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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Titanium Chapter 11

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Submitted: August 06, 2012





Chapter 11

A week had passed since Irene attempted to steal Mr. Maroni’s ring, only to cause a tragic pain in her arm and a gaping hole in Dylan, but all was fixed. Today was the Boxing Championships in the more, beaten down part of the town. Irene enjoyed to watch bigger men just beat the crap out of the other, but also she learned just studying tactics on how to take down someone who was two times as big as you were.
Kazican, a big bad ass from Belgium always seemed to win every time he seemed to fight. He was bigger, stronger, and more accurate than the other men. Everybody put their bets on him, even Irene because he obviously was going to win. Everyone waited for Irene to bet first because she was the smartest at knowing who was going to win, which was always Kazi.
Except, this time was a little different.
“Who would you like to bet for? The Belgian? Or the Marshal?” The wager man asked.
“Wait what? Who is fighting Kazi?” Irene had to clean her ears out for a minute.
“The Marshal. You know, Maroni’s son!” the man said again.
“Aw hell, what has he gotten himself into?” she said aloud.
“What’ll it be?”
“300 on the Marshal,” she smiled. Yes, three-hundred was a lot. Anybody would probably fight Kazi if that money was on the line, which it now was. A lot of people gasped at who she betted for, and a lot of people were now changing their bets.

Dylan walked into the circular ring to find the crowd all rowdy and antsy to see who was going to win. Dylan wouldn’t brag that he was the best fighter in the world, but he had some skill and power in his throws. He looked up and saw Irene sitting on boxes, trying to keep her distance from everyone else. She smiled and blew him a kiss, he smirked and did a small wave. Then Kazi walked in. The crowd got silent as the big burly man with his hell of a French mustache entered the ring. Even Dylan had a small tint of fear in his eyes.
The bell rung, and the screaming started again. Irene cheered for Dylan and laughed along with Blackie, who was sitting below. Dylan immediately threw his hardest punch right into the face of Kazi. Kazi was a little stunned and stepped back at the impact. Dylan grinned. Kazi then swung high and to the left, Dylan ducked and struck at his stomach.
Dylan’s hand probably hurt more than Kazi’s stomach. His impact had rebounded only back to himself, and his hand was sore from hitting such a solid wall. So he moved to the side and just kept his hands up to block incoming strikes from the Belgian.
Instead the Belgian just decided to illegally kick Dylan right in the legs, causing him to remove his hands and Kazi struck Dylan straight in the face. Dylan fell to the floor immediately, struck by another blow to the head when Kazi kicked him again.
“Round one over!” the ref screamed. The whole crowd booed at him, but he just shook his head. There were three rounds in this boxing match, or only two if Kazi won again. In between rounds was a five to ten minute break in which the players could relax and try to cover up injuries. Carter picked up Dylan and helped him limp over to the boxer’s room. Kazi just stood there pridefully and didn’t decide to go to the box.
Irene silently walked down from the boxes she sat on and headed to sneak into boxing room. Carter wasn’t really talking to Dylan but sat him down to go change his bets. Irene held the door as Carter went storming out. She smiled and snuck in.
“Peek-a-boo,” she said. Dylan looked up, with bruises and blood all over his face, but no black eye, which was good.
“Hey,” he said and rubbed his face with a wet rag.
“Here,” Irene smiled and grabbed the rag to wash his beat-up face. She gently scraped off dirty blood and tried to stay away from the bruises.
“There,” she smiled, “all clean.”
Dylan just sighed and sat there.
“You can still win this,” she said.
“No I can’t, and you know it,” he groaned.
“Haha. What do you know about what I know?” she laughed.
“Good point,” he said and finally looked up at her, “Go ahead, hit me with advice.”
“First off, take that bloody shirt off, there’s no way you can fight in a shirt that restricts you.”
“I just think you want me to take my shirt off,” he said as he unbuttoned his plaid top.
“That’s true but... okay, secondly, I need to ask you something. Does this hurt?” She asked and suddenly smacked him across the face.
“Ow!” he yelled and touched his now red face.
“I take that as a yes,” she smiled.
“Why the hell did you slap me?” he asked, almost laughing.
“It distracted you huh?”
“Er... I guess so?”
“Okay, every once in awhile, just slap this guy in the face. It might hurt him, but most importantly, it’ll keep your wrist from hurting, and it’ll distract him so you can aim at his lower torso. Now, the last point I want to just you know, point out, is that you must aim for his left rib cage. It’s already broken and it’ll hurt even more if you just rapidly hit there.”
“Oh...” he said, “Thanks.”
“It’s my job,” she shrugged.
“Haha ok,” he smiled, “Why do you want me to win?”
“Hmm... maybe because I bidded three-hundred on you...”
“What?!” he yelled and widened his eyes.
“You heard me,” she said.
“What am I going to do with your money like that?” he asked.
“Erm... I don’t know. Take me out for dinner tonight at the Golden Farm?”
“Oh... well I wouldn’t mind at all then,” he grinned.
“Good, hopefully you’ll take my advice, because I don’t want an ugly face to appear at the dinner table.”
“Okay okay,” he smiled.
“Time for you to get out there cowboy,” she smiled and smacked his butt.
“Whoa, not so touchy,” he grinned.
“You liked it and you know it,” she smiled.
“Alright,” he smiled, “hurry before anyone sees.”
“Want me gone so soon?” she laughed, “Good luck, I love you.”
“Love you too,” he smiled and kissed her quickly. She ran out of the room and winked.

