The Life of Ivy Suzume Hawthorne (continuing story of the hunger games)

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What happened after the Hunger Games Trilogy ended? This is what I think happened, through the eyes of a girl who shouldn't exist.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Life of Ivy Suzume Hawthorne (continuing story of the hunger games)

Submitted: April 10, 2011

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



“I’m sorry Peeta…”Katniss said sorrowful. Peeta stood thinking for a moment. “What…How could you do this to me, Katniss? To our children!” Katniss’s eyes shone with regret. “What were you thinking? What did you think would happen? Everything be fine and dandy forever and ever? That you could just hide this?” Peeta bursted out angrily.

Yep, that’s me they’re talking about. See? She regrets me. Peeta hates me. Gale doesn’t even know I exist. That’s my life, hiding, no one to care about, but myself. Katniss does her best to shield me, but there is no way that she can be as good of a mother as she could be. My name, Ivy Suzume Hawthorne. Katniss says that she picked my name because Katniss is an edible plant, and Gale was dangerous, so she choose Ivy. It’s not that bad really. Suzume means sparrow, and Hawthorne, well; the father’s name is passed to the children so I guess that’s how that works. I don’t even call her my mother. She hasn’t been granted the title in my mind. I live in District 12, believe it or not. The small, rebuilt town of District 12. You can see how this is difficult, hiding from Peeta 24/7. Gale is visiting District 12 in two weeks to visit the town. I am going to ambush him then. He will hunt, I am sure of that, and I will trap him, and let him have my 15 years of pain right in his face. I will then kill him, if I can. I doubt it though.

It’s been a week, and my plans are being set. I plan to go into the forest with my bow and arrow, a dagger, some camouflage, and what I need to prove to him that I am really his offspring. Everything is going well, I plan to also talk with Katniss. She will most likely try to stop me, but she can’t. Today I met Peeta’s children, with Katniss in Town Square. She flashed me a look of sorrow, as she always wears on her face now days, and the children looked at me curiously. Personally, I really like the girl. She looks kind of like me, dark, cold, and depressed. Except for her eyes; they throw everything off. Then she looks excited, happy. Hmph.

Yes, my waiting is over. This is it, the day I complete what has needed to happen for 15 years now. I am collecting my things, and Katniss is fussing over it, saying that someone is going to die, but I really don’t care. Other than that I am not sure if she would care more if I died or if Gale did. I am pulling my hair into Katniss’s signature braid to show resemblance. I look just like her really, except for my facial structure. She thinks that I haven’t had enough joy in my life, so I have gotten the “Fox-Face” as she calls it. But I really don’t care AT ALL. I bring a birth certificate, and my weapons. It’s Showtime.

The Meeting

I carefully waited in the forest for any type of movement. Finally, I see a faint rustle of leaves and the glimpse of Gale. Yes, my calculations had been correct. I trekked very carefully, making no sounds, breaking no twigs. Within 1 yard of my target, I got closer. Now as close as I thought was safe. I got out my bow and arrow. Pulling back the arrow, aiming, and finally shooting. What I thought would be a perfect shot, was the worst shot in the world, for I missed, and now Gale, standing above me, has his weapon pointed at me.

I shrieked. Gale stared at my face for a minute before loosening his grip on his bow, and letting it fall to the ground. “Who are you?!” He said startlingly. Gaining all courage, I stood up to speak. “I, am Ivy Suzume Hawthorne. And I know who you are.” He stood taken aback, mouth open as the information sunk in. “Proof, I want proof!” Gale said, even halfway afraid sounding. I smiled because I had already prepared. “Of course, I thought you would.” I got out my birth certificate and showed it to him. “You…you are her’s aren’t you?” I almost started laughing out loud. “Well I don’t know, what do you think?” I grinned. “But I am not here to have a family reunion.” My face turned serious. “I am here to tell you everything that you have caused, and I want no interruptions until I am finished.” He nodded, and sat down to listen. “You…you evil little twerp! Look at what you have done! You created a child, which would live as close to alone as possible in the wilderness of District 12. Think about Katniss, she will never stop paying for me. She lost Peeta’s trust, and her own trust of herself. I must hide, hunt, and defend, for myself, ever since I was 6 years old. Katniss was able to take care of me until I could take care of myself. Living with not even one parent to help me, just living for myself. Thankfully I have lived this long. Or maybe not so thankfully. There, I have finished you brat.” His eyes were open with astonishment and his hands were shaking the tiniest bit with shock. “Yes, rather unfortunate I would think. I am sorry to hear about your story, but there isn’t anything I can do…” His eyes shone with sadness and remorse. “Yes there is.” I grabbed my bow, and carefully started aiming. “Don’t do this, this won’t solve your problems by killing me.” I laughed. “My problems will never be fixed, ever. But this is my closest shot at it!” I released the arrow into the open air, and hit a target. But not Gale, not an animal. But Peeta’s little pudgy boy, shot through the heart with my arrow, bleeding in a warm puddle, eyes fixed on the world.

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