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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Titanium Chapter 13

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




Chapter 13

Dylan paced anxiously back and forth on the second floor. Irene’s collapse was shocking to him, and he was so worried. The good thing was that the doctor was there and he immediately took action. Now all Dylan did was wait for the doctor to come out and explain. She seemed so normal when she talked to his dad, and the conversation was really short.
The door rushed open and out walked the doctor.
“What’s wrong?” Dylan quickly ran to him.
“Well...” the doctor rubbed his neck, “this is really confusing. It seems as if she has been poisoned, and a deadly poison. The only thing is, she isn’t dead, which is very strange. She only has some of the symptoms and she should’ve died of lung collapse about an hour ago.”
All this was very shocking news to Dylan. For one: who would want to poison her and two: how is she still alive.
“So... you think she’ll be ok?” Dylan asked.
“I dear hope so. She should wake up by morning, since the poison has been settled down, but, if she doesn’t. I’m afraid she might not wake up.”
“Is everything ok?” Mr. Maroni suddenly came out of his room and looked curious in his nightgowns.
“Yes,” Dylan tried to keep his cool, “The poison didn’t kill her. I think all she needs is a good rest.”
His father’s face didn’t really move. His poker face covered his anger and disappointment, but he decided to go with a more expressionless face.
“Well, don’t have her stay here,” his dad commanded.
“I can’t do that.”
“She’ll sue us!” he yelled, hoping to lie his way into not having Dylan find out.
“Did you have something to do with the poison then!? If we show hospitality to her, maybe she’ll think twice about suing; and she won’t be suing us, she’d be suing you.”
“Fine, son you have a point, I see how much you care for her, even if she is a cri-”
“Everything alright?” Sophie asked and gripped Dylan’s muscular arm.
“Yes Sophie, why don’t you go in and check on her? I’ll be there in a few seconds.”
Sophie nodded and went to Dylan’s room where Irene was. Dylan looked up to see his father a little furious, but trying to keep his cool.
“We’ll talk later,” Dylan said and went into his room.
Dylan walked in to find Irene’s head burning with heat and sweating water like a leak in a water tower. Dylan took a huge deep breath just to calm down. At least she was alive, that was the good part.

“I’m going to get some water for you,” Dylan whispered and kissed her forehead.  Sophie just sat there moving her hands around anxiously.

“Love you,” he smiled.


Irene’s eyes fluttered open to find herself in a familiar room: Dylan’s. Her head felt extremely heavy, and she felt wet as if she took a shower. She couldn’t physically move her body around, but her eyes seemed to move fine. She found Dylan sleeping on his bed next to her, just not under the covers. She stared at him for a long time. It was akward watching him sleep, but she didn’t really care, she just wanted him to wake up, in which he did.

He actually looked shocked to see her awake. Irene thought he just stared at her for a minute just to see if he was dreaming. He sighed from relief and got out of bed to help her on the other side. He had dark rings around his eyes, and he looked miserable.

“Didn’t sleep much?” she asked.

“Couldn’t. I had nightmares,” he sighed.

“Oh. Well they aren’t real, so there’s nothing to worry about,” Irene tried to smile.

“I was just afraid they’d come true,” he said and wrapped his arms around her and sat at the edge of the bed.

“They didn’t,” she smiled again.

“Well, are you ok? Does anything hurt?” he asked.

“My head feels heavy,” she rubbed his cheek and explained.

“Oh,” Dylan got up real quick and grabbed a glass full of a brown liquid, “the doctor told me to give you this if you woke up.”

Irene stared at the glass and adjusted her jaw. She really didn’t feel like drinking something she didn’t make herself. Dylan seemed to notice her hesitation and stared at the drink.

“I swear there is no poison in here,” he said, “If you want I’ll drink some of it first.”

“No. I don’t know what it would do to you,” she smiled and drank the liquid. It didn’t have a very delicious taste.

“Taste bad?” he asked, and she nodded back.

“That tasted like sh-”

“Irene!” Sophie smiled, “You’re awake.”

“Yes,” she faked a huge smile, “I am!”

“Haha and you’re cranky,” Dylan put his hand underneath her chin.

“Well if you ever get poisoned and have to wake up feeling like poo, you will wake up cranky,” she grunted.

“I shall hope I will never get poisoned, because obviously my body isn’t trained for it like yours is.”

“Is being trained against poison a compliment?” Irene asked Sophie. Sophie just shrugged.

“Well, atleast you’re alive,” he smiled, grabbed her, and kissed her cheek. She couldn’t help but blush.

“Oof! I think you need a shower,” he jokingly grinned and moved his head away from her.

