How I Fell In love with my Best Friend

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - How I fell in Love with my Best Friend - Arrival in London

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Chapter 1

I didn’t think that I would be coming here in London. I didn’t expect London to be this gloomy. Well, no matter. I’m gonna enjoy my stay here.

As I walk out of the airport exit and into the waiting cabbies, I see a silhouette of a wide-shouldered man, running towards me and waving at me. As he drew closer, I recognized the handsome guy immediately. Leo Kyriakis, my best friend’s younger brother and my “honorary” younger brother. Just the person I wanted to see.

“ANDREA!” Leo called, and then he engulfed me in his famous bear hug. “I’ve missed you so much”

“Leo, I’ve missed you too” I hugged him back. God knows how much I missed him.

He released me from his bone-crushing hug and held my hands. “I’m so happy that you decided to come here to London. Come, the car is waiting.”

I just nodded to him and smiled. Leo got my bag for me and we walked to the waiting long black limo. The driver opened the door for us and bowed as we entered the limo. The driver closed the door gently after we settled in the limo.

I was awed by the luxury of the limo. I was even more awed by how handsome and manly my honorary “younger brother” had become. His Greek heritage was showing in his somewhat tanned skin, deep black hair and eyes, and accent that would have dropped a girl in ten paces. Who would have thought that the cute kid who used to follow me wherever I went would become such a splendid man? I smiled.

Things have changed since eight years ago. I am now a full fledge attorney, practicing law and giving pro-bono services to those who can’t afford those expensive charlatans who would defend the devil for obscene amounts of money. I got my dream job and I’m as happy as a girl in love. I’m steadily gaining momentum and so far everything is going as I planned. Except now, I have to fly to England and hide from those nefarious villains out to hunt my blood because I won my case and they lost millions of peso worth of corrupted money.

Yes, I know that my story sounds like a second-rate television series, but it’s real as hell. In any case, I can see this trip as a much deserved break after years of hard work. I REALLY DESERVE THIS!! Thinking about all the things I can do while in this trip made me giggle.

“May I ask what you’re giggling about, Andrea?” Leo asked, pulling me out of my reverie.

I hastily snapped out, and smiled at Leo, “oh nothing. I’m just reminiscing the past. You look great by the way.”

He flashed me one of his killer smiles, “Yeah, I know. I could say the same to you.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m really glad you’re here, Andrea.” He said with sincere merriment, “After you called me last week to inform me of your visit, I had the guest room ready for your arrival. Also, as per your instructions, I kept your arrival a secret from my brother. I can’t wait to see his face when you surprise him.”

“Your guest room? I thought you had me checked-in in a hotel?” I asked. I didn’t know I was going to stay in their mansion.

“Why would I let you stay in a hotel? You’re my “honorary” elder sister, you’re practically family! It’s nonsense for a member of my family to stay in a hotel when I have a perfectly good house for you to live in!” He said.

“Is it any wonder why I love you?” I said

He grinned. “What’s there not to love? I’m smart, handsome, fun to be with, and rich!”

Despite his overwhelming confidence my heart can’t help but melt at his words. After all this time, he still regards me as his elder sister and he keeps in touch with me now and again unlike his older brother, Lucian. The jerk, after he left for London, he just sent me an email informing me of his arrival and after that nothing. NOTHING!! So much for being a best friend!

“By the way, I’m just curious. I have been asking you to come to London for years. What’s with the sudden decision? I mean you must have an important reason to leave your beloved work right?” Leo asked suddenly.

Oh yeah, right! I didn’t tell him about the reason I’m here. Well, you can’t expect me to tell him I’m running from a bunch of killers hired to silence me forever, or that I have been receiving threatening emails and a bunch of mutilated rats in a bloody box in my office and at home. If I told him that, he’d freak.

“Oh, I’m just tired of always working you know. I need some fresh air and lots of adventures.” I said, lying to save myself from the eminent freakstorm he’d unleash if he found out.

