The Werewolves' and Vampires' Assistants Chapter 1

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Angela and her cousin, Alexandria are the best of friends. When Angela visited a mysterious store filled with myths, her life change in an instant. So as Alexandria's life. Hearing her cousin was kidnapped by weird men she went on an adventure in search of her cousin but she ends up being an assistant to vampires. On the other side, Angela was an assistant to werewolves.
Will they escape or will they be loyal to their 'masters'
This is chapter one of the story.... >

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Werewolves' and Vampires' Assistants Chapter 1

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012




Chapter 1



“ Mom!!! I am leaving!” I shouted heading to the front door.

“ Alright dear! Have fun and be careful!” my mom said to me.

“ I will!”

I ran out to the garage and took out my black Ducati bike. I revved it up and zoomed down the road. As I zoomed down the road, I was thinking about myself. It’s weird because I am just fourteen years old girl and I can ride a motorbike and car too. I can even go to work. I am actually working in a manga company and also in a detective company. I do go to school but only at night. This school is special actually. It is full of mysteries and secrets hidden in the school. My school’s name is Twilight Cross Academy. This school is divided into two groups, which are ‘ Day Class’ and ‘ Night Class’. I go to Night Class due to the work I have at the morning. So yeah, that’s all about me then.


I reached the bookshop and parked my bike at the parking zone for motorbikes. I walked around aimlessly around until I reached the bookshop. I bought some storybooks, sketchbook and some pens. Then I walked out and walked aimlessly around again. As I was really getting bored, I saw a shop, which really caught my eyes for a few seconds. I walked towards the shop as though a magic force is pulling me. I have the guts that I shouldn’t go in there but I couldn’t control myself. I stood in front of the large door of the shop and I entered it not knowing what danger it can bring. That is when the stories begin…

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