Superman: World Breaker

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Superman full of joy now that he and Lois are together, but Darkseid hopes to twist this joy into pain

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Superman: World Breaker

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012



The day had started quiet, but as he knew, quiet starts always led to noisy endings. He was hovering above the daily planet, giving a strong gaze towards;To anyone else would be a simple wall. But with the gifts his kryptonian heritage has blessed him with it is a window in which the object of his affection can be seen through. Lois Lane, the one woman who single handedly pierced that bullet proof skin and captured the heart of superman. A smile crept upon his face as he watched her glide from one end of the office to the other taking charge as only she could. The thoughts of the morning and the night before turned the smile into a grin, it had been 14 months to the day sense he had come out to Lois about who he was, where he came from, and how he felt. Finally taking the chance that he had fought for so long in telling the woman that he loved \"that\" he loved her. Since they have enjoyed each other's lives for 14 months to the day and superman, Clark, Kal el has never been happier. He returns to patrol and continues to survey the city, doing the job he gave himself of protecting metropolis that has accepted him as family, who look at him as more then superman, more than just a hero but something more. He made his way across the skies of midtown and his ear drew to the sound of a familiar echo, one that has filled his life with despair, anger, and disgust; a boom tube. the intergalactic sign of the planet apocalypse and its leader Darkseid is enough to force the man of steel to the very spot only seconds after hearing the sounds origin, so fast that it's as if he moved time and space simply to arrive at this spot. As he set his eyes on the planets new arrivals he gave a calm stare and softly spoke \"where is he\" and didn't utter another word.

Before him were DarkSeid's three furies along with a few henchmen behind them. Stompa, Gilotina, and Mad heiriet \"heeee's not heeeere, son of krypton\" Heiriet spoke first sliding her words across her lips with a fiendish smile and giggle \"tis only us, are we not enough for you?\" Gilotina paused then continued\" hear that girls? The son of krypton is getting full of himself\"\" then maybe we should smash him down to size\" Stompa yelled as she drove her fist hard into her hand. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh of irritation and reverted his gaze to all three of them \"I don't want to hurt you girls, but you are not welcome here\". His tone was steady and noble as it usually was, he hovered in front of them arms folded the red cape that flows gently behind him hanging loosely swaying in the gentle gusts of wind passing by as the quiet of the day slowly faded\". \"I'm afraid we are unable to respect you request kal el, our orders are not to leave until metropolis is burned to the ground\" gilotina gave a devilish grin as her words filled her with pleasure, and with that the three swarmed superman stompa taking the front. As she clashed with him she gripped him tight in her arms and crushed with all her power, a short lived upper hand as superman spun himself around at whirlwind speeds making her grip useless and thus sending her flying in another direction. Gilotina would be next to take her chances, as she engaged leading her charge with her twin blades aimed at superman's chest. She lets out a mighty roar as she drives the tips of her vicious anger toward her target but is caught off guard when her movement ceases against her will. Her eyes gaze upon her body trying to solve the mystery only to look at the target she had so eagerly pursued has caught both blades with his middle and index fingers and thumb. He gave a smug smile and effortlessly snapped the swords in two and throwing the remains to the side extending his arms they quickly drew them together to bring forth a clap, which force echoed forward at Gilotina driving her backwards, the sound incredible and the power unbelievable that a simple gesture could be turned into a weapon.

He tightened his stance as he stood there, in air awaiting what approached him next, but this time from behind. As Mad harriet dashed in her claws fully extended using a genuine \"pounce\" technique her target also eluded her as superman simply levitated higher in which she flew right under him. her anger grew and she quickly corrected her path and tried once more superman stood motionless as she came in range and like a mother to a child snatched mad harriet out of the air only to hoist her up above his head and then throw her into the ground, heavily restraining himself as she hit the ground it shook and a crater filled the area in which she touched down. Gilotina would come to her aid and Stompa would not be far behind. they would regroup giving each other a look in signaling that they should attack together they quickly gained their position as superman lowered himself to the ground gently. As the three flanked the hero, they threw themselves at him continuously one after another, left, right, from above and below and every time superman would foil any plan they had forged to take him down in the slightest movement.

\"Give up girls, this isn't going to go anywhere and you know it\". Gilotina rose to her feet shaking off the strike she had been dealt only moments ago and ignoring her comrades that had already fallen. She scowled at superman and clenched her teeth \"enough \"her-ro\" you dare mock us...the FURIES OF DARKSIED! You will fall here, today!\" Gilotinas words were empty as she charged into battle her arm drawn back for an attack. As she struck her punch was caught she was flipped over and planted into the ground. She let out a yelp and stayed in her new found position as her body dis allowed her to do much of anything else. \"Now do us both a favor Gilotina, and take you and your furies back home. I would hate to have to go all the way to apocalypse just to teach your master about the meaning of boundaries, so give him this message\". gilotina stayed quiet and suddenly laughed, almost mockingly which caught the easy calm of our hero off guard. She smiled wide and looked up at the \"man \" who had beaten her to submission \"you foolish wish you could be half the man my master is, but if you wish your message to be received...why not tell him yourself\" superman's expression quickly turned to curiosity \" what are you talking about? Is he coming? her again?\" again Gilotina laughed as she turned over and brought herself to her feet \"foolish, foolish kryptonian, my master is already here\" superman took hold of Gilotinas blouse pulling her closer before she finished her words asking her where he was, his voice cold and angry \"you rushed so quickly to the origin of your despair, to the sound of your oblivion that you failed son of notice that there was not one...but two horns beckoning his arrival, so if I were you I would grovel and prey for mercy...because by now he is surely showing your little reporter...none..\"

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