Chapter 1: My Novel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: New Authors

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 "Yawn!" I gave a little groan as I slipped out of my bed. I sleepily straightened the covers and changed into my school uniform. I stretch out my arms as I walk slowly to the bathroom at the end of the hall. The mint of my toothpaste wakes me up a little bit. The first day of school is always like this. I look at the 12 year old in the mirror. I had fluffy bark brown hair, dark eyes the same color, and light skin. I rinse out my mouth and pick up my gel bottle. Mom always has me gel and comb my hair for school, she says it makes me look smart. I squirt the gel in my hand and style my hair, then I did quick comb and headed down stairs.
 "Morning Kyle, Breakfast is ready." Mom says smiling. She put a plate of eggs in front of me. My little sister Hailey who is now three giggled in her high chair throwing food everywhere.
 "Hwi Ki-Ki" She garbled. My name is kind of funny adults call me Kyle and kids call me Ki. I scarfed down my breakfast. I’m a straight A student and I can’t be late! I put my plate in the dishwasher and start up the stairs.
 "Bye Mom I’m not going to be late on the first day!" I shout as I enter my room. I'm an odd kid, I prefer to keep my shoes and backpack in my room instead of downstairs. I slipped my shoes from under my bed and put them on. I grab my tan backpack from its coat hook and slip it on, then clip that little clip to keep it from sliding, I have no idea why it’s needed on a school backpack. Ok I think I’m ready for the seventh grade....Hopefully.
 I rush down the stairs and out the door. It only takes me a minute to take my bike out of the garage and get going down the street. I love riding my bike to school, it’s the only time I'm allowed to use it. I feel like on an adventure like on those nature shows on TV. My Mom says that games like tag are useless and I should use that time for more important things, I agree with her, but I still love riding my bike.
 I coast into the school parking lot. Wow….I’m a seventh grader. It’s so amazing!
 “Hay watch it Jerk!” My bad, while I was thinking about school I almost ran over some eighth grader.
 “Sorry…I’m sorry…” I say fast and skittishly, I HATE my voice! It sounds like a little kids and makes me sound even more the pushover that I am. I hop off my bike and lock it to the bike station, then I head inside the school and head to my new locker.
 I open my backpack and take out my locker stuff, my mirror, everything for classes after lunch, and my coat. I take out a comb and redo my hair that’s slightly messy from the bike ride. Ok time for class. I can do it. I take in a deep breath and walk down the hall to my homeroom.
 I take a seat in the front middle of the class room. I take what I need for this class and put it neatly in front of me. I’m the first kid here, my teacher looks up from her desk surprised that I’m here so early.
 “Kyle you’re here early.” She observed. I nod and take out my book, it’s a biography of Steve Jobs. I love biographies WAY more than fiction. I start reading and soon the real world fades and all I see hear and think is about Steve jobs. I was a bit sad when class started but mostly excited. When the class settled down my teacher walked to the front of the room.
 “Hi welcome to the seventh grade! Now that you guys got the jest of middle school last year we can really learn, and what better way to kick off the year then with a new student?” She stated happily. Wait, a new student? We haven’t had a new student in years. I know for you guys new kids might be common but I live in the middle of nowhere. 
 "Gwen please come up." my teacher said softly. A girl in the back row slowly made the way to the front of the room.  I looked her over totally a girly girl. Her skin is clearly tanned, her hair is way too blonde, but her eyes are jest weird. She had a brown left eye and a blue right. I shouldn’t call her weird...
 "I’m Gwen Foster, I’m from San Francisco California." The new kid declared not looking at all scared or worried of people judging her. Her clothes didn’t look like a girly girls.... her plain blue t-shirt and cut jean shorts aren’t the average style of a glamor girl. Well, cut jean shorts are, but they are longer than the average girly girls and the T-shirt isn’t popular ether. Also her hair isn’t styled like a girly girl, its bit sloppy pony tail is kind of plain...and I don't think she's wearing make-up. Is she's a girly girl with a bad sense of style?
 The rest of the school day was ASOME!!!!! Pre-tests, new teachers, and clean desks! The day went by so fast I swear I blinked and it was time to go home. I opened my locker and started putting my books inside.
 “Oof!” some random dude pushed me. Oh well I guess he was jest eager to go home…I’m relieved that my bike's still in the place I left it last year a bunch of kid’s bike’s got stolen. I hopped on my bike and started biking home.
 Wait, something wrong. Have you ever gotten the felling someone’s watching you? The hairs on my neck started to stand up and I biked slower. Ok Ki breathe its nothing. I took a deep breath. Now if I look behind me nothing will be there. I slowly turned my head. AHHH!!!! There’s a black van right behind me driving slowly! I get a quick look at the driver.
 He was in a black suit and had black sunglasses, and at a glance it looked as if he was wearing some kind of bullet proof vest. Ok what do I do? I could bike away in a panic. That won’t do me any good he's in a car he'll catch me. If I pretend not to see him maybe I can get home and if he tries to kidnap me maybe I’ll be close enough to home that I can sprint really hard there?
 A bead of sweat popped out of my forehead. The butterflies in my stomach where threating to break out but still I rode my bike slowly and smoothly like I always do but watching the van in one of my mirrors at all times. It took five minutes to reach my house, as I pulled into the drive way I prayed that the van would go past.
 And then something happened, it did! The van jest drove past my house. I guess it was first day jitters. I put the bike in the garage and let my breathing go back to normal. It was jest in my head. I walk in the house, Hailey is sitting in her high chair coloring. More like scribbling. Mom is in the Kitchen. I stroll over to the kitchen.
