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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Titanium Chapter 10

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012





Chapter 10

Irene walked into her house all normal, her face wasn’t smiling or frowning, so Sophie had to assume that it was an okay dinner.
“How’d it go?” she asked.
Irene paused as she walked up the stairs to think, “It was fine... I’m just really tired.”
Sophie smiled at her friend's remark and she sat back down on the couch, reading a small book. Birdy walked in with her bow and arrow, but with a very suspicious face.
“What’s wrong?” Sophie asked, not bothering to look up from her book.
“Oh nothing,” Birdy faked a smile.
“Okay then,” Sophie said, not really buying both their acts.

Irene immediately went to her bathroom. She fell to the floor and threw up her expensive dinner into the toilet. The food wasn’t bad at all, it was Dylan. He had lied to her, she thought she could go out with a simple guy, who loved her, but no... he was trying to get information out of her. Yes, Irene had tried doing that to others, but not to someone she had cared about. If Dylan did love her like she loved him... he would have told her in the first place.
She was angry, but tired. She needed to think, but she needed to rest. Irene groaned and wiped up her mess in the bathroom. She grabbed a towel to wipe away incoming tears, and quickly stripped into her undergarments.
Slowly, she slipped into her bed, remembering what Rebecca had told her on her last visit. It must be true, because there was no other explanation for it.

As Sophie walked out of the house at her usual time, she realized Irene had not gotten up for breakfast. Irene was one to wake up early, and she never missed breakfast. Sophie probably thought she was out training and just lost track of the time.
She said goodbye to the maids and grabbed her brown and white splotched horse to head to town, to visit Carter. The ride was always bumpy but yet enjoyable because there was always something to see. The sky was blue, with not a speck of white in the atmosphere. She smiled and rode her horse quickly to town.

Carter was waiting by the stables where one can drop off their horse for the day. He saw Sophie come speeding in with jeans and a more girly top.

“Whoa,” he smiled and stopped the horse from running him over. Sophie jumped off immediately and kissed him. He embraced her and kissed her again.

“Good to see you,” Carter smiled, his blond hair shined from the sunlight beaming down on them.

“Good to see you too,” Sophie grinned along with him.

“So... I was wondering, if I could maybe meet your mistress. I would very much like to meet her, and take a visit at where you live. I just thought... it would get us more closer.”

“I would love to Carter, it’s just Ire-Ms. Elizabeth doesn’t like guests much unless she has a dinner with American Embassies or has family over. I will ask her about it though, because I would love to have you over for dinner,” Sophie found it hard to smile when she was lying.

“Sounds good to me,” Carter winked and held her hand as they journeyed to look at what the market was bringing from the Old World.

“Hey look,” Carter pointed out, “There’s the Marshal, let’s talk to him.”

Sophie felt a little uncomfortable but went forward with Carter.

“Good morning Marshal,” Carter shook his hand. Dylan looked awfully tired, and it did not look like he wanted to be here at all.

“What’s wrong Dylan? You look very tired,” Sophie asked concerned.

“Oh,” he tried to appear more awake, “the date was a little tiring last night.”

“Oh well hopefully you enjoyed it,” Sophie said a little quietly.

“Wait, what date?” Carter asked.

“I had a date with Sophie’s mistress,” Dylan said, not really held back.

“Oh! How’d it go? Is she very much to your liking?” Carter asked all excited.

“Let’s say, she’s a big pain in my heart, and always in my mind now,” Dylan tried to sound happy, Carter was happy for him, but Sophie saw the truth. Yes, he did tell the truth, but in the opposite it was meant, she obviously hurt him... and now he can’t get her out...

“Oh Carter, I forgot to tell you, I just came to get some bread because Ms. Elizabeth is having someone over for lunch, but I can be back by the evening if you want.”

“Great!” Carter smiled and kissed her, Dylan rose a brow in curiousity. Does she know? If she does, she’s very good at acting like she doesn’t.

Sophie went home immediately after getting a loaf of bread that she really didn’t need. She hurried up the stairs into Irene’s room. Her bed was neatly made, and everything seemed to be in order. There was no note left on her door either, which meant she didn’t want to be talked to... or she was down in the lab.