“Hmm. I think you are correct,” she smiled and with some help got out of the bed with balance. Dylan then suddenly picked her up, and she gasped in surprise while he smiled.

“You know, you won’t be able to carry me when I’m the shower,” she smirked.

“Obviously, I’m just carrying you to the shower,” he jokingly scoffed and headed into his master bathroom. It was quite big for one person, there was a bath and a shower, and a couple of sinks and mirrors, and of course a toilet.

“Dainty little loo,” Irene commented.

“It is, just too big for one person,” he said and put her down gently. She stood up straight as he held her hands to help her balance.

“I think I’ll be fine from here really,” she smiled and turned to face him.

“Ok,” he smiled back, “Do you want anything while I get you some clothes, again?”

“Maybe some water, that would be nice,” she shrugged.

“Mhm,” he smiled and hugged her. She gripped him tight and he could feel her smile against his neck. Then he let go, and left Irene alone in the bathroom only with her thoughts.

Dylan slowly walked, trying to keep away from his father, and he also called the water boy Charlie to go get Irene/Lizzie some water. He walked in the maids headquarters, hoping one of them would have a spare outfit or dress that Irene could borrow.

“Knock knock,” Dylan said as he walked in to find all the maids relaxing.

“Oh is she-”

“She’s fine Gretel,” he smiled, “I was just hoping one of you might have a spare outfit possibly in her size?”

“I’m afraid none of us do,” she shrugged. Dylan sighed, thanked the ladies and headed back upstairs. He overheard his father talking with someone... well.. he wasn’t really talking, more of yelling.

“What the hell! She wasn’t supposed to wake up! She ain’t even supposed to be alive! You told me this poison would kill her!”

“Sir...” a meek voice said quietly, “I had no idea her body was trained to reject poison. How was I supposed to know?”

“Well doctor... I can’t yell at you for not knowing... but the only stupid thing was telling Dylan that it was poison. You could’ve made up something, ‘cause now he thinks I poisoned her!”

“But sir... you did poison her...” the doctor said quietly.

“Well! Do you think I want Dylan to know that!? No! Now get out!” Maroni commanded. Dylan hid behind the open door as the doctor walked out. Maroni closed it, and Dylan clenched his fist, waiting to strike his father in the face. He tries to murder his girl, then tries to cover it up with a lie, but accidentally failing at it. The other question was... why?

“Now’s not the time,” a familiar voice whispered in his ear, and she touched he clenched fist.

“I just want to beat up that ugly face of his, and rip his heart out,” Dylan muttered.

“Don’t...” she stroked his face, “for me, please. His security would be all over you...”

“I could do it, then we run out, just you and I,” he turned and looked at her.

“First off, I can’t run, and second, they’d be all over Sophie and Carter... just relax okay?”

“I can’t it’s just, he hurt you, and then he just thinks he can-” he was interrupted by a long smooch from Irene.

“I see you’re already smooching,” Mr. Maroni walked out and put his cowboy hat on, “Ms. Elizabeth.” He acknowledged her, while she just stared at him like she didn’t know a thing.

“Well...” Dylan blew out a long breath, “that was embarrassing.”

“What? Kissing me?”

“No, when he came out, I was kind of touching your ass...... I mean butt,” he laughed nervously.

“I hardly noticed really,” she shrugged and decided to look over the balcony down on the first floor.

“Does my dad know?”

“Know what?” she asked stupidly. He just gave her a look of ‘really?’

“Oh, no he doesn’t,” she lied and moved her eyes away from him, “and you have to pretend like you don’t know. You know, just in case.”

“No problem. I understand,” he said and touched her hand on the railing, “How’d you get a dress?”

“Oh, Sophie found one,” Irene shrugged.

“Oh,” Dylan thought it was odd, because he didn’t find any.

“Why do you think he poisoned you?” he asked.

Irene cussed in her mind, she didn’t think about that question. She hadn’t come up with an answer.

“I don’t really know, we didn’t talk much.”

“What did ya’ll talk about anyways?”

“Oh... stuff,” she said.

“Stuff.... ok,” he sighed.

“It’s not really important, and my head hurts,” she double lied.

“Ok,” he smiled and kissed her forehead, “Get better then.”

“At your command Marshall,” she smiled back but frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not really feeling good actually,” she said, actually telling the truth.

“Really?” he asked all freak out and held her close.

“I think I need to head home, now.”

“Okay, want me to ride you home?”

“Call a carriage.”

“When will I see you again?”

“Hopefully soon,” she shrugged.

“I love you, and I will see you soon,” he kissed her and left running down the stairs. Irene neither grinned from deceiving him, nor frowned because she wouldn’t see him for several weeks.

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