 "Hi Mom, I’m back from school!" I was walking over to her. A mouthwatering aroma hit me as I walked in the kitchen. Mom terns around surprised. "How was school Kyle?" She asked. I decided not to tell her about the van.
 "It was great we had tons of pretests and even a new student. What’s for dinner?" I say looking at the oven where the delicious smell is coming from.
 "Noodles lasagna." Mom says over her shoulder as she puts a bowl in the dishwasher. “What...Did you say new student?" Mom arches her eye brow at me. Like I said we haven’t had a new student in years.
 "Yep, that’s what I said." I say with a little smirk.
 "You're pulling my leg."
 "Nope. Her name's Gwen Foster, she's from California!" I explain. Mom smiles ear to ear. Then the oven beeps. Mom puts on the oven gloves. Mom usually wants me to be out of the kitchen while she’s cooking so I head upstairs to my room. I put my back pack its coat hook and I slip out of my shoes and put them under the bed. I take some more casual clothes with would be a bit fancy for normal kids.
 It’s a grey polo shirt and slacks. I also grab a fresh pair of boxers and head to the bathroom. It felt great in a warm shower getting that gel out of my hair. It was refreshing.
 Ten minutes I’m downstairs watching Ricky Ways Gide to the wild. I’m in my non-school clothes and my hair is slightly puffy without the gel but it isn’t as crazy when I woke up in the morning. I always watch nature and out outdoorsy shows and todays is on how to skin and cook animals, not that is will ever be needed for me. Hailey is sitting next to me.
 "Eww Bwnny's ouwswide iwn!" She said. Ops, I shouldn’t be watching this right next to her.
 "Kyle, turn that off it's time for dinner!" My Mom shouts from the kitchen. I turn off the TV grab Hailey and place her in her high chair.
 Later that night I couldn’t sleep. What if that van was spying on me? Ok if I see it again I would run away. I know this seems like an overreaction but I don’t want to get kidnaped and if I tell Mom and Hailey it might endanger them!
 I get out of my bed. Okay if I’m going to runaway that’re something’s ill need. I grab a knife from the kitchen and wrap it in a dish cloth. Who knows I might need it to protect myself? I grab some oyster crackers, cereal bars, and fruit snacks from the cupboard. I’ll need some water too. I grab a disposable water bottle and a beach towel. I head up to my room.
 I spread out the beach towel and place everything but the water bottle on the blanket. Wait I’m missing something… I walk to the bathroom and grab my comb. Then I grabbed my rock turtle. Before my dad abandoned us he gave it to me, it’s small and craved from stone. I place it on the blanket.
 Next I rummage through my dresser for some clothes, if I’m running away I don’t want to be in fancy clothes that make me look odd. Lucky I have some put aside jest in case. Of course I never told Mom about it. I pulled out a half way in-between forest and medium green, a white T-shirt, and jeans that I hid in the bottom of my sock drawer. Hidden in my old empty toy chest are a pair of new black sneakers. I place my casual clothes in the toy chest. Then I take the beach towel and tie it so it looks like a hobo bag in old movies so I can empty out my backpack and put it in really quickly. I place the towel full of supplies in the toy chest.
 Now that I’m all set I climb back into bed. It’s easier to drift back into sleep now that I have a game plan. I drift into a deep sleep.
 The next day I go almost all morning thinking that the van was gone forever. Then I the middle of class I saw it again! This time it had two passengers. The man and a girl in the same getup. Ok good thing that I have a plan. It’s hard not to be skittish when you know someone’s out to get you. I just can’t focus on my work. I’m making stupid mistakes on my papers and the teacher’s noticing!
 Ok Ki calm down…Find something to distract you. My eyes search the class room and land on the new girl, Gwen. That’s what I can do, find out if she’s a girly girl! I look her over, ah ha! She tapping her finger and looking at the clock. Defiantly girly girl. I look at her paper, wow I didn’t think she’d be THAT dumb. Another clue, but still something’s not right….Then it hits me!
 How am I going to get home! I can’t bike the van people might kidnap me! I was so worried that I didn’t notice that Gwen was pretending to be sick.
 “Teacher, I feel like in going to throw up.” She groaned. My teacher look concerned.
 “Can I take her to the nurse’s?” I ask innocently. My teacher nods.
 "Ok Kyle." She turned to Gwen "This is Kyle Coe." Gwen gave a nod and a quiet Hello.
  When I take her to the nurse I can think of my way home. At least the girly girl or not girly girl case was solved, if she was pretending to be sick she was a girly girl.
 As we walked to the nurse my mind raced on how to get home without biking. I could pretend to be sick. No, that’s really wrong. What about getting in trouble so Mom has to pick me up. I can't do that! I have a perfect record. As I was running out of ideas we stepped into the nurse's office. The whoosh of the air rushing through the door gave me a brilliant idea. What if I let the air out of one of my tires and called Mom? She would have to pick me up and I wouldn’t have to beak any rules.
 I leave Gwen at the nurse's and get back to class. Now that I have a plan I can finally focus on class. Without the worry of getting home I start to improve on my test scores. Then another bigger worry hits me. Can I do it? Can I jest abandon my family? Can I leave everything I worked for so long and hard behind? I push the thoughts away, I HAVE to. Soon enough school's over. I head over to my bike and let the air out of my tire pretending to check it.
 I head into the office and walk up to the sectary. She is typing something on her laptop and doesn’t see me. I clear my thought. She looks up with the same face my teacher had this morning.
 “Can I use the phone to call my Mom? My bike had a flat.” I ask politely. She gives a big smile and hands me the school phone. I punch my number in and put the receiver to my ear. It takes a while but my Mom picks up the phone.
