Angela's Revenge 1: Chapter 1

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Angela fainted to find that her mother was killed by a mysterious killer. Will Angela be able to find her mother's killer?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Angela's Revenge 1: Chapter 1

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012




Chapter 1


The wind was howling. Storm was brewing. A girl and her mother lay cuddling each other sleeping in the barn. Their loyal black golden retriever slept peacefully right next to them, protecting them.


Thunder clashed and lightning clapped. Suddenly the dog got up and started barking. The little girl got up.


“ What’s the matter, Blackie?”

Bark! Bark!!


The dog rushed out into the stormy night.


“ No! Blackie, come back!” the little girl said. 


Her mother stirred in her sleep. Angela looked at her. She know her mother was tired after her odd jobs this morning. Angela stood up quietly. Her dog is still barking outside. She took her coat and ran out of the Barn. If only she didn’t come out of the barn, life wouldn’t be lost and she wouldn’t get hurt.



“ Blackie! Where are you? Blackie?”


She was worried for her dog was her loyal friend, her protector. She scanned around the vast paddy field in front of her. No black dog in the field.


Suddenly, she heard a growl behind her. She turned around thinking that it was Blackie. But it wasn’t, a huge black wolf was behind her looking at her with piercing eyes. 

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