The Stars Light: Chapter III

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After a a strange stone appears, carrying a 13 year old inside, Alex and Ally discover he isn't, from where they are. Things become more strange when the school bully, Billy, finds the stone...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Stars Light: Chapter III

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011




“Well, Herman Moses, what happened to you, and what is going on!?” Alex asked. His sister, Ally, stood next to him, confused and scared. Herman Moses had just erupted out of a Red, whirlpool, and landed right in front of Alex. Alex and Ally had been running from Billy, the school’s Bully, into the woods from they’re home. He seemed to have gotten lost somewhere in the woods. “I don’t know! One thing I am in the middle of an island then I’m here!” Herman replied. “What were you doing on an island?” Ally asked. “I-I was on my Father’s boat, when, there was a storm. My mom got lost, and so did my sister and Father. I guess I washed onto that island. I saw a red glow in the middle of the island, and headed towards it. I reached it, but there was only a smooth and shiny stone.” Herman replied. Alex and Ally looked beyond him to see a Red stone, shiny and smooth as ever. Herman continued. “And then the stone turned into a whirlpool. I was sucked in, and I don’t remember much after that. I then ended up here, in these woods, with you guys. How many years have passed since I was gone?” Herman asked. “What year were you in before?” Alex asked Herman. “1813.” Alex and Ally’s eyes went wide as they both backed away in fear. “What?” Herman asked. “Right now its 2012!” yelled Ally. Herman then looked at the ground, stunned about his trip. “Well this isn’t pleasant. What am I going to do now? I have no idea what happened to my family, and they are probably long dead by now! How am I going to know what happened to them?” Herman yelled. “I’ll call my mom, and ask what she thinks about this.” Ally replied. She brought out her cell phone, but Alex took it and put it in his pocket. “We can’t tell mom!” He yelled. Herman’s eyes went wide at the sight of the phone. “What is that thing?” Herman asked. “Oh this is going to take longer then I thought.” Alex replied…


Alex, Ally, and Herman arrived home with no sight of Billy or his friend. Alex didn’t worry about that, in fact, he was relieved. He entered his house with Ally behind him, with Herman following inside. “Shh. We can’t let our parents know you’re here.” Alex said quietly. Herman nodded, and continued upstairs with the children. They all entered Ally’s room fast, and shut the door quietly. “Oh, my god, I cannot believe this is happening.” Herman said. In his hand, laid the smooth red stone that had brought him here.  “Something that someone did had to have had you sent back here. But what?” Alex asked. Suddenly, a huge rock came hurling through the window, shattering glass all over the room. Ally screamed while Alex and Herman jumped. “Hey Dork! Don’t blame ya for running like a wimp, but why did ya have to leave us out there?!” Said a voice with anger. Alex, Ally, and Herman looked out of the window to see Billy and TWO friends standing outside his window, in the backyard. “You broke my window you idiot!” Alex yelled down to him. “Yeah, THAT is not the case here.” Billy’s first friend replied. Herman then picked up the red stone, and threw it straight at Billy. Billy caught it in his hands, and it glowed strangely. “Cool! A SUN powered Stone! Give me a break! Billy said as he walked away with his friends, laughing. “Herman, don’t mess with Billy next time! He can really give a punch.” Alex reminded Herman. Alex then sat on Ally’s bed, which was strangely bigger then his. He then sighed, and covered his face with his hands, unsure of what to do. “Wait. HERMAN. Did you throw the red stone at him!?” Alex asked, worried. Herman then nodded confusingly, which made Alex’s eyes go big. “HERMAN! If that thing can bring you more then 1000 years into the future, imagine what it can do to Billy!!!!!” Alex yelled at Herman, suddenly standing up. “We have to go after him! We need to get that stone back!!!” Ally then looked at Alex with a look that obviously said “Are you crazy??” Eventually, they worked it out, and agreed to go after Billy. They ran outside, telling they’re parents they would eventually be back by sunset. “Which way did they go?” Ally asked. “I think they went towards the playground!” Alex replied. Not more then half a second later, Alex and Ally ran North, with Herman following they’re footsteps…


Meanwhile, where Ally predicted, Billy, and his friends arrived at the playground, with the small stone in they’re hand. “When the hell do you think this dump was made?” One of his friends asked. Billy shrugged and guessed. “1869? Hahahaha.” But then, just as he said that, the red stone began to glow. It then began to vibrate, in which Billy dropped it onto the ground. The stone then flashed Red, and began to turn into a whirlpool. “COME ON BILLY! LET’S GO!” His friends yelled. All of theme began to run away from the playground, but Billy suddenly tripped on the edge, while his friends made a break for it. Most of the rocks on the playground were being pulled into the whirlpool, along with the swing set, which ripped out of the ground, almost hitting Billy. He whimpered as he tried to get up, but the whirlpool forced him to fall onto the ground, and was suddenly being dragged towards it. “HELP! SOMEBODY!” Nobody could here him over the noise, which was defying. Billy then lay on his stomach as half of his body entered the whirlpool. Just then, A hand grabbed his, with the rest of the body diving. “I got you Billy!” Alex yelled as he attempted to pull him out. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??” Billy asked, yelling. Suddenly, even more red holes erupted, and pulled with greater force. Ally screamed as she was pulled into a hole, but Herman grabbed her arm, stopping her before she could fly in. He eventually couldn’t hold it, and he and Ally were sucked into a whirlpool. “ALLY!” Alex yelled. His strength slipped, as did Billy, who screamed as he flew into his whirlpool. Alex then tried to run away, but he was pulled upwards towards another whirlpool, and sucked in. Everything turned white. Nothing was there anymore. No ground, no whirlpools. Nothing. Alex was then pulled back by an unknown force, and suddenly everything grew colorful again. He landed on the round, his vision blurry. All he could see were bystanders, and them murmuring to each other. His vision then cleared fully, and then he gasped when he saw where he was. He wasn’t in 2012 anymore…


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