the blocky world

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he just woke up from a nap, he noticed he was in his dream world. Will he save humanity or save himself

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the blocky world

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



The day was as normal as any other day, air was flowing, people were talking, and most importantly, the world seemed alive. Rick was just about to go to sleep. Until he heard shouting from his parents. “When are you getting out of here” shouted his mom. “I don’t know, just leave me alone you crazed woman” Shouted his dad. He hated when they fought, he wanted to escape in his own world. A world where they never had arguments, and fought. When he went to sleep, he had a dream of his world. A world that was made of blocks and a world that was a peaceful world.

When he awoke from his nap, he noticed that the world seemed different. The air wasn’t flowing; there were no screaming and shouting, and no other people talking outside. He opened the front door and was in shock. “How did this happened” Rick said. The world from his dreams came to life. Everything was made of blocks, the tree, car, bench, even himself were turned to Blocks. He was exploring the streets, when he suddenly noticed that nobody was here.

He was screaming “is anybody here”, nobody answered. He had to do something, when he looked back at his house, he knew what to do. He had to search for people to help him what’s wrong. As he looked back one more time, his house suddenly exploded. In his backyard, he saw green creatures that had four feet only. “What are those things” said Rick.

“Hey kid, are you getting out of the way or what,” said the mysterious voice.

As he looked back he noticed it was a girl, she had a sword made of stone and a dagger made of iron. As the creatures got closer, she went running so fast she looked like a blur. After seconds of the attack, the creatures were killed. She said “by the way my name is Sally” said the girl. He was so amazed of how she ran so fast, so he asked her “how did you run so fast, you seemed like a blur” he said.

“Well it’s my power” said Sally.

“But, how come I don’t have a power” said Rick.

“Oh, then you must be new to the world” said Sally.

“Yea I am, I just woke up from my nap” said Rick.

As they walked down the sidewalk, there were talking about the world and the power. They were talking until they saw another creature. “Oh no not another one,” said Rick. “Let me take this one” said Sally. Again she ran as fast that she looked like a blur. “Well, we need to find your power fast or you’re not going to survive here for long,” said Sally. As they walked down the corner store. They noticed some strange activity along the store; they saw spiders, skeletons with bows, and a skeleton riding a spider. “This is bad” said Sally. They had to sneak past them to not be noticed. When Rick stepped on broken glass, they started coming towards them. “RUN!” shouted Sally. When Rick started running, his shirt was stuck on a bar. “Save yourself Sally” shouted Rick.

When the enemies started to come closer, he felt a change in his body; his skin started to turn green, and started to have two more feet. I’m turning into to the creature he thought to himself. When he opened his eyes, all the creatures were respecting him. When he saw Sally, she was giving two thumbs up. When he ran to Sally, she said “your power is to shape shift” said Sally. When they were walking home, he was turned back to his blocky self. “Well I am glad about my power” said Rick. When they got to Sally’s house, there were more creatures “let me take this one” said Rick. When he came close to them, he was not shape shifting. When Sally threw the dagger, he started to kill every creature in seconds. “Oh my gosh” said Sally. “You have two powers,” said Sally.

“So, it’s not a big deal” said Rick.

“Yes it is” said Sally. “You are the chosen one” she said.

“Wow, so you’re saying I’m famous” said Rick.

“Legend has it, he was sent here to safe the blocky world” said Sally “And to send all the people sent here to send them back.”

“Well I must rest my eyes to save the world” said Rick.

After the day the hero has decided to save the world, but will he send Sally back to the real world, nobody can know.


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