Dylan stretched his entire body as soon as he got back in the ring. Kazi just grinned, knowing he was going to win this match. Dylan held his hand up and leaned against the wooden barrier while girls touched his soft skin. Irene rolled her eyes. He smiled then headed straight towards Kazi as soon as the bell rang.
Dylan immediately slapped him across the face, and Irene was right. He looked so confused as to why he had done that, and he looked shocked, so Dylan did it again, and again. He almost laughed because it was like slapping a guy with a fish.
After repeatedly hitting him in the face, he slammed his fist down into his left ribs. Kazi gasped for air and grabbed his ribs. Dylan did it again with more force, causing him to hit the ground, and not get back up.
“Round two over!” the ref yelled and everyone cheered. Dylan rose his right fist in the air and celebrated. Carter on the side looked actually shocked and pulled him aside to talk in the room again. This time, Kazi’s manager brought him to the room too, in which the manager asked for someone to bring water, so Irene grabbed a water bucket and got to enter their private conversation.
“How could you lose a round to a Marshal?! I won’t allow you to lose this match. So, whatever you have to do, do it. Even if it involves you killing him,” he smiled and handed Kazi a knife, in which he put in his pant pockets. Irene pretended not to hear and immediately ran out to go warn Dylan, but he was already in the ring. Irene grimaced and decided to stay close to the ring if anything was to happen.
“Round three, begin!” The ref yelled again, which was getting quite annoying. Immediately Kazi brought out the razor knife. The whole crowd screamed and took a step back, because this wasn’t a friendly competition, this was like a battle to death. Dylan took a step back in shock as Kazi slashed his knife inches away from him.
Irene jumped into the ring and stood in front of Dylan. Of course Kazi knew who she was and he grinned. He attempted to slash at her head, but she ducked and swung her feet at his knees, causing him to be unbalanced. Kazi swung his arms to keep balance and succeeded. She frowned and then sucker-punched him right in the face, making him stumble. Dylan was shocked because when he tried that, the man had barely budged!

She then turned her back to him and elbowed him straight in the groin, then did a handstand on the ground, grabbing the loose knife out of his hands with her feet, and landed safely in the dirt. She picked up the knife immediately and not even bothering to turn around stabbed him in the abs. Kazi fell immediately dead.  

Dylan stood there with his mouth open in shock. Irene walked over and smiled.

“Close your mouth darling, or you’ll catch flies,” she said and put his jaw where it belonged.

“Marshal!” The Belgian manager yelled, “Arrest her! She murdered my client!”

“Excuse me!?” she yelled, but Dylan stepped in front of her.

“She was protecting me from him! Your client almost killed me!” he yelled in her defense. The manager instantly grabbed Irene and wrapped his arms around her neck, almost hard enough to choke.

Suddenly the man jumped from a sharp pain in his butt. Blackie held on until the man smacked him off him. Dylan then swung the living daylight out of him, as he hit the floor cold.

