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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Titanium Chapter 12

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




Chapter 12

Irene waited at the fork in the road where Dylan said he was to pick her up. She was wearing a simple black dress, it wasn’t very fancy, but she didn’t want to show she was all sophisticated and rich. It also turns out, that Sophie was also invited to the ball by Carter, so Dylan had to pick up both Sophie and Irene.
Sophie borrowed one of Irene’s simpler dresses as well, because it would be awkward if Sophie came more dressed up than her mistress. Sophie’s dress was a more cream color, which matched the mask that she wore, while Irene’s was black. She was in a black mood.
Dylan’s carriage came strolling by, and neither Sophie nor Irene said much. Even though they were friends, unfortunately they had to act servant-mistress for the night. Dylan came out of the carriage, smelling as good as always in Irene’s opinion, and was wearing a red long sleeve and formal black vest, with some nice black dress pants to go along with it. His mask was also red.
“Evening,” he smiled.
“Marshal,” Sophie curtsied.
“Howdy,” Irene smiled, attempting a southern accent.
“Now, if I recall, Lizzie, that you are supposed to perfect a British accent ain’t ya?” Dylan asked.
“Lizzie?” Irene asked.
“Well, your name is Elizabeth and all, but I think Lizzie fits you better, and I just want me to call you that. You know, like nicknames?” He cleared his throat.
“Um.... okay, then what’s your little nickname?” Irene crossed her arms. Sophie looked insanely bored.
“Well, you can call me Dylan.”
“I already do that though,” Irene rolled her eyes.
“Well then... everybody else calls me Marshal, I find it only fair you call me Dylan,” he grinned, “My, my, it’s rather chilly outside, you can enter my carriage now.”
Irene let Sophie go in first, then Dylan helped Irene up and held her hand. The ride was rather bumpy, and quiet. Dylan mostly stared at Irene, while Irene stared at Sophie, while Sophie stared out the window. Irene then looked back at Dylan, and he had the biggest smile on his face. Irene liked it when he smiled, because it meant he was happy, and all she wanted was for him to be happy.
“So, will Katherine be there?” Sophie finally spoke.
“I certainly think so,” Dylan said, “So maybe you guys could talk.”
“Good, I like Katherine,” Sophie smiled.
Irene rolled her eyes, and Dylan noticed.
“What?” he mouthed to her. She mouthed back with “nothing”. He smiled again, knowing she was lying, and Irene couldn’t help but sneak a small grin in.
“We’re here,” Dylan said and opened the door open to help the ladies out. Irene could hear everyone was having a good time, there was sweet music playing, and people were talking and laughing. She didn’t think it would be so bad after all.
Dylan gripped Irene’s hand as they walked towards the front entrance, Irene clenched that hand, signaling that she loved him. He might not have gotten the message she was trying to send, but he could’ve thought of something close because he kissed her cheek.
“Hey Dylan,” Carter ran over, “Is this Elizabeth the Fourth?”
“It is,” he smiled, “Lizzie, this is Carter. I assume you’ve heard a lot about him from Sophie.”
“Pleasure to meet you,” Irene, or Lizzie, bowed and pulled off her old English accent.
“Sophie!” Carter smiled and kissed her on the lips, “You look dazzling!”
“Thank you Carter,” she smiled and hugged him.
“Now, if you ladies don’t mind, can I have a quick word with the Marshal?”
“Sure thing,” Irene smiled and grabbed Sophie’s arm to head inside the building.
Carter waited for the ladies to be out of sight, “How the hell did you afford her!?”
Dylan laughed in confusion, “What do you mean?”
“How much did you have to pay to get her? You know, she’s rich, and she must’ve made a deal with you that you pay her so she could go out with you.”
“I didn’t pay her at all, maybe for her dinner. This isn’t a prostitution deal...” Dylan said.
“Then how did you get such a lovely specimen?!”
“First off, she’s my girl. You keep your eyes on yours,” he grinned, “Second, I used charm, and she seemed to fall for it.”
“Charm... maybe I should use that next time,” Carter suggested.
“Why? You already have a girl,” Dylan smiled.
“Well, I don’t know. Sophie said Ms. Elizabeth likes to move around, and I would hate it for Sophie to move with her.”
“Then marry her before it happens,” Dylan winked.
“Alright, alright, let’s go join our dates.”

