Dream Forever

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(Dream Forever is a brand-new project I am working on. Once again based completely off a dream I have had. It is my first love-story project I am writing. I am basing this story off a dream that I had that was so emotional I woke up crying and was so depressed I did not want to get out of bed. This is the new plot-line so far)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream Forever

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



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Ellie Powzer and Samm Whickey fell in love at a young age (6 and 7). Sadly, their memorable "young-love" ended abruptly when Samm's mother died in a bad car crash. Samm's father Michael could not take the pain, so he moved with Samm to another town, where he would get a factory job and become a drunk, and living in a run-down house. This caused a feud between the Whickey and Powzer families. Ellie's mother and father had came to like Samm very much, and when Michael moved and took Samm with him they were torn, and that love turned into hatred. Even though Michael still cared for Samm, he was usually too drunk or too lazy to take care of him. Ellie and Sam were parted for years, and they had all but forgotten each-other. But now, years later as a lucky coincidence, Ellie Powzer moves in just two houses down from Samm. Now, at the ages of 15 and 16, the two meet again, but barely remember each-other. Eventually, as they do remember, they fall in love all over again, and do whatever they can to stay together and be together. Ellie's strict parents and Samm's drunk father try to keep them away from each-other, and a family fight starts. The two run off and try to disappear, and travel through woods and fields and spend the nights outside, meet funny and weird people, and have the best time of their lives... even though one night Ellie accidentally stabs Samm in the leg. Their love grows so strong that they completely forget about the world... but it does not last long. Sam's dad takes him on a road-trip to find a job, and is gone for a few weeks. When Samm gets back to town, his heart and soul is completely shattered to find out that Ellie has fell ill and passed away from Cancer. In an emotional mix, the feud between the Powzer family and the Whickey family ends, and turns into forgiveness. Samm becomes like family to the now forgiving and understanding Powzer family.


Chapter 1 (NOT EDITED)

by Alex Sharpe

Samm and his father Michael opened the front door to their new home for the first time. Sadness overwhelmed the both of them from the recent devastating loss of Samm's mother Shelley. Samm was only six years old, and had never moved to a new home before. Samm watched his father unpack his belongings as he searched his memories, trying to remember something he thought would last forever. But he could not bring it up to thought. He watched and watched as his father threw down each box, full of junk - and drank, and threw down more boxes, and then drank some more. Samm had never seen his father drink this much before. He wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say, so he kept quiet.


For the days to come, Michael and Samm would get to know their new home. Samm was kind of a shy child, so he stayed inside most of the time. As an only child, Samm would play all sorts of games by himself. His father began to search for a job.



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