 "Hi Mom, my bike has a flat tire can you pick me up?" I ask. How could I lie like that! I HATE lying. Lying is wrong and I can't stand it, once this whole thing blows over I’m going to tell her I’m sorry for lying to her.
 In five minutes my Mom pulls into the school parking lot. I help her load my bike onto the bike rack. In the car I listen to Mom go on about her day, but my head is swimming with questions. I’m not in the mood to listen right now. I look in the rear view mirror, the black van is a couple cars behind us, the road is very busy when school gets out and anyone who isn’t looking for a black van wouldn’t have noticed it.
 After I put my bike in the garage and fill the tire with air, AND shower (I’m not barbaric) I color with Hailey. If I’m running away I want to spend some time with her before I leave. As I color I plan my escape. After diner I’ll say I have a lot of homework and that I’m not coming down for the rest of the night. Then I’ll slip into my “runaway” clothes and carefully empty my school backpack and fill it with my supplies. Then ill grab the framed picture of me, Mom, Hailey, and, Dad we took last Christmas. Then I’ll run away living undercover slowly making my way to New York City and join the underground. Then I peered out the window. The black van only had the Man in it and he was opening the door.
 I felt like screaming and telling my Mom the whole story, but I knew I couldn’t. Instead I walked up to my room slowly. Hailey gave me a confused look than continued with her coloring. I grabbed the picture my family and slowly headed to my room like nothing was wrong.
 When I closed my door behind me the rushed to the toy chest. I grabbed my clothes and quickly changed into them. Then I pull my Backpack off the coat hook and put it on the floor next to the toy chest. Downstairs I hear the sound of the door opening and closing. As silently as I can I empty my backpack and place my ‘Hobo’ bag full of supplies inside, then I slip the water bottle in the side pocket. Then as I go to place the small framed photo I noticed it was the wrong one!
 What do I do? I should leave the photo and get of here it’s the smart thing to do. But, I can’t. I don’t WANT to leave my family behind. Even with all the reason in the world I still wouldn’t leave that small framed photo. OK, I can do this…I’ll sneak downstairs and stealthily switch this photo for the right one.
 I slowly open my door careful not to make it creak. Then I slowly walk down the hall walking heel to toe. As I’m almost to the picture I hear my name.
 “Kyle.” It’s the voice of the Man in the van. I Freeze like a rabbit who is being stalked by a housecat.
 “He’s part of an experiment of ours…” I relax a bit and switch out the photo. Wait a minute did he say experiment! I CAN’T be!
 “He is part of our plan to save the world. We are planning of moving him to a school for kids and teens like him. I promise he will be allowed to Email and write.” The Strange Man says reassuringly. The questions in my head got more intense. Save the World! How can I do that! I’m Smart but not SAVE-THE-WORLD smart! Who in the World that apparently I have to save would pick ME!
 I take a deep breath. I’m NOT going to save the world, they won’t catch me, now I have to put the picture my backpack and run to New York. I slowly walk back to my room jest the way I came and close the door. Quickly I Put the picture in my backpack and slip it on. I clip the clip and look at the window.
 Since its dark out I can see my reflection perfectly. It looked like a normal kid for once. My puffy dark brown hair not gelled of even combed, my hoodie and jeans look like any other kids at school. And my tan backpack filled with my supplies. I stand a little straighter and open the window.
 “Ok Ki, time to run…” I whisper to myself. I turn to my old room. “Goodbye old life…”
 Then I jump. The window is only six feet off the ground but the impact makes me grunt and knocks some of the air out of my lungs. I take a deep breath and turn to the woods behind my house. Who knows what could be lurking in the deep brush? ME that’s what, KI Coe nothing else. I tell myself it will be okay.
 I run into the woods, I flinch as a thorn pricks my leg, but I’ve got to get as far away as possible. Adrenaline pumps threw my body and I can hear my heart in my ear. I pant and all I can hear is me. Fear starts to take over. Is that footsteps behind me?!
 Then strangely my whole body feels numb and my view is surprisingly lower to the ground by a lot. The sounds of the forest that I couldn’t hear before flood my ears not too loud but I can everything that moves. And the strangest thing of all is the smells, not just the whiff of pine and the cool mist but of all the animals somehow I know there sent by name and how long ago they have been here! I keep on running it’s surprisingly easer now and I’m going faster than any normal man or woman.
 I stop I’m about a mile away from my house. My tongue feels longer as I pant I filet it stick out of my mouth. The numbness starts to recede from my body but I feel odder than before. I look down at my hands witch are more like paws now. The paws look a lot like a dog’s but are bigger, they are covered in dark brown fur the color of my hair.
What the heck is happening?! I flick my tail, WAIT have a tail! I wearily turn to look at my new tail. IT looks a lot like a huskie’s but thicker and covered in dark brown fur. The top layer of the fur is waterproof and a bit shiny but the fur underneath is fluffy and thick.
It takes me a minute to get out of my shock but then I hits me! I’m a WOLF! I gave a surprised yell shifting my weight. Now I notice my backpack, it fells bulky and odd on my wolf back and the only thing keeping it on is the clip. 
Ok I’m a wolf, this is what the guy must be talking about! I breathe in and out. How do I change back? I think about it for a bit and then a dumb idea pops into my head. What if I imagine Turing back? What a dumb idea but it’s all I got. I close my eyes and picture me turning back to a normal boy. The reflection in the window pops into my head. I fell my body changing back to normal.
