Phillip Kippelton

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Leo must go against his good nature to trick Phillip into exposing Mr. O'Dell's political opponent. Phillips tries to play the fast lane of down and dirty politics to only find the golden rule is golden. A modern remake of the Greek tragedy "Philoktetes"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Phillip Kippelton

Submitted: June 05, 2008

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Submitted: June 05, 2008



Phillip Kippelton

Chapter 1

President Roger Clark’s campaign manager Thomas O'Dell sat in a small private office in the West Wing of the White House. Normally, Mr. O'Dell worked out of the campaign headquarters in New York but he still kept a little remote office in the basement of the White House for secret and private activities. At one time Mr. O'Dell had been the president's Chief of Staff but since the President's campaign started tanking Mr. O'Dell resigned his staff position to run the president's re-election.

In preparation for his next meeting, Mr. O'Dell spun the combination tumblers on the desk’s safe to retrieve a red file folder entitled Phillip Kippelton. Even though, Mr. O'Dell had previously read the file several times he read the complete file again with absolute concentration. The last document in the file was a glossy promotional flyer for the Alcohol Treatment Center Tranquility Foundation of Modesto, Florida.

Thinking about what he had just reread, Mr. O'Dell mused that Phillip had once been one of his most trusted and high-ranking aids then ally. Using his success as an aid Phillip leaped through the ranks of the Republican Party to become the Republican National Committee Chairman. Mr. O’Dell shook his head as he remembered that Phillip had been not only his best friend, he had been a lifelong friend since prep school. However, after becoming, Republican National Committee Chairman Phillip started unacceptable erratic behavior. His behaviors became such a political liability that O’Dell had no choice but to force Phillip to resigned and have him commit to an alcohol treatment center in total disgrace. The whole treatment center story although based on fact was used as just a ruse to hide a much bigger problem. The real cause of Phillip outbursts of erratic behavior was the stress of Washington politics, mixed with Phillip’s propensity for depression, anxiety and of course alcohol abuse.

Turning back a page Mr. O'Dell read the last straw had been when Phillip had lost control on national television during a committee meeting. The comments Phillip made were possibly damaging to the president's administration. President Clark could and would not be tolerated by the President. Not one to fall his own sword, President Clark made Mr. O’Dell force Phillip to resign his position thus throwing him into political seclusion.

Mr. O'Dell said aloud, "What's done is done, I had to do what was best for the administration and the President." Still, silent he though, "I wish I did not have to make an enemy out of my best friend and closes political ally. Especially since, I need Phillip the dark secrets only Phillip possesses."

After his secretary open the door and introduced the scheduled appointment, Mr. O'Dell watched as a dark haired well-built man that appeared to be in his 30s but in actuality was 41 years old walk into the office. The man took a seat without asking in the guest chair in front of a Government Issue desk. Leo Kane looked distinguished, even presidential in his Savel Road tailored navy blue suit, with a red tie and American flag pin. Leo fixed the crease on his slacks as he waited patiently for Mr. O’Dell to begin their meeting.

Leo was puzzled at being summoned to the remote office to meet Mr. O'Dell. Yet, after a half dozen years in the Justice Department and five years as Congressman from the state of Florida, along with helping run the president's campaign, a clandestine meeting such as this one was not a surprise.

"Mr. Kane, may I count on your full support for the president and me?" Mr. O'Dell blurted out all most accusingly. Leo replied, "Of course you can, I have been with the campaign from the beginning. I will give my unyielding support until the end. I believe my record speaks for itself."

Mr. O'Dell said, "Good, that is what I hoped you would say." I have brought you here to serve our president in a matter of the utmost importance towards the continuation of his administration. What I am about to tell you can only be revealed from my mouth to your ears. When you have begun your task, you will only report to me through the secure cell phone on the desk in front of you or to me in person. The phone will only dial a phone I will have in my possession at all times. Do I make myself clear to this point?"

"Crystal clear," Leo said, as he placed the phone inside breast pocket of his suit coat.

Mr. O'Dell passed Leo the red file and said, "Read every document in this file. Make yourself familiar with the report's information but make no notes. This file does not leave this office."

Leo opened the file. With his above average comprehension, Leo memorized all of the important listed facts, and made mental notes of the implied information. Finished, Leo closed the file and placed it back on Mr. O'Dell desk.

Mr. O'Dell asked, "Tell me what you learned from the file."

Leo said, "I see a broken man in need of help."

Mr. O'Dell said, "Your assumption is correct. What is not in the file is we could very well lose this election. I believe it would be in the best interest of the country that President Clark was to remain our country's president. Moreover, the fact that our esteemed opponent is the biggest crook the country has seen run for public office in the last 60 years. I will not stand aside and let Governor Bruce Lacewell run roughshod over our campaign. I will do what it takes to expose the big fraud for what he is, short of illegal activity. You follow my meaning?"

Leo replied, "So far I do."

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