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A pool of blood lay around the frail body of Lisia, as she desperately hung on to the life she had left. Her whole body shivered with nothing but pain, as she stared aimlessly up at the moon. The sole blue moon that stared at her through the cracks that now filled the ceiling. Her breaths grew heavier with each inhale. Her mind could only think of the past for she could not bring herself to think of a future. She only heard one thing, she only felt one thing, and she only saw one thing. The only thing her mind registered was his voice, was his smile, was the fear and joy he brought her. Her mind started to make her believe that she was hearing him say her name, and smile at her. The same way he did the night it all began……

The night had started of the same as any other did with her walking home alone after work. She had worked at a sound studio not too far from her house. She had gotten used to the idea of walking home alone now. Although she did notice that the air was thicker. She barely noticed a man in a dark suit walk out from the shadows. She quickly reacted as she turned around to stare right in to his eyes. Those painful looking eyes seemed to almost stare into her soul. She was struck with so much fear she was immobilized with it. She could only watch as he took steps towards her. She screamed but the scream never left the walls of her mind. She somehow knew that he had come to kill her and that he would soon do so.

The man’s hands were covered by only red satin gloves that gently showed the slightest mark on his hands. She saw as him slide his hands in to his pockets as is taking a large object out of his pocket. As he slid the unknown object out of his pocket the light hit it, and created a blinding ray of light. Her mind felt as if it was about to explode just with the amount of terror she felt. She moved not a millimeter, as he pulled the rest of the object out of his coat. It was wrapped in a silk cloth only to expose the handle and a small glimmer of silver. He slowly held the unknown thing in front of him as if saying take it.

Lisia took it an instantly knew what the object she was holding was. She could feel her body shaking telling her the danger of the weapon. The man instructed her to take of the silk wrap. As he said she did as she was told. She took it off to revel the terrifying crystal clean knife in her hands. She was now able to move her head she looked up into those eyes witch now seemed to mock her fear, and proceeded to cry for she knew what was to become of her. He simply smiled and returned to that evil look he had worn before. “Kill yourself” His words cut through her mind as if it had struck her entire being with the need to kill herself. She could only watch as her hands griped the handle on the knife and raised it to her head. Her tears were blocking her view of the knife now. She realized that until now she had never even questioned who or what this man was. “Why does he want me to kill myself? Why doesn’t he kill me? Why this way?” Was all she could think now, and she could see nothing for her tears were in the way. The cold blade of the knife was so cold…… “Wait! What’s happening why am I not dead! Where did the knife go?!”

She was scared but she slowly decided to open her eyes. The image before here was that of the man with the terrifying eyes, but not only him a new man appeared as well. Only the new man had his hand around the evil man’s neck. The new man looked at her and gave her a smile, but for some reason it didn’t scare her. The new man threw the other in to a nearby wall. The man that had frightened her ran away as soon as he became fully awake. Somehow she was now on the ground, and just staring at the knife with a small amount of blood on it. She watched the ground as the man’s shadow got closer to her. He bent down to her, as he placed his hand on her shoulder she flinched. He felt her shaking wildly although she was not aware that she was. All she could do was nothing, but she had a moment’s thought. “What is he going to do to me? Will he be like the other man?”

She felt a small sense of pleasure, but “What is this sensation?” she thought. She looked up to find no man at all, but yet she felt as if she was being caressed by someone. She felt as if she should look down again. She slowly tried to lower her head, but was stopped for some reason. His head was there, but what was he doing she thought. She suddenly felt a hot sensation on her neck and slowly felt a sharp pain. Her head began to spin, as she felt her body slowly drain of all her energy. As she waited to hit the ground she felt a hand fall behind her head. A name felt as if had just been placed in her head by some unseen force. She lost entire feeling in her body just as she heard “Donte”.

She awoke with the sweet smell of Tiger Lilies surrounding her, as if she had been wrapped in them. Her eyelids felt heavy and she tried to open them. She fluttered her eyes open to find she was simple staring at a blue ceiling with what she thought looked like clouds on the ceiling. She could only think “Where am I?” as a shadow appeared on the wall. She couldn’t move her body, but for some reason she felt safe and not threated by this shadow. In truth she felt a warm comfort from this presence. She thought in a calm way it’s him, but it actually caught herself of guard “What did I mean it’s him?” “Who is it?” in frustration she raised her hand and placed it on her forehead. “Wait I can move?!” This came as a shock to her.

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Am I correct to assume that Lisia will deal with some issues involving the man who saved her? I also have some trouble with one paragraph in particular.

"The image before here was that of a man, but not only a new man but the old on too." Were there two men who saved Lisia or just one? It would help if you could tell me.

Other then that, I think that this novel will be quite interesting. I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Sat, July 9th, 2011 5:13am


thank you i agree on the confusion ill tell you its one man and ill try my best to straiten it out but i see your point but thanks agian

Sat, July 9th, 2011 1:11am

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