“Thanks...” she said, honestly meaning it.

“No,” he couldn’t help but smile, “thank you.”

Carter reached for the handcuffs in his back pocket, but Dylan grabbed his hand, “Let her go, she just saved my life...”

Carter nodded and walked out, a little furious.

“Well,” Irene sighed, “I’ll see you later?”

“Absolutely,” Dylan said as he grabbed his money from the ref.

Irene didn’t bother to dress up for her date really, she just wore the same outfit she did earlier. It was funny that a lot of older, richer families hated Irene, but a lot of the poorer townspeople loved her for her spirit and loyalty to the poor. So she got around real well lately.

“Glad you could make it sweetheart,” he smiled and kissed her cheek, his facial hairs tickling her skin. She giggled with delight.

“I love your laugh, it’s so cute,” he grinned.

“Good, it’s supposed to be cute,” she smirked and sat down right next to him.

“So, why here?” Dylan asked, looking at the steakhouse environment.

“You said you loved steak, so I’m paying for the best steak in town,” she said.

“Well, technically you aren’t paying-”

“Well... technically if I never talked to you, you’d either be dead... critically injured, and your face wouldn’t be as handsome as it is tonight,” she grinned.

“Hmm... true,” he said, “Well, I already spent some of it.”

“Really? On what? A nice dress for Katherine?” she asked.

“How do you know about her?” he asked.

“One, I stalk you all the time, and two, Sophie likes to talk a lot.”

“Oh... well I like the stalking part, I feel very safe with you around,” he grinned and put his arm around her shoulder.

“Good, you should.”

“I thought you didn’t think I was handsome?” he asked.

“Oh, well the light was really bad in the jail, since it was nighttime and all,” she smiled.

“You lied,” he smiled.

“Yup,” she said quickly, “yes I did...”

“Hmm... I don’t care,” he smiled and looked at her. She looked at him and smiled. He leaned in for a kiss, but she was a step ahead and pulled him straight to her lips.

He pulled her away for a quick second, “I want to ask you something.”

She kissed him again and then pulled him away, “Ask away.”

He chuckled and gently pulled her lips with his, “My dad is having a masquerade ball in two days. I would like you to come as Ms. Elizabeth if you don’t mind. I just really want to introduce you to everyone.”

“Sounds good, I guess you could pick me up at the fork in the road?” she asked and kissed his neck.

“Even better,” he smiled.

“You’re steaks,” the waiter brought them their steaks that Irene ordered before Dylan had arrived.

“That was fast,” Dylan smiled.

“Well, there’s nobody eating here,” she grinned.

“How did you plan that?” he asked curiously.

“Good timing,” she said and started to cut her steak. Once she finished, she started to pray.

“Wait,” Dylan said before she could start, “If you wouldn’t mind... I’d like to join you...”

“Oh...” she said, “Okay?”

“Dear Lord, our Father in Heaven, please watch over all we love tonight, and make sure they are in good health. Please bless this food and in your name, Amen,” she went straight to her food. Dylan didn’t eat immediately because he totally knew that that prayer was not her normal prayer, but he shrugged it off and took a bite.

“Oh Hell!” he yelled.

“What?” she asked worryingly.

“This is amazing!” he said.

“Oh, I thought it was something a little negative,” she smiled. They continued with their dinner, and Dylan decided to walk Irene to her horse.

“Oh, I forgot,” he said and grabbed a rose from his jacket, “I spent some of the money on you.”

“Aww, thank you,” she smiled and embraced him.

“No problem, and you haven’t told me how you managed to get dinner for free,” he grinned.

“Oh, I sell them my cattle, so I get a discount,” she grinned back.

“That makes sense.”

“Okay,” she whispered and got close, “I can’t wait for the ball.”

“I can’t either,” he grinned.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” she asked as she stroked his small facial hairs on his cheek.

“Of course, I can’t wait,” he smiled and kissed her, this time longer and harder.

“Feisty,” she winked.

“Just the way you like it,” he whispered.

“Good night Marshal,” she kissed his cheek and headed to her horse. Dylan helped her up, but still held her hand.

“Good night miss,” he kissed her hand.


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