit on her neck, a real nasty gash, blood was gushing out of her like crazy. Francis saw this and vomited, She wasn’t breathing, when I saw out of know where someone attacked me ,I think it was a next door neibor, he had a crazed look in his eyes, his mouth was gushing out blood, he opened his mouth wide and almost bit my neck. Francis pushed him aside, the person bit his hand, the man hit a wall, and there was a cracking sound, he laid still, I think he’s dead. Francis was holding his hand screaming in pain. Britney got up, ‘oh good, I thought you were…’ I said, then realizing she has the same crazed look as the other guy, she charged at me mouth open when Francis jumped in front of me and punched  Britney. ‘Run to the house!’ he yelled, I obeyed. I went into the house. Tears were coming out of like waterfalls, I went to my bedroom and stayed there until, Francis came back, his bite on his hand was starting to look rotten. ‘Pack your clothes, food, and the first aid kit, now!’ he told me. ‘Where are we going?’ I asked. ‘I SAID TO IT!’ he screamed at me and left to his bedroom. I started to pack, what’s happening? I was scared. I packed everything and I saw there were people outside. Francis came out of his room with a shotgun, I’ve never seen it before, he started shooting everyone outside. ‘WHAT THE FSCK ARE YOU DOING!’ I yelled, I was still crying. we went outside. ‘THOSE WERE OUR FRIENDS!’ I yelled. ‘Look at them closely.’ he said. I looked, they had the some eyes as Britney, they had bites on their bodies, blood stains everywhere, and they were very pail and souless eyes. ‘What does this mean?’  I asked. ‘Run!’ he yelled. More people were running towards us. We started to run up a hill. When we reached it I saw that my brother was going pail he was bending between his legs, vomiting, and ‘oi! Are you okay?’ I asked, frightened. He growled at me and looked at me; he too had the same crazy eyes. ‘Go on without me’ he said. ‘What?!’ I asked, tears were pouring out of my eyes. He grabbed his shotgun and put it to his head. ‘After I do this, take the shotgun don’t let anyone get near you, those people are undead, don’t turn into z zombie, or I’ll punch you up there, okay?’ he said. I nodded reluctantly. he pulled the trigger, I closed my eyes, I fell in fright, he….he’s dead…. undead? What was he talking about? I was crying hard. a voice in my head ‘Oi! Run!!!’ I opened my eyes; I grabbed the shotgun, and ran as fast as I can, shooting off as many zombies in my way, never looking back.

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