He seemed unsatisfied with my answer, but he didn’t question me further. I peered out of the car window and was immensely enjoying the new environment that I’m in. I’ve travelled a lot and I have been to a lot of foreign countries, but this is the first time I’ve been to London. The limo passed by a lot of tall office buildings, condominiums, shopping districts, and old, picturesque apartment buildings. For the first time in almost a month, I relaxed.

I turned to look at Leo and smiled to myself. I would still go to London even if Leo hadn’t agreed to help me, but it’s nice to have a friend look after me. It makes me feel loved.

“hey, Leo?”

Leo turned to look at me, “hmm? What is it?”

“Where is your brother?” I asked, sincerely curious about the whereabouts of my best friend.

He looked at his wristwatch and turned his gaze back to me, “It’s still 6oclock in the evening. He’s probably still in the office working. He should be home in about an hour or more. Speaking of home, we’re nearly there!”

I peered outside and noticed that we are already in a place where large, majestic houses lined. The streets were very clean and the streetlights were already lit. The tall, imposing walls and gates of the estates provided privacy and security for its rich and well-known residents. I was awed. I only saw this kind of houses in the magazine!

We rounded up the corner and behind the iron gates I saw the breathtakingly beautiful white house and the well trimmed front lawns. The gate opened up and the limo cruised along the wide driveway.

“You honestly live here? In this big, beautiful, magnificent, overwhelming mansion?” I asked in awe.

Leo laughed. “Yes. We live their.”

The limo stopped in front of the marble steps at the entrance of the mansion. A man in black suit who was stationed at the entrance hurriedly opened the limo door in my side. I slowly got out of the limo and as I straightened myself, I let my gaze roam around the beautiful entrance of the mansion. I was so engrossed with the place that I didn’t realize that Leo was already at my side until he had put his hand in my shoulder.

I looked up to Leo and smiled. “You have an amazing house”

“Thanks! Now, let’s go inside and I’ll show you your room” Leo took my hand and let me to the now opened double doors of the great mansion.

I stepped into the house and was immediately dazzled by the sheer luxury that the place exudes. Back in the Philippines my family was considered well-to-do and we lived in a big house. But this is crazy rich! Marble floors, grand staircases, crystal chandelier, expensive-looking vases, beautiful paintings, maids lining-up to greet you, and a butler to serve your every need.

Leo dragged me up the staircase and into the left wing of the mansion. We walked down the hall lined up with beautiful paintings and rooms, lots and lots of rooms! We finally stopped infront of a mahogany door.

“This will be your room here, I hope you like it” Leo opened the door and led me inside.

The room was so big and gorgeous. A room fit for a queen! It was more like an apartment than a room. I was speechless! I could find the words to say anything.

“How do you like it?” Leo asked, looking at me expectantly.

I looked at him and tried to find my voice. “Wow”

Leo laughed hard at my expression. When he finally sobered-up he motioned for me to go inside and look around.

“This room has an en suite bathroom, a living room, a small office, and a walk-in closet. There is also a mini bar and a powder room. The bedroom is in the left, the one with the double doors and on the right is the office.” Leo explained.

I sat in one of the comfy sofas and ran my hands up and down the upholstery. “This room is amazing! I’ve never slept in a room like this before.”

“Only the best for my ‘honorary’ elder sister”

“Thank you, Leo” I said and smiled at him.

He touched my cheek and then he pinched it affectionately. “No need to thank me, sister. I’ll leave you to rest now. I will fetch you for our dinner at eight. Brother will be joining us so don’t forget to dress to impress.”

“okay!” I replied happily.

Leo pinched my cheek for the last tome then proceeded to the door. He waved at me then he left, locking the door behind him.

Alone in my room, I thought about how I should face Luciano later at dinner. I wonder if would be happy to me; after all we haven’t seen each other in eight years! But thinking back, I also wonder why he hadn’t contacted me since then. Well, I guess I’m gonna find out later at dinner. I would be sure to ask him.

Now, my problem would be what to wear. I went to where by bag was and contemplated on what to wear for dinner. I need to look good so that I can surprise Luciano. I giggled at my thoughts and continued on to rummage my bag of clothes worthy for such an occasion. I’m going to blow his mind when we meet again.

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