Sophie sighed and headed to the main study, which was actually the size of a decent library. There were books on almost everything that was needed to be taught or wanted to be learnt. She headed to the back and pulled out the Holy Bible. Behind it was a button in which she pressed, which led to the secret stairwell to her left.

Sophie quickly walked down and pushed the code to easily walk through the passageway. If one did not press that button and easily walked in, they would be tested on their speed, agility and wit to get past fatal incidents. This caused nobody to head down there if they weren’t allowed. The code was very complex so nobody would really know what it was unless someone told them.

Sophie walked down the long white hallway and headed past the “treasury” which contained all the gold and jewels Irene found. She found Irene in the shooting arena. It was really special because there were soundproof rooms that blocked out all conversations and actions when you were out of the room. Nobody could hear the simplest gunshot from upstairs, so nobody got too worried.

Sophie saw Irene pick up a new looking weapon, which had some sort of box in it.

“What is that?” Sophie asked.

Irene, not bothering to make eye-contact described the weapon, “Phobo sent me some new orders of weapons to try out. I subscribed a few dozen of these and a couple of new snipers. This one is a nice one, it comes with a magazine, in which the ammo is already loaded into it so instead of single-handedly putting a bullet in, you take this mag out and plug a new one in.

“The beauty thing is that if you hold the trigger down, it shoots rapidly. It’s a very handy weapon if you wanted to take out a whole group of people.”

“I see...” Sophie said as Irene fired at the targets ahead. After a few shooting rounds, Irene got tired and sat down on the shipping box the guns came in.

“Why are you down here?” Irene asked a little rudely while she was wiping the sweat off her neck.

“Oh right,” Sophie’s happy face turned a little angry, “What on earth did you do to the Marshal? Whatever you did, you hurt him! Badly!”

“I didn’t do nothing! He hurt me! I thought I could love him, I did love him! But he did leave a little note out for me to find out sooner or later!”

Sophie got a little quiet, “I don’t quite understand.”

“He’s Maroni’s son,” Irene scowled. Sophie actually widened her eyes a lot.

“But he’s nothing like Maroni. I don’t understand how they could be related!”

“Well, thats why I never suspected him in the first place. But I guess everyone has secrets, and it just sucks finding out about them.”

“You have secrets too,” Sophie reminded Irene.

“Of course I do, and so do you,” Irene grinned devilishly.

“What do you plan to do with Dylan?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing. I’m still going after his father, if Dylan happens to get in the way, his death will not be on my account.”

As soon as Sophie left for her date, Irene went to the stables to grab a horse. She decided she wanted to blend in for the night and grabbed a black stallion.

Irene quietly rode to Mr. Maroni’s house. The house was surrounded by a wall and the gate was surrounded by guards. The gate wasn’t the only way in though. Irene snuck around the side and threw a grappling hook on top, it was stuck perfectly and was good enough to support her weight.

Irene climbed up the wall, shuffling her feet as she pulled herself up. Her arms were sore as she finally made it to the top. She sighed and looked for a way down. It was a little difficult to find a way down, but she saw jumped down after no hesitation and rolled so her ankles didn’t get much of the pressure.

Irene had to be on her guard at all times, if she wasn’t cautious someone could shoot her in a second. She ran to the building and looked up at the the four level house. It was huge, well... just about the size as her own. She saw a tree right next to window, perfect.

Climbing up the tree was not as difficult as the wall, holes and bumps made it easier to escalate. She reached the top with no difficulty whatsoever and peeked through the window, hoping nobody was in there.

Mr. Maroni was in that room. It looked like a small study area, but also like... a shrine. He sat there for a while... just staring at some picture, and as soon as he put it down, he grabbed a ring out of his pocket. Irene rose a brow.

He kissed the ring and put it down on the dresser. Storming out of the room, he slammed the door. Irene quietly opened to window from the outside. She jumped right into the room, and felt warmth inside the building. Carefully, she strolled over to where the ring was. It was a magnificent ring, with diamonds in every corner. Irene had to estimate that this ring was worth more than a new house.

Footsteps echoed nearby. Irene quickly grabbed the ring, but had no time to reach for the window, so instead she hid in the closet far off in the corner. There was nothing in it, which was good because it prevented noise to happen. Irene watched through the crack inside the closet and saw that Dylan walked into the room. His shirt was off, and Irene curled her bottom lip not to say anything. He looked amazing.

