Lightning Saga: The King-Seekers

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Saiga, a knight of the Knight King’s Order, is falsely accused of murdering a fellow knight, so he enlists the help of a thief, Vel, and a mage, Kishiki, to show the Knight King that he is innocent. But their team-up goes far beyond any of their intentions when they learn a millennia-old secret and they realize their destined paths have changed, and they have to travel the entire world to discover more of the hidden truth and find their new place in the world.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kingdom Come

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



Kingdom Come

Many millennia ago, there was nearly nothing but blackness. It was ever expanding and went on for infinity. There was no end, and it spanned on in every direction. Confusingly enough, there was a center. And at that center, burned one tiny light, and around that light, stood three beings, born of magic. Those three beings held immeasurable power, and with that power came great purpose and no boundaries. Their purpose: to band together to create, and fill in the darkness that shaded the universe they lived in. And they knew that if they did not use their power and fulfill their purpose, that they would simply fade away into the darkness that created them. It was then that they decided to create the world known as Earth.

They stood around their light for an uncounted amount of time, and discussed the best way to create this world. There was serious debate and even arguments as to the way it should properly be done. Time went on and on as the three pounded out the details with each other, perfecting their ideas. They hoped that their knowledge and wisdom was enough to let them truly make the most glorious thing in all of existence.

The first of them came presented many different ideas that eventually became part of Earth: the sky to loom above their creation, changing from night to day and bringing weather changes with it; the fiery sun to sit comfortably in the sky and bring down light and heat upon creation and move with the sky; fire to be brought down from the sky and put upon the land below for use; and the most important being the idea for intelligent life that carried souls, that would walk the Earth so that they could praise their creators, and in return they could love their creations. He chose to live in the sky, surrounded by a mass of angels that aided him in watching over all of the creation that he so dearly loved. It was even said that he was the sun itself and the angels were the clouds. He became known as the Life King. Other names his creations came to know him by are the Father King, Origin King, Spirit King, Air King, Sky King, Sun King, Fire King, Light King, White King, Angel King, and Kind King.

The next of them put forth the ideas for: the rock for their life to stand upon, live upon, strive upon and look up from at the sky; animal life that did not carry souls, but could be used as companions, or food, or sport for those soul-bearing lives; plants that would grow naturally to rip from the earth to use as food, medicine, shelter and pleasure viewing; death, so that each creature would appreciate the time it had, to keep them from straying from the path of graciousness, and to keep the land from becoming overcrowded; and a promise of a life after death, where their souls could carry on in a joyful experience that never ended as reward for their good deeds and hard work. It was him who took on the exterior form of a wolf so that he could spent his time on the Earth, enjoying its natural pleasures and familiarizing himself with the world through a creation’s eyes. He became known as the Death King. Other names the members of the world refer to him by are the Hell King, Heaven King, Earth King, Dark King, Black King, Wolf King, Just King, Winter King, Ice King, Stone King, Plant King, and some even know him as the Moon King.

The last of the three gave them several ideas that changed things: emotions to give to the soul-bearers that would give them both motivation to do good, and deterrence to do bad, and allow them to be happy and love one another; natural laws that would govern the way the world worked so that feet would stay on the ground, sounds would be carried, and people would grow and die naturally; water for creation to bathe in from their hard work, drink to cool themselves, and swim through for recreation, as well as to separate certain lands; and later the idea to create several different kinds of soul-bearing lifeforms. He took the form of a soul-bearer, came down to the Earth and taught other soul-bearers about their three creators, the world they lived in, and how to survive; he took power and used it to create a civilized society out of the chaos that the world was naturally. He became known as the Power King. Other titles that were associated with him are the Chaos King, Gray King, Pale King, Harsh King, Passion King, Blood King, Demon King, Human King, and the Water King.

Once the world was all created, and every law was put in place, they celebrated, and they danced in a hall for what seemed only a few hours to them. They feasted and laughed and congratulated each other and themselves for their wonderful creation, come together fully to make a peace-ridden world where there was no evil and no fear. People loved and people gave. But it would not be so forever. No kingdom can last forever.

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