I open my eyes I’m standing in the middle if the forest fully human. Ok what do I do next…? I’m too close to home, I should head to New York and continue my plan. I tighten the straps on my backpack and turn back into a wolf. It easier now and I don’t have to picture me turning back into a wolf.
 I run for another mile wondering about my wolfness. I slowly put the pieces together and come up with a good guess at what happened. Somehow as a baby the government people changed my DNA and placed my family in a town in the middle of nowhere so no one notices when I go missing to there “School”.
 I ran for a mile but all the new info must have tired me so I found a clearing two miles from my house. I turned human and plopped down the grass. I took off my backpack. The rested until my breathing became normal. I should stay here for the night…The idea sounded great after the running.
 Jest to make sure it was safe I looked around, at first I didn’t see anything odd but then I saw her. A cream colored wolf, sitting at the other side of the clearing panting, she must have not seen me! I pull my hood over my face in case she’s one of them.
 She might be a normal wolf. Wow never knew I was an optimist. I quickly stand up startling the she-wolf. The wolf makes a human like scram then recovers. She dropped her ears and gave a terrifying snarl. The fur on her neck stood up and if I didn’t know it was just a teen like me I would be running for the hills. Running or the hills might be a good idea... I look closer at the she-wolf, she had cream fur and in the dim light I couldn’t make out the color of her eyes, but I saw that the eye on the right was lighter than the one on the left. She was a bit smaller than an average wolf but that made sense because the girl probably was about my age.
 I stand up and put my hands in the air. “I’m not here to hurt you…I a wolf person like you!” I reassure her. She gave me an incredulous look.
 “I don’t believe you!” Her voice sounded familiar. I morphed into a wolf and back. I don’t pull up my hood I don’t trust this girl completely. The she-wolf stops growly but keeps her distance.
 “How do you turn back?” She asks with a standoffish tone.
 It never accrued to me that she didn’t know how to change back. If I tell her it would prove I’m trustworthy!
 "Picture yourself turning back to a human, after that changing is easy!" I shout. The wolf closes her eyes and starts to change into a teenage girl. I watch as her clothes come out of her skin and her fur receded. Her body structure also changes from a wolf on the ground to a person standing up.
 As the mysterious girl changes back I start to recognize her. It's Gwen the new kid! She has her hair a ponytail tucked in a red and white baseball cap. She's wearing a brown t-shirt with a shield with the number 13 in it. Her tough work jeans look like not even the most persistent thorn clod poke through. She wore hiking boots and a teal rain jacket. Wow, that ruined my girly girl theory!
 I pull off my hood and gave a shy smile. Gwen gives me a shocked look like the one I just had when I saw it was her.
 “You’re Kyle Coe, the nerdy teacher’s pet from school!”  She said in shock. That hurt, Teacher’s pet! Well…I guess I had that coming, I did think she was a girly girl.
 “Yep, that’s me….You can call me Ki.” I say shyly. I’m not usually this timid but Gwen is an intimidating person. She looks me over sizing me up. I give a little yawn all this excitement has really worn me out.
 “We should camp here.” She said in a strong voice. She wanted to be leader but at this point it sounded good. I never thought of bringing any camping supplies…Gwen gets right to work pulling out a blanket from her bag. She hands me her backpack.
 “Hang the backpacks on a high branch so the animals won’t get them.” She said in a stern voice, not a loud voice but a voice that I couldn’t disobey even if I wanted to. I undid the little clip on my backpack and slipped on one strap, then I put one of the straps on Gwen’s bag on my other shoulder so I had both backpacks on.
 I looked around for trees. Could hang it on one of the trees on the rim of the clearing. No I don’t want my stuff over there. Then I saw in the middle of the clearing a dead tree. It was struck by lightning a long time ago and was split in half. I walked over and looked at the branches. They looked thick and sturdy but I’ve never climbed a tree before.
 Better now than never. I stepped up on the crack in-between the two half’s of the dead tree. I reached out for a breach above my head. I gripped it with both hands and put my feet on the side of the tree. I try to pull up my feet start to slip. I don’t have the upper body strength to pull myself up. One of my feet slip and the in the jolt one of my hands slip. My backpack falls of my back and I let go of the branch.
 “Offfff!” The fall knocks the air out of me. I lay on the gasping for air. I’m never going to try to climb a tree again! Mom was right, climbing things is dangerous. I close my eyes for a minute as my breathing becomes normal.  When I open them Gwen is standing right above me.
 “Really Ki? You can’t even climb a tree? How are you going to help me fight back the Van people?” She said dryly. Gwen swooped down and grabbed the backpacks. She put her’s on and clipped the little clip then put mine on backwards. Then she climbed the tree as easily as riding a bike. She slipped them on a branch and climbed down.
 “That’s how you climb a tree.” She held out her hand and I grabbed it. She pulled me up. I give a little smile.
 “Thanks, I never have climbed a tree before.” I say quietly. She looks me over to tell if I’m joking. Then I remember what she said earlier. Fight back?! “What did you mean by ‘Fight Back’?” I ask nervously.
 Gwen spreads out her blanket that I can see now that it’s a sleeping bag.
 “I’ll tell you in the morning.” She reassured. She slipped in the sleeping bag and moved a bit until she was comfortable. Where was I going to sleep? I’m not sleeping on the ground without a blanket. I could sleep in a tree…No I can’t climb. Wait I can sleep in a tree! The tree with our stuff would be perfect!
 I stepped into the crack to find it was a hollow tree. I sat with my back to the inner bark, then I pull my hood up and try to get comfortable.