After an hour of the beginning of the party, Irene was already having a good time meeting some new people, getting along with more girls, discussing men and clothing. Irene felt as if she fit in.
“Would you care to dance Dylan?” Irene came over and asked, hoping she would get to dance at least once.
“Eh, I’m not a really good dancer, and I don’t dance in public,” he said and sipped his wine.
“Suit yourself,” she shrugged, “you’ll miss out then.”
At this moment a younger gentleman with his longer brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, arrived next to her, “Care to dance darling?”
“I wouldn’t mind at all,” she smiled and winked at Dylan. Dylan sighed as he watched another gentleman dance with his girl. Dylan just didn’t like dancing in public, maybe because he has to stare at the girl he’s dancing with. If he had to stare at Irene, he’d have the temptation to kiss her.
The song was over quickly and Dylan rushed to Irene, “I’ll take over for now.”
“Okay,” the younger man said and left to find another dance partner.
“Well, I didn’t think you’d actually do that,” Irene said.
“I was hoping that other men wouldn’t notice you were available for a dance, but I realized these guys are all over you,” he smiled and looked over at a group of men who were staring at Irene, “Plus, they are starting to make a line on who will dance with you next.”
“Well, with my permission, you are allowed to cut the line anytime you want,” she got in the dancing stance as soon as the music started. Dylan did the same, and they slowly waltzed together.
“I think I already cut the line,” he grinned.
“Good! Because it’s a long wait,” she smiled.
“God, you are so amazing,” he grinned some more and pulled her closer to him.
“I know, I know,” she said jokingly.
“I’m not kidding. You are the most beautiful, special, amazing woman, I have ever had to meet; and I’m glad I got to take her to the ball.”
“How much did this ball cost anyways?” she asked him.
“Around a hundred for an invitation. His balls are more for fundraisers really, they are rather expensive. That’s why you don’t see many poorer people here. Don’t worry though, I got you and Sophie in for free.”
“Oh, I see I’m free now,” she smiled.
“Haha sure,” Dylan chuckled, “he wanted to meet you.”
“He as in... your dad?”
“Yeah,” Dylan lowered his voice, “Don’t worry though, if he wants to talk to you, I’ll be sure I get to talk to him too. I won’t let you go in a room to talk to him alone, it’s too dangerous.”
“Well, thank you for your concern,” she cracked a small smile.
“No problem,” he grinned and kissed her.

Katherine watched from a distance with her friends.
“She really is pretty though,” Lily said.
“I don’t know... there’s something off about her,” Katherine said.
“What do you mean?” Marie asked.
“I’m not sure yet, but I’m going to find out,” Katherine grinned.
“I just think you’re jealous she’s with Dylan. He is the most attractive man in this entire house, and he happens to pick some rich British Embassy,” Lily acknowledged, “You’re just jealous.”
“So what if I am? I arrive from France a couple of months ago, and it’s like he doesn’t even care about me anymore. Then this girl shows up and his whole world is based around her.”
“Don’t worry Kat, I’m sure that once his job here gets more dangerous, he’ll have to focus on that more. I mean, I heard that Ms. Dawes is becoming more dangerous by the minute. If his job gets worse, he might have to give her up, then you can have a chance with him.”
“Yeah, well I hope that Ms. Dawes will steal from Ms. Elizabeth next,” Kat sneered and sipped wine.
“Oh don’t be fresh Kat,” Marie said, “If she was to steal from her, that would mean Dylan would have to go to her house anyways to investigate... I don’t think you’d want that.”
“Ah, she seems to be heading for the loo, I guess this is my time to talk to her,” Katherine put her drink down on a table and walked over.

