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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Arrival

Submitted: August 13, 2009

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Submitted: August 13, 2009



My planes landing and I am extremely nervous.

My names Alexandra but I go by Alex. I am a sophomore in High School. I used to live in Washington DC but now I am moving to Los Angeles, California. My parents

are divorced and my brother who is a junior lives with my dad and me with my mom. But now that’s all going to change. My mom though it would be good for me to live

with my dad till I graduate. I haven’t seen my dad or brother in nearly 8 years.
Super head start.

I grabbed my bags and started for the door with huge red letters ‘ARRIVALS’. What if they aren’t like me? What if they’re mean? OMG what if they

hate me, and treat me like dirt?! Take a deep breathe Alex they will love you because they are related to you. I walked to the door and pushed them open. I looked

through the crowds of people, though I couldn’t recognize anyone.

When suddenly I saw a sign with ‘Alex Ezzarie’ in big blue letters. I walked towards it with a huge smile. As I was approaching I analyzed looks. He was about 6’1 with

shaggy hazel hair. He had clear blue eyes like my mom. He was also wearing a jock jersey. He wasn’t facing me, he was talking to some guys behind him but I knew it was him.

“Ricky?” I asked. He turned around and looked at me shocked. I dropped my bags and hugged him. He was still shocked but he hugged me back.

“Alex is it really you?” Ricky asked. I looked up and nodded.

I looked around and stared at the 3 guys behind Ricky, they were checking me out.

I would be offended but they were hot.

The one to the left had strawberry blond hair hazel nut eyes, he was about 6 ft and through his tight shirt you could tell he had a six pack.

The one the right had jet-black hair with green eyes, he was about 6’2 .

The one in middle had messy sandy hair and dark blue eyes, he was about 6 ft.

All 3 were wearing the same jersey as Ricky.

“This is Rylan,” he said pointing to the jet-black haired guy.

“Jacob” he pointed to the guy with sandy hair

“and this is Chase” he said pointing to the strawberry blond guy.

“Hey” I said blushing since they realized I was checking them out. They chuckled.

“So um, let’s go?” Ricky asked. I nodded as they grabbed my bags.

“Dad’s sorry he couldn’t come, he’s arriving home tomorrow morning” Ricky continued killing the awkward silence.

“Hope you brought your bathing suit.” Rylan said. I looked at him confused.

“We’re hosting a pool party in about 3 hours” he answered looking at his watch.

“Cool.” I said

“Hey so do you do any sports?” Chase asked. He had a cute Australian accent

“Well I love playing sports like football, tennis, volleyball and basketball. And I skateboard a little” I answered shyly. That was a lot of info I’m such and idiot.

“WOW!” Jacob said getting down and bowing to me.We allstarted laughing. We got to the car.

“OMFG you have to be kidding me! You have a Range Rover SPORT!” I exclaimed

“Yup. Your mom, I mean our mom said she was shipping your car. What kind do you have?”Ricky asked saving the whole your mom.

“Oh I have a convertible… Mustang” I said smiling. All their mouths dropped. They told me about themselves on the drive home.

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