 “Are you really going to sleep in a tree?” Gwen asks from within her sleeping bag. 

 “Yah” I say back. I her a muffled answer but don’t make out the words. I close my eyes and think of everything that has happened in the last 12 hours. I’m deep in a forest alone with a complete stranger. I might never see my family again and I’m sleeping in a tree. All my worries come flooding in my head. Ok Ki you can’t think like this, it’ll destroy you. I'm on an adventure with a new friend. I repeat those words in my head over and over. I almost believe them. Soon I drift off into sleep.

My nightmare that night was a blur. I remember faces. A disappointed dad, a confused Hailey, my classmates, the Van people, and Gwen not the Gwen I know but a monstrous Gwen with razor sharp teeth and bloodshot eyes. 

I woke up right before dawn everything was a light gray and I could see a little color. My face was sticky from tears and I was shivering. Its okay, it’s okay. I repeated in my head over and over, then I wiped away the tears.

I looked around and then I noticed the GIANT spider on my shoulder. Don't Freak. DON’T FREAK

"AHHHHH!" I gave a girlish scream and swiped off the spider. In the swiping and screaming I fell out of the tree and onto Gwen's sleeping bag. 

"AHHHH!" Gwen gave a startled scream and shot up. “What the HECK are you doing you buffoon!!!" She yelled angrily in my face. I felt my face getting hotter, I scooted off the sleeping bag.

"I...I...I" I stammered. What do I say! Oh there was a big scary spider so I screamed like a baby girl and fell on you! "I Uh....Had a nightmare and fell out of the tree?" I said shyly not TOTALY lying. Gwen gave a long sigh. Then got up and rolled up her sleeping bag. 

"Oh, well we needed to get up early anyway." She said in a bit grumpily. I Stood up and stretched my arms. WOW Ki you're off to a GREAT start! Let’s see how long it'll take her to punch you in the face. I thought grumpily. Don’t worry it's be better after breakfast I reassured myself. People are always grumpy when they're hungry. 

"Hey Gwen, I have some cereal bars in my backpack!" I call up to my companion climbing up the tree to put her sleeping bag away. She grabs both the backpacks and climbs back down.

"What's a cereal bar?" She asks as she hands me my backpack.

"It's kina like a pop tart with the filling and frosting in the inside and the outside is the crust stuff in the shape of a granola bar." I try to explain. Gwen gives me a board look. I took out two bars out of my bag and handed her one. We ate slowly in silence savoring the flavor. Gwen brushed her hair out then put it in a ponytail and tucked it under the red and white baseball hat. 

My hair must be a mess...I run my fingers through my dark chocolate hair. I can fell parts sticking up and some tanglely knots’ pull out my comb and style my hair, it’s a bit harder without a merrier but I managed. I felt like I should be putting gel in but I don't have any. Oh well, It fells more commutable like this.

"So, you said we would discuss a plan right?" I said trying to break the Ice. Gwen looked up.

"Ok. Here's my plan." She said looking me in the eye."We head out under the cover of darkness back into town. Then we storm the van and find out why we can turn into wolves and stuff." She explained 

I CAN"T do that! I have never punched anyone and that Sounds reckless and can easily backfire. My stomach twisted in knots. I'm NOT a fighter. I could see that Gwen saw my nervousness on my face.

"What's your plan?" She asks, with a little bit of a disappointed look on her face.

"Well....I was planning on keeping a low profile and heading to New York. From there I’ll find chill until this all blows over." I say stammering a bit. Gwen huffs in disgust.

"Your Jest going to hide like a wus? We can turn into freaking wolves this is never going to 'blow over'!" Gwen said angrily glaring at me. I felt my cheeks Redding with rage. I'm usually a benevolent pushover, but this blood thirsty brat of a girl scout was getting on my nerves! 

"At least I'm not charging in BLINDLY at two full grown adults who most likely got a ton of WEPONS in the back of that van! With no preparation or Plans!!!" I screamed all the rage, pain, fear, and hurt of the past 24 hours came rushing to the surface.

"YOU’RE A BIG NERDY COWARD!!! Why even new york why not Seattle and skip the mountains!" She yelled back if anyone was close they would defiantly hear us.

"Seattle's too close. I want to get far away as I can!" I say loud but not screaming.

"What about your family? Your jest willing to abandon them and hide forever. I'm getting my life back." Gwen said at a normal level but her tone was as cold as Ice. Her different colored eyes staring into my soul. My vision became blurry. I snapped out of my blind rage. Hailey, Mom, I can't abandon them. Hailey looks up to me like I'm Superman and Mom needs me. As a single mother she needs all the help she can get.