Dylan looked around a bit as if he heard noise and then relaxed knowing that everything seemed ok. He, just like his father, looked at the same picture. His face was sad, and Irene actually felt bad that maybe she had caused that. He then looked at the dresser and knew something seemed to be missing: the ring.

“Dad?!” Dylan yelled. Maroni walked in pretty fast.

“Yes son?” he asked, a little annoyed.

“The ring, didn’t you say you just put it down?”

“I did why?”

“It’s not there,” Dylan said.

“What?!” Maroni looked pretty shocked.

“Somebody stole it,” Dylan said. Maroni’s face was actually getting quite red. His hot-headed temper was reaching its peak.

“Wait,” Maroni said and turned around, “This window wasn’t open.”

“Great observation,” Dylan whispered and looked out the window, “Time to search the house.”

At that, he slammed the window shut and locked it. Irene cussed in her brain because that lock would make a loud noise if she wanted to unlock it. Dylan and his father both ran out of the room desperate to find who stole the ring.

Irene quietly walked out of the closet and grabbed her pistol out, ready for anything to happen. She then walked out of the room and quickly did a three-sixty, seeing that nobody was there. She kept her gun up high and walked into the room to the right, hoping a window was open. A hand covered her mouth as soon as she walked into the room.

“I thought it was you,” Dylan whispered and locked the door.

“Mhmhmhmhmhmh,” Irene tried to speak but only muffled language was heard.

“What?” he asked. She used her other hand and gently stroked his chest, hoping to relax him so she could strike. His other hand immediately grabbed hers and he snapped it, just like that. Irene screamed in pain but it was very quiet without the soundwaves outreaching Dylan’s big hand.

She then bit his hand and he freaked out, letting her go. She then turned and pointed a pistol at him, while he pointed a .22 rifle at her head. They both stopped and looked at each other. The angry faces disappeared and they realized that they couldn’t shoot the other. Irene tossed her gun on the floor. Dylan slowly dropped his but suddenly jumped on top of her, pinning her to the floor.

He pressured her face to the carpet, so she had no strength to lift it up herself. Basically, she could not get up at all.

“Give me the ring!” he shouted.

“What’s it to you!?” She spat with her loss of breath.

“Just give it back! I know you have it! I’ll break your other arm if you don’t.” Irene struggled but it was no use.

“Just give it back please,” his yelling now became soft and desperate.

“Why?” she whispered.

“It was my mother’s. The only thing left of her existence.... I just want it back...”

Irene relaxed and took a deep breath, knowing she had made a mistake.

“I didn’t know. I thought it was Maroni’s... or I just thought it was important to him... I didn’t know it was important to you,” Irene said.

“Oh...” Dylan said, knowing he had made a mistake as well and got off of her and helped her up, “Let me fix your hand.”

Irene was a little hesitant, but realized that he couldn’t do anything worse to her wrist.

“Hang on to something, it will hurt,” he said. Irene put her left hand around his neck for support as he snapped it back into place. Irene gasped really loud and gripped the back of his neck very hard, though he didn’t budge much.

“If you ice it, it’ll get better soon,” he tried to smile.

“Well thank you Doctor,” she smiled.

There was a slight pause.

“Master Dylan,” someone at the door knocked, “Is everything ok? We heard a ruckus in here.”

Dylan gulped and looked at Irene, “Yes, everything’s fine. I just stumbled a bit.”

“Okay sir,” they replied back.

“Here,” Irene said and handed him the ring.

“Thank you,” he grabbed it and smiled.

“No problem,” she smiled, but then sighed, “I couldn’t stay mad at you...”

“Yeah, same here. I was more mad at myself for not telling you first,” he sighed back.

“Friends?” she asked and stuck her good hand out.

“Friends,” he smiled and shook it, “Do you need help getting out of here?”

Irene walked to the open window, “No, I think I’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” he smiled and started to put a shirt on.

She was about to jump out of the window, but froze, “Dylan... about last night. I didn’t mean it. I uh... lied.”

Dylan was a little shocked but before he could say something, she jumped out the window, he smiled and watched her run towards the shadows.

So he got the ring back, and the girl.

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