Chapter 1: Love Was Found in the Forest

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He shouted my name and I snapped my head up. I looked around, but no one was there or in sight. I tried to look deeper into the forest, but I couldn’t see anything; just darkness. It said my name again, more calm now; whispering. The voice had a very sorrow tone to it. It was completely helpless. I looked for it harder, behind the ivy colored bushes, to the big dark brown tree trunks until I finally found it.

“That ‘it’ is a guy. He looks oddly familiar.” I whispered to myself.

I looked at him and he looked back at me. I knew something was wrong, so my eyes immediately flickered to him and then a pool of crimson under his leg. My eyes widened as I saw his blood rushing from his wound. I knelt beside him then realizing I didn’t have anything to soak up the blood with.

“How did you get hurt?” I asked as I frantically tore off the sleeves of my shirt.

“I tripped over a root and cut myself.” He told me softly.

I took the sleeves and applied pressure quickly to the wound to stop the flow of blood.

“Thank you so much Mariana.” He said as he breathed heavily.

“You’re welcome,” I answered. “But how do you know my name?” I asked curiously.

He smiled sweetly. “I’ve seen you around school and sometimes I hear your friends shout your name in the hallway.”

I quickly felt my cheeks turn red. “Yeah my friends and I are a bit crazy.”

He chuckled lightly. “I think all friends are like that.”

I smiled at him. “So what’s your name?”

“Nathan.” He answered with a smile.


“Yeah. I don’t really like my name though.”

“Are you kidding? I absolutely love your name.”

“How do you like my name it’s so plain?”

“It’s not plain. It’s surely better than mine.”

“I don’t understand how you could hate your name. Don’t you know your name is simply beautiful?” Nathan asked me, irritated now.

“I think my name is beautiful, I just don’t like it.” I answered.

We both sighed and sat just sat next to each other. I began daydreaming. Oh god, he is so beautiful with his dark blue eyes and his brown hair. I just want him, it feels like I need him. I suddenly got out of my thoughts after Nathan nudged me a few times.

“Mariana are you okay?” Nathan asked.

I looked at him and smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

I turned my head away from him, I just couldn’t believe that I just met him and I already like him. I began wondering if he likes me too.

He looked at his watch. “Mariana would you like me to bring you home?”

I chuckled softly. “I’m surprised you even care considering you just met me.”

Nathan frowned. “Do you not want me to care?”

I cringed. “No, I like how you care. It’s just very strange to see someone care about someone who they just met.”

Nathan laughed. “I’m just really nice. Haven’t you ever heard of a person being nice?”

I laughed with him. “No one is this nice though these days.”

He smiled back. But it was true, I love how he cares, I love how he’s so nice, I love everything about him.

I stopped and whispered to myself. “Oh god, I think I am in love with him.”

He looked at me puzzled. “What?”

I shook my head realizing he heard me. “Oh, it’s nothing.”

He shrugged and got up. “Well Mariana come on it’s midnight. I think it’s time to get you home.”

I got up and stood beside him. “Yeah, you’re right.”

Nathan took my hand carefully and held it like it was a fragile piece of glass, I smiled sweetly at this. I looked around the forest, catching a glimpse of the trail and the life living in here. It felt like I was in a fairy tale, a fairytale that I can never quite comprehend.

“Mariana, are you alright? You’re squeezing my hand tighter and tighter.” Nathan asked concerned.

“Uh, yeah I’m fine. Sorry.” I quickly responded and loosened the grip.

Nathan laughed. “It’s alright.”

I smiled, and got lost in thought again. Why is this happening to me? Why does he think I’m beautiful? Why does he like my personality? What the freaking hell is so great about me? All of those thoughts were buzzing in my head like an angry bee, but it’s frustrating when I demand answers and I don’t get them. Suddenly we’re at my house, my eyes widen and I realized that I don’t want to leave. We began walking up the steps and stood across from each other on the porch.

“You have a really nice house Mariana.” He said smiling.

I giggled. “Why thank you Nathan.”

“Well you should be getting inside now Mariana.” Nathan said sweetly.

I laughed. “You’re right.”

“Goodnight Mariana.”

“Goodnight Nathan.”

We hugged each other and he walked of the porch, I turned around and turned the knob, slowly and quietly, walking inside. Suddenly my brother Skyler popped out of nowhere and frightened me.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” I asked as I carefully shut the door behind me.

“Mommy told me to wait until you got home, and then I could go to bed.” Skyler told me.

“Well I’m home now, so please, get your pajamas on and got to bed.” I told Skyler in a soft voice.

He smiled and walked quietly to his room, a few seconds later I heard his door shut. I sighed and began walking towards the kitchen. I walked swiftly to the refrigerator seeing if my mom had left me something to eat. But she left nothing. I was irritated by that but I realized that it’s my fault for being late. I shut the refrigerator door and I saw a note. I plucked it off the door.

Dear Mariana,

I didn’t leave you anything because I figured you’d go out to eat. But dear I am very disappointed in you. I thought you would come home sooner than eleven o’clock but you didn’t. You are grounded, no hanging out with friends or going out for walks for a whole week.

Love, Mom.

I crumpled up the letter into a ball and threw it into the garbage. I couldn’t believe that I was punished for a whole week. Going out for walks was the only thing I could ever do to calm myself, but she took that away. I shook off the problem and grabbed the freshly made ham and cheese sandwich from the fridge, turned off the lights, and went upstairs. Suddenly I heard my radio turn on, I walked quickly to the door and cracked it open, and someone was in there singing sweetly to the song. I opened it wider.

“Hello, is anybody here?” I asked.

“Oh shit, I hope she doesn’t see me.” The voice said.

Suddenly the radio turned off and everything was quiet. I walked in and everything was the same I had left it. Shutting my door quietly, I saw this note decorated with hearts on it lying on my bed. I read it carefully.

Dear Mariana,

You’re hand was so soft and warm I didn’t want to let go. Your earthy colored eyes hypnotized me so easily I got sucked in. Being with you felt like I was in a fairytale, a fairytale I never want to end. I couldn’t stop this feeling, this feeling that I want and need you. Thank you for not letting go.

I let my mouth drop; I was simply amazed by this. I started wondering who wrote this. But it was obviously, the clues were right in my face. Those clues screamed Nathan over and over, but I ignored it. If it was Nathan how did he get into my room into the first place? How does he even know where my room is? I took the note carefully and put it in my desk’s drawer. I sat on my bed and took small bites of my sandwich, I suddenly fell asleep peacefully.

Submitted: July 21, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Alaynesweety. All rights reserved.


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