"No, I can't leave them...They're all I have." A tear slipped down my cheek. Gwen turned away from me and grabbed her bag.

"You're on your own Ki" Gwen said bitterly. It won’t do any of us any good if we go our own ways.

"Gwen wait!" I shout. She turns and looks back.

"I'm sorry for being an arrogant jerk who only cares for himself! I jest...was afraid to fight. Can't we come to a compromise? We won’t help anyone by going our own ways, if we want to last we need to team up." I Stare into Gwen's eyes. I mean every word I say. I search her eyes and see that she's going through the same felling's as me. Alone with a polar opposite stranger, not knowing if you will ever see your family again and now the only person left is leaving.

Gwen gives a big sigh and closes her eyes. Then opens them slowly.

"Fine." She calmly. She leaned agents the dead tree. I took a deep breath.

"Before we go gallivanting off we should prepare. We could stay the forest and hone our skills then we spy on the van and attack." I say seriously. "And...We should promise to stay together until we can return home." I finish with a little smile. I extend my hand. Gwen gets up and shakes it. I take a deep long breath and sit on the ground. Gwen leans agents the tree again.

"Let's restart." I say. When me and Mom fight we usually say to "Restart" our day and forgive each other.

"Ok." Gwen says back. "We should move to another camping site and train." Gwen in her all work and no play voice. I pick up my backpack and put it on, then I clip the clip and tighten the straps completely. Gwen also dose the same.

"We should look for a nice mansion with a swimming pool and gym." I joked. My new partner in crime rolled her eyes and changed into a wolf. I also morphed. In the day light I could clearly see Gwen's wolf form. Her fur was as blonde as her hair and her eyes where the same color as in human form. Her fur shimmered in the sunlight making her fur look like gold. She was the most beautiful wolf vie ever seen. (I've never seen one before)

"Gwen, What Eye color do I have!" I ask since I can’t see my own eyes (DUH).Gwen turns to look at me.

"Um....A yellowish brown?" She says confused. I look down at my fur it’s a bit lighter than my hair.

"Ready to go Princess?" Gwen teased. I trotted by her side and then we started running, my backpack felt bulky and odd but I didn't care. We ran side by side smelling and looking for any sign of a good camp sight. 

It was amazing! I could smell all the animals and how long ago they were here. I could even smell the difference between different kinds of TREES! Who knew a pine smells different than a cedar? Running was also really cool! I could run for MILES! Soon we decided at camp in a mossy part of the forest full of big trees. 

I charge back into a normal boy again and slump down on the mossy grass. It feels like a cloud, fluffy soft and a bit moist. It feels great.

"Hand me your backpack." Gwen says extending her hand. I hand her mine and she puts it on. Wait? How is she going to climb these trees? There first braches are REALLY high up. 

"What are you doing?" I ask. 

"I'm putting the backpacks away." Gwen says taking a piece of rope out of her back pack. She wraps the rope around the tree and hold the ends. Then she put her feet on the tree the only thing supporting her was the rope. She inched the rope higher up the tree and took a step. She repeated this until she was at the first branch. She took something out of her pack and came down.

'Wow...You sure know a lot of ways to go up and down trees." I say in awe. Gwen looks at me and gives a small smile.

"I see you don’t know any ways of getting up and only one way of getting down." She teased. I laughed. It was nice to know that Gwen wasn't all work and no play.

"What did you take out of your backpack?" I ask. Gwen takes out two granola bar like thing out of her back pocket,

"Dinner."  She hides the bars so no wild animals could get them. I stand up. Ok time for training. “How should we do this? Should we practice hand to hand or dogfighting?" She asks me. UGHHHHH! Learning how to fight is NO'T something that I want to learn. As you can probity tell I'm a bit of a pacifist? 

"Dogfighting?" I say unsurely. Gwen nods and changes into a wolf. I also. 

"Come at me." Gwen orders. I nervously shift my weight from paw to paw.

"You...You...You come at me." I say shyly. Gwen somehow gives a wolfly shrug. Then she runs toward me so fast I couldn't even react. She puts her jaws on my throat and pushes me to the ground. I struggle and wiggle but Gwen keeps a tight grip. I stop struggling and lay still. 

"You Win." I croak. Gwen lets go of my throat.  My throat fells sore. I get up and shake my fur. “That was very affective." I say. “How’d you learn it?"

"Animal planet and books I guess...its pretty average for fighting animals to go for the wind pipe." Gwen pointed out. I should have remembered that.

"Next time could you be a bit gentler?" I ask a tad sarcastically. My throat was throbbing and I bet it was bleeding a bit.

"Sorry..." Gwen looked at her paws. Then she looked up at me. "Your turn, Run at me and practice gripping my neck." She turned her head exposing her neck. This time I ran at her but I ran unsurely and not at my top speed. I griped her throat in my mouth. It was an odd tease but not bad enough to make me gag. I didn’t bit very hard. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Gwen easily shook me off stopped and panted. Gwen gave me a skeptical look. 

"You really need practice. Have you ever fought anyone?" She asked. I shook my head. I think the first time I even had a verbal fight was this morning. "Have you ever hurt someone before?"

"I dropped a book on someone's foot." I say with a doggy smile. Gwen sighs and then turns human. I turn back too but The Look on Gwen's face makes me change back.

