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The Sincerely, Victoria Trilogy Book 1

Shifters, people who can “shift” into other animals are only found in myths and children’s stories. And, of course, in Elseriyel.

Elseriyel shouldn’t exist, but it does.

Cora Maydeen-Grey shouldn’t exist, but she does too.

And, Finn Casters should be dead, but he’s very much alive.

This is their story, and of course, the story of Victoria, the little girl who knows a lot more than she should.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Coincidences

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012




The Princess and the Pauper



Erin Walters took her pinkie and slid her pink glasses back up her nose so that they sat where they were meant too.  She sniffled and looked back up to me.  Then, she looked down and continued with her almost empty bag of cookies.  This was the closest thing I had ever had to a friend.


Erin took the back of her hand and rubbed her nose, sniffling again.  She looked to me as she spoke.  “Da doesn’t like you much,” she said in her hard to place accent.


“I know,” I said, matching her tone.  Erin looked down to her cookies again, reaching down and clasping the final chocolate chip delight, and as she pulled her hand back she looked up at me again, meeting my gaze with her hazel brown eyes hidden behind the glass of her pink glasses.


“Here,” she said, reaching out and placing the cookie in my palm. “Da said they shouldn’t feed the likes of you, but that’s not fair, so take this and don’t tell my Da.  He’ll beat me if you do,” she sniffled again.  That was the truth, the way of the packs.


“Thank you,” I replied shyly before stuffing the cookie down my throat and sighing happily.  When was the last time I’d eaten?  I thought back.  It had been yesterday morning.


“Can I see your mark, Finn?” she asked quietly as she slid the empty packet aside.  I sighed simply.  They always wanted something, always.  There was no escaping it, though.  This was me and this was my fate.  Erin pushed her glasses back up again and sniffled.  “Please?” she begged.


I reluctantly pulled up the corner of my dirt-encrusted shirt.  The mark was black against my pale skin, visible even through the layers of dust, and now that it was visible, it seemed very, very real.  To here it in a story was one thing, to see it on a body was something else entirely.


Erin gasped, reaching her hands out, but not darking to touch my bare skin.  That was nothing but bad luck; the elders had filled our heads with gruesome stories over the years about the only people that had dared to touch another’s mark.  I was cursed to such a lowly existence, and I could not evade it, I could never get away. My shirt fell back down quickly.  It was over.  Erin Miller took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.  She quickly replaced them and eyed me cautiously.  She stayed where she was, though, her arms suspended in mid-air.


They knew me wherever I went, troubled eyes looking out from behind hair, or from behind glasses in Erin’s case.  Hands would shake at my presence, my cursed scent lingering in the air.  She narrowed her eyes from behind the glass and eventually pulled back.


A thank you would have seemed suitable, as I had revealed something rather personal to her for nothing more than a cookie.  But, not a word more came from her mouth.  She lent back into the dirt ground, her hands reaching up to pull loose strands of hair back behind her ears. 


She sniffled, but soon got up.  She was done with me for the day.  I looked up to the grounds.  Few people moved in the midday sun, other than a few drunks that had been kicked out of the bar early.  They were also done with me, it seemed.  Everybody was.


That was the closest thing I had ever had to friendship.  And, visions of Erin Miller taking her pinkie and pushing her glasses back up so they sat right, haunted me as I fell asleep in the cold, cold lands of the outcast.  The old Finn was done.  I was to be reborn into a harsh reality that was true life.  And my true life almost wasn’t worth living.


But, that’s a big almost.


A/N - Hi guys, I'm back and writing once again! I lost the longer copy of this, but I'll find it and add in the extra parts, but this, you could say, a preveiw of my next novel, Coincidences! This is book 1 of the Sincerely, Victoria trilogy, and yes, I know I've got Fate Bound: Book Two to work on, {it's called Star Song, hehe} but I'm taking a week long break.  I have chapter rewrites to do, and add in more scenes and everything, but I've been trying to write this for ages and I finally gave it a fourth... or fifth? go. Finn and Cora {you'll meet her next} are my two fave characters... and of course Victoria. You'll never believe what I end up doing to her, or Cora... or Finn... or Erin Miller.  This is the less disturbing of the books, with book 2 to be rated R, and finally book 3 to be rated either R... or X. It just depends on how much "adult content" I can stomach. 

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