Brother's Call Chapter 1

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This is the first chapter to my story. So enjoy..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Brother's Call Chapter 1

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012





Chapter 1- BAD DREAM


Nothing. Nothing that I can do. Brother… where are you? Please come back. Don’t leave me!


I was standing in a black abyss. Darkness was around me. Nothing else. No light. No happiness. No noise, only silence. But then, there was a voice calling for me.


“ Allie.. Allie..,”


I turned around, as the voice appears to be from behind me. I saw a figure in the distance. He was wearing a black tux. His hands were spread out wide. As though beckoning me to come towards him. I saw his face clearly enough. I ran towards him.


“ Brother!!!” I shouted, running towards him.

“ Sister.. Allie,” my brother said, bending down to catch me in his arms.


My brother caught me and lifts me up to the air. We smiled at each. Tears flowed down his eyes. I wiped them off.


“ Brother. Jake,” I said.

“ Allie.. I missed you. And I know you love me don’t you?” my brother asked.

“ I do… Please come back,”

“ I….,”


My brother’s voice got cut off when a blinding light enveloped us. Then, a strong wind came. We hugged each other but the wind was too strong. We were blown away. I shouted to my brother. But only a whisper answered, “ Find me, sis. Its your destiny….”


And I woke up screaming.

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