"Okay, here's some tips." She said in a calm voice. “When you run at you enemy Put all your weight in it and knock them down." She walked away and came back with a big stick. She opened my mouth and put in the stick. “When you bite you want to hang on but not hurt them or only hurt them slightly." I cock my head at her. "Bite strong enough to not let me take it but don’t snap the branch."

I bite lightly. Gwen slips the branch out of my mouth.

"Try again." She puts it back in my mouth. I bite harder, too hard and the branch snaps. It's hard to control I could break bones with this wolf jaw! I takes carful precision and practice. We try and try for about 30 minutes for me to get it right. The stick's bark was missing where my teeth was. But it was an improvement. I change into a human and smile ear to ear.

"I did it!" I shout. Gwen gives a little smile. Then turns into a wolf.

"Test me." She asks, not exactly but not an order so improvement. I walk into the forest and pick about a dozen sticks around the same size.  Then I walk aback to Gwen and start practicing. She didn't do much better than me at first but she improved rapidly. It took only five minutes for her to win. She gave a happy smile. 

“Let’s try a match again.” She said knida ordering. I turned back into a wolf. I heard my stomach grumbling. 

“Can we eat after? I’m STARVEING.” I whined. 

“We’ll see.” She said.UHHHHGGGGGHHHH!! She’s starting to remind me of Mom. We trot away from each outer and get in our stances. Then the match starts. Gwen quickly rushes at me and I quickly jump out of the way. Gwen trips and stubbles, perfect for a neck grab from me. I lunge at her but instead of using by jaws I use my paws to push her over, putting all my weight and force into the blow. Gwen is knocked down but gets up quickly panted a bit winded my by attack. She grabs my keck and pins me to the ground. Her bite is not painful like before but still strong. I struggle. Then I use my back legs to kick her under belly making her lessen her grip I struggle harder all most escaping but Gwen puts her paws on me and pushes keeping me down. I stop struggling.

“White flag!” I say. Gwen lets go and turns back. I turn human again and get up."I almost got ya that time." I joke with a smirk on my face. 

Gwen rolled her eyes after she turned back into a 'Normal' girl. 

"Your dodge was good but you should have gone with a throat grab." She notes. Her face stays blank and expressionless. Her eyes drift to my neck. I fell it throbbing and a bit sore. I see a flash of expression on her face like a lighting strike, it’s there and then it's gone. Guilt, fear, regret, all? 

I felt my neck.It hurt a bit when I touched it. Most likely bruised. I fell something wet but not much just a little in the center of the bruises. I smile to tell her I'm fine and I'm not angry.

"I'm Fine. Nothing some food can't fix." I say with a shrug. Gwen gives a little reassured smile. YES she's warming up to me! 

"I guess I'm pretty hungry too." She Admitted.  We walked back to the tree where we hung up our stuff. Gwen went to recover our wood and I sat down with my back to a big sturdy tree. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Then my quiet rest was interrupted by something being thrown into my lap. 

“Ah!” I give a little startled shut. Gwen gives a little chuckle. I look at the bar of food in my lap. It’s wrapped in a plain paper wrap. I shrug and open the bar, hoping for some good tasting protein bar. The bar was the dullest, brownest thing I’ve ever seen, but I was REALLY hungry.

I took a weary bite. It tasted PLAINER than it looked! It tasted like sawdust and nothingness. I swallowed because I needed the calories but I was tempted to spit it out.

“What is this? Sawdust” I ask sarcastically Gwen looks my way.

“Emergency bar. They’re packed with protein and vitamins and won’t go bad. Sadly they don’t have taste.” She explained.

“Well I guess that pretty cool, but really they couldn’t put at LEAST a little salt.”  I complain with as you can tell I don’t do often. I finish eating my dust bar. At least it will be good for me. 

"Never knew you complained so much." Gwen teased.

"Well I thought you where jest a mindless glamor girl that first day of School....And I'm not a whiner."

Gwen smiled.

"Really? You must be a terrible judge of charter."

"I'm a great judge of charter! I thought you where a girly girl because your tanned skin and your highlighted hair. And also that pretending to be sick stunt." I defended.

"My hair is not highlighted and I don’t go tanning. My Mom's Hispanic." She explained."Also I lived in California we got a lot of sun. As for my hair I my Dad's the palest person on earth! He has super baby blond hair."

"Oh..." I say dumbly. I wish I thought of that earlier.

"As for the sick thing I didn't want to walk home with the Creepy van people." WOW at least we have a little bit in common. 

"I have a photo of my Family if you want to see it." I say politely. She told me about her family so I should at least tell her a bit about mine.

"Ok, ill look at it in the morning. I dint fell like climbing up that tree." Gwen shrugged.  Ya right I forgot it's in my backpack.

"Fine with me."  I reply. We sit in silence for a bit. I get up and stretch a bit.

"I'm going for a walk and test my wolfyness." I tell Gwen. She nods.

"Later Ki." I morph into a wolf and trot away. It's too early to go to bed so I might as well explore a bit. I haven't had much time to think about everything that happened, I've been pretty busy with surviving. It's really easy traveling as a wolf. They  can run for miles and miles. Right now I'm going a way faster than a speed walk of a normal human they would have to run to keep up. It's amazing all the things I can smell and hear. I swivel my ears back and fourth to locate where sounds  are coming from.

