The Loneliest Person #Chapter 2

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Nelson? The True Friend? Hmm...

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Loneliest Person #Chapter 2

Submitted: August 10, 2014

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Submitted: August 10, 2014



Perhaps its the first friend relationship for Jake .

Nelson came from a wonderful family . Wealthy ? Happy? or even perfect family in Jake's point of view . Jake had put all his trust on Nelson because nobody ever treats him good and friendly until appearance of Nelson. In the starting , everything seems to go smoothly , almost every second and moment they are spending good time together . Sharing life experience , gossiping about teachers' bad or even loitering around their housing garden .


A normal day while the golden globe is hanging in the middle of the sky , Nelson and Jake was walking around at the back streets of their town . They accidently bang into a gang of mafia ... Without further doubts , they promtly turned back and run ! But guess what ? Its all too late , they were undercovered by the gang of mafia with guns pointing straight to their head , just without one press and maybe their lifes are gone ...


Nelson and Jake were asked to hand out 50 Dolar instantly or their next meet up would be in heaven . Jake was expecting Nelson will lend a hand by paying the money , but ....... Nelson never did that . He was acting like coward , asking for sake even though there's sufficient money in his pocket . He whispered to one of the mafia and told them that he would pay 25 Dolar JUST for himself to escape from this condition . Without other questions , he handed the money and he was released .


He looked at Jake just for a moment and ran away ...

3...2...1.... The first punch glanced on Jake's chin . The pain he could feel was unexplainable , when the second punch doubled him over and expelled the choked of air from his mouth . He fall and vomitted blood on the floor but there's still incoming kicks from the back . "Cracks" is the only sound could be heard from his ribs and followed by the unpleasent physical sensation . After looking at Jake's terrible injuries , the mafia finally decided to go ...


It was an empty back street with nobody passing by , all Jake could do was just crawlling to the main road . It was about 50 metre away and he was still non-stop bleeding . With one hand , he keep pushing forward and hoping he could reached there just in few minutes . In order to keep himself awake , he prayed to the God to give himself more strength . Each of his words were heard , his life was safe .


When he woke up , he's in the hospital with bandage all over his body . He can't feel his body anymore , just like the body doesn't belongs to him . He tried so hard to lift his hand up but he just can't ....



In Next Chapter :

Who sent Jake to the hospital ? Was Jake paralyzed for the rest of his life ?


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