“Ms. Elizabeth, if I ain’t wrong?” Katherine asked.
“Oh,” Irene smiled, “You must be Katherine! Dylan talks so much about you!”
“Does he? That’s funny because he never talks about you,” Katherine crossed her arms.
“Hehe you’re funny,” Irene giggled.
“Soo.... have you slept with him yet?” Katherine asked out of the blue.
“What?” Irene asked, a little confused.
“I asked if you-”
“No, I haven’t. How very awkward for you to ask...”
“Well, I was just wondering,” Katherine shrugged.
“Why? Have you slept with him?” Irene laughed, “Or is it that you want to sleep with him?”
Katherine slapped her across the face.
“That... was a huge mistake miss,” Irene rubbed her face.
“Oh yeah? Take back what you said then.”
“Not until you do the same,” Irene smiled.
“I’m not planning on it,” she grinned and started to slap at Irene again. Irene pushed her hand away and used her other hand to punch Katherine in the face. She went flying back from recoil, and was quite shocked.
“You punch like a man!” Katherine observed.
“Oh. Is that a compliment or an insult, because I can’t really tell,” Irene grinned and walked out the door. As soon as she reached the ballroom, Katherine jumped her and pinned her to the ground. Everyone stopped dancing and chatting to see what to comotion was.
“Help?” Irene mouthed to Dylan. He stood there wondering why she wasn’t fighting back, but then realized that she had to keep her cover. Irene knocked Katherine off of her and then shoved her into the food table. A bowl of punch pour all over Katherines nice and clean white dress, well, it wasn’t clean anymore.
Dylan pulled Irene away. Her hair was a mess, and she didn’t look happy at all. Suddenly Katherine came running with a big bowl of soup and poured it all over Irene with satisfaction. Irene and Dylan’s face were horrified.
Carter then pulled Katherine away from them both, and Mr. Maroni took charge.
“Ladies, this is a party. Do we really have to fight?”
“Dad, Lizzie was just trying to defend herself,” Dylan said and grabbed Irene who was covered in green soup.
“Dylan, if you could help Ms. Elizabeth to get clean, I’ll talk to Katherine about this mess. Then when she’s all clean I’d like to talk to her.”
“Yes father,” Dylan said and started to pull Irene out of the room.
Once there was nobody in sight, and nobody to hear their conversation, Dylan kissed her.
“Are you alright?” he asked, touching her sticky hair.
“Well, I think the worst part was the soup.”
“Here, let me take you upstairs and you can use my shower,” Dylan suggested and led her up the stairs.
“I’ll find something that maybe you could wear instead of that dress, maybe a simple nightgown or something...” he said and left the room. Irene took her shower and made sure she clean every inch of her, when she got out, she found Dylan with a plain nightgown like he said, but it wasn’t too bad. She could go out in public with it.
“Here, I’ll take your towel,” he said, “I promise I won’t look.”
“You better promise,” she grinned. He took the towel back to his bathroom and placed it somewhere where it could dry.
“You dress fast,” Dylan noticed.
“I do,” she smiled, “How does my hair look?”
“Wet... but better than it did before you took a shower.”
“Okay good,” she sighed.
“What the hell did you even say to her?”
“Well, she asked if I had slept with you,” Irene smiled.
“Why would she ask that?” Dylan asked.
“How should I know that? You know her better than me. I was a little surprised that she asked that, because we obviously have not slept together.”
Awkward pause.
“Well yeah, it’s just weird for her to ask that. I mean, yeah I haven’t even thought about sleeping with you,” he rubbed his neck.
“Uh huh, sure. You’re a guy, all guys think about it.”
“No, I’m a gentleman, and gentleman don’t think of those things...” he said, “Anyways, we should talk to my dad...”

They walked down to the study where Mr. Maroni was. Katherine just walked out of the door, looking mad.
Mr. Maroni walked out wearing a suit. His greyish hair shined with the chandelier above, and his smile looked fool proof.
“I’d like to speak to you Miss,” he said.
“If you don’t mind Mister Maroni, I would like Dylan to come with me. If you don’t mind,” she said and grabbed his hand.
“I’m sorry, but I must speak with you privately...”
“Alright...” she sighed and followed Maroni in. Dylan was sweating in his hands a little, and his stomach was full of knots.
“Now Ms. Dawes... how about we speak in a different tongue so our little eavesdropper doesn’t hear?” he asked and sat down at his desk, “Tea?”
“How’d you know?” she asked, “and yes, tea please.”
“It’s very obvious... does Dylan know?” he lighted a cigar after he poured her a cup.
Irene thought for a moment, “No, he doesn’t.”
“How devastating... you make me feel bad for my son,” he grinned, “Je veux faire une bonne affaire avec vous.”
“Bon ... De quoi ça parle alors?” Irene asked.
“Si ... vous voulez une table rase ... et peut-être nous pourrions peut-être pardonner le passé, si vous coucher avec moi ... Je suis sûr que tout cela pourrait être sécurisé,” he grinned.
“Je ne voudrais pas blesser Dylan comme ça,” Irene sneered.
“He doesn’t have to know,” he blew a ring of smoke.
“You’re a sick man,” Irene said, without hesitation.
“So I take that as a no?” Maroni smiled.
“A definite no,” Irene got out of her seat and grabbed the tea.
“That’s too bad,” Maroni smiled, “enjoy your tea.
She sipped it all down and smashed the cup on the ground, “I will. Have a nice night.”

Dylan was relieved that she came out okay. She came out a little dizzy and looked confused. He smiled and walked over to talk to her, but she suddenly started coughing: coughing blood. Dylan freaked out and ran to her, but she already collapsed.
He checked her pulse, and it was rapid, and getting faster.
“Someone call a doctor!” he yelled.


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