WOW I'm a WOLF! I can hunt elk and run over 30 miles per hour! I've never thought before how amazing it is, but still I would give it all up to go home. Mom must be worried...She probably called Dad by now. Then he would tell her that it's HER responsibility to watch me and it's her fault I ran away. I give a whimper. If I could cry I would but wolves can't.

At least I'm not alone, I have Gwen. Good thing we found each other, it must be fate. It would be so easy to pass by each other in this forest. Or is it fate? Could she be a spy? Why would her family move from California to here, Powers Oregon? It's in the middle of nowhere!

Ki STOP it, You can't think like that! You can't let it get to you! Gwen may be a bit withdrawn and determined to wage war but, that doesn't mean she's a traitor and a spy. Under all that though gruffness she's a caring, sweet, and a good person, I've seen it in her eyes! I jest need to give her a chance . I give a little growl in self frustration. My ears flattened on my head.  I slow down but don’t stop.

"I'm more wolf than I thought..." I utter. I didn't even notice for a few seconds that I even growled or tucked my ears.  That's so cool!!! I wonder what else my wolf instincts will do? I breath in a big breath threw my nose and close my eyes, taking in all the smells. I smell all the different trees, hemlock is my favorite so far.  I slow down a little bit but keep moving I try to avoid trees with my sent. I bump into one but recover. I take another deep sniff this time focusing on the animal scents. A fox was here not to long ago, ran off the  left somewhere...Wow there are a lot of rabbits.

I opened my eyes felling calmer. Now that I have my emotions under control I should head back. I turn around and make my way back towards the camp following my own sent trail. I wonder how fast I could go?I know form TV and stuff that a grey wolf's top speed is 38 miles per mile is short bursts.  I give a big doggy smile and kick it into high gear. The wind rushes threw my fur and I have to focus to keep from running into a tree. I can fell the adrenaline pumping threw my veins.  I howl in excitement, It felt good to howl, new and exciting. Some how I jest knew how and how to howl messages that only other wolf people can hear. It was like a light was turned on in my brain all of the sudden. 

I began to slow down to my usual lope. Panting trying to catch my breath. I fell my body shivering a little bit I began to slow down to my usual lope. Panting trying to catch my breath as the adrenaline fades away. Wow who knew just running was such a adrenaline rush?

Once I caught my breath I quickened my pace, camp wasn't far. My mind began to wonder.Do I count as a werewolf? I don’t think so...I'm more like a shapeshifter... Lost in my thoughts I was gaining speed without knowing. 

Suddenly I snapped back into reality. The camp came rushing into view and I was running was to fast.  I tried to slow down and tripped over my own paws. I fell with a thud on my back and morphed back into human. I laid there gasping for air like the idiot that I am. 

Gwen startled jumped then recovered. She morphed into a wolf and scanned the sounding forest. 

"Is someone chasing you?" She demanded. "Was it the van people."

"No" I barley croaked. She turned back into a teenage girl and sat down with a sigh.

"I got distracted..." I said now that my voice was back. I felt my face getting hotter with embarrassment. Gwen rolled her eyes and gave a sigh. I stood up and dusted myself off.

"Why where you gone so long?" She asked. I wasn't gone that long was I? Then I noticed how dark it was.

"Sorry....I was really distracted." I replied shyly. Gwen morphs and trots over the  other side of the campsite. I think I hear he say I'm going to bed or something like that. I sit down my back to a tree. I pulled my hood up and laid down in the soft moss. 

"Night Gwen." I said getting comfortable. Silence. I really messed up this time didn't I? I miss Mom and Hailey. I began to drift off. I was almost asleep but still a little awake when I heard it.

"Good night Ki." Said a soft voice from across the campsite. I didn't know if I was dreaming or not but that night I fell asleep with a smile. 

I woke up that morning as a wolf laying belly up. Why was by bedroom so green and why did it smell of pine, cedar, and maple? It took a few moments to remember where I was. Why was I a wolf I went to bed as a normal boy? I must have gotten cold during the night and changed into a wolf to stay warm. I thought about it for a moment. Could I accidently morph when I don’t want to?

I turned back into normal me. Wow, the sun hasn't risen yet. My normal eyes barley saw the outlines of the trees.


Submitted: February 11, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Alexandra Wolf. All rights reserved.


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Kyle seems pretty cool. Liking him already

Thu, February 11th, 2016 2:45am



Sat, February 13th, 2016 3:03pm

Elyse Crawford

Reading your story makes me want to read more! I love how you put making it feel as if you are the person telling the story. I can't wait till the next chapter comes out!

Mon, April 4th, 2016 12:53am


Thanks I really need to update it I have a lot more done I'm not dividing into chapters yet so I'm going to have one big chapter ill tell you when I modify it. :)

Sat, May 7th, 2016 7:25pm

Elyse Crawford

Thx, I just really, really want to know, what happens to Kyle? Who is Gwen really? and who were those men? So many questions!!!!

Sun, May 8th, 2016 10:03pm


Find out in the updated chapter 2! :D

Sat, May 14th, 2016 7:59pm

Elyse Crawford

Do you have an estimated date for when your realizing chapter 2?

Mon, May 16th, 2016 11:40pm


I'm not making multiple chapters I'm updating the first one. I updated it recently.

Thu, June 23rd, 2016 1:24pm

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