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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Titanium: Chapter 16

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012




Chapter 16

Irene woke up in a bright place. It was so bright, that everything around here seemed white, like snow. She suddenly realized she was dreaming, and that this wasn’t real. Dylan suddenly appeared, and he was laughing.
“This is so weird,” he smiled, “I feel like I’m floating.”
“Is this a dream?” Irene asked. He shrugged and hugged her.
“Since I didn’t get to touch you a couple of hours ago, I think I’ll just hug you for an eternity.”
“So this isn’t a dream?” she asked, the right side of her face pressed against his chest.
“I’m not sure what it is,” he sighed, “but I like it.”
“I like it too.”
“Eh, I love you more than I like this though,” he grinned.
“Well that’s good,” she grinned back, “because if you loved a weird dream more than me, you can start kissing the dream.”
“That... was weird what you said. You’re speaking nonsense,” he smiled and kissed her hard.
“You’re making me speak nonsense,” she whispered and kissed him harder than he kissed. He put his arms around her waist and squeezed her hard as he kissed.
“You’re suffocating me,” she said out of breath.
“Oh,” he blushed from embarrassment, “sorry.”
“It’s ok-”

Irene fluttered her eyes open. “Was that real?” she thought to herself. She recalled everything, and isn’t it strange if one has a dream and remembers everything? Irene figured she just liked the dream she just remembered it.
Irene felt something tight on her leg... was that rope?
She was right.
It was rope.
Irene was suddenly being dragged on the hard rock out of her teepee. She yelled for Birdy, and her friend immediately awoke to find her being dragged by a horse at full speed. BlueBird grabbed her arrows and began shooting. One scraped the rope, but missed a few inches and didn’t cut through.
Irene heard Indian screams and yells as she was being dragged. Obviously this was an ambush, and obviously the enemies knew who she was. Irene figured if she could flip herself onto her back she could possibly get herself out. She twisted her right shoulder-blade then twisted to her right, doing an one-eighty, in which she successfully was being dragged on her back.
Her eyes widened as soon as she saw the trap that was set up: spears pointed at her. She had to get out of there fast. Immediately someone ran and cut the rope, two inches from the spears. Irene took a huge breath of relief.
“Get down!” her rescuer yelled and got on top of her. Irene looked and saw the smiling face she loved. Dylan.
“We need to get out of firing range...” he said and started crawling behind a wall that was set up by friendlies. Irene followed him and he immediately picked her up, and started brushing the dirt of her jeans.
“There’s not really a use in doing that,” she said, “I’m going to get dirty.”
“You you ain’t,” he said harshly, “I’m getting you out of here.”
“I can’t just leave them!”
“Irene, they tried to hurt you, and they almost killed me!”
“I can’t abandon anyone, it’s my time to become a good person,” she said. Dylan actually thought about what she said. He found her speech a good thought, because she’s actually starting to figure out how to beat evil: you beat it with good.
“Alright, how can I help?” he asked rubbing some dirt off his bare chest.
“You get out of here,” she sighed and started to load her pistols.
“No, no way,” he grabbed her arm, “I am not leaving you here.
“You are, and you will,” she looked at him in the eyes.
“I’m not going to leave you, you can’t force me.”
“If you want to help me, then do as I tell you,” she commanded him and kissed him.
He sighed loudly then kissed her back, “Fine.” He then whistled for his horse, which quickly ran to him through the arrow-fight. Dylan climbed on it’s saddle, put his hat on his head, and grabbed his rifle hidden in the saddle.
“I had a dream about you by the way,” he smiled and quickly sped away on his black stallion. Irene sighed of relief again good, now that’s out of my way. Irene then quickly ran towards her horse and found all her weapons all in tact. A smile appeared on her face as she grabbed the little repeater gun. She loaded a twenty-bullet magazine and started firing at the incoming Indians.
One would think of it to be hard to figure out which Indians were on your side, or an enemy, but it was simple because the enemies happened to wear war paint. Irene pulled the trigger on one, then another, then another, until most of Indians stopped coming after her. She grabbed her horses reins then went up on a small plateau to get a more accurate shot with her rifles.
A arrow sped her way, and she immediately hit the floor to escape the weapon. With rifle in hand, she shot at an Indian on a horse, who was coming after Tree. The man fell off right in front of Tree, and he looked up and smiled at her. At the distance she saw Dylan riding away, and three unfriendly Indians behind him. Dylan stopped his horse.
What the heck is he doing?!
Irene examined closely through a small scope that Phobos made that Dylan was talking to them, and they nodded. Obviously these men knew Dylan, or they knew his father. That was it! Obviously Maroni thought Irene had kidnapped his son, and sent his fellow indians after her. Maroni didn’t know the Tomoha’s were supposed to be extinct, dead. Well, this is going to be a little surprise.
“Irene!” Birdy yelled. Irene turned to find and Indian behind her, he was covered in blood, and he seemed a little bloodthirsty. He pulled out a knife that was actually stabbed in his abdomen and Irene actually widened her eyes. This man actually grabbed a knife from his own stomach and thought he could just kill her. She immediately shot him before he could swing at her, and the man’s body spiraled backwards from recoil, and the blood splattered on her face.
“Damn,” she said, with her eyes still closed, “I didn’t think that would happen.” She wiped the blood off her eyes with her white button-up shirt. Birdy came over and had a huge grin on her face.
“Oh shut it...” Irene said, and started to reload her rifle with four more bullets.
“Heads up!” Irene yelled and knocked Birdy to the ground. Three arrows barely hit Irene’s head as she pushed her down. Irene then grabbed a pistol from her belt and shot the two Indians who attacked her. Birdy had a shocked face after being thrust to the ground and seconds after seeing Irene shoot two men without even aiming.
“Y-you saved my life...” Birdy whispered.
Irene looked at her kind of shocked, “I save people I care about.”
Birdy smiled and was pulled up by Irene’s firm grip and pull. She and Birdy surveillanced the surrounding areas and found no more Indians in sight.
“No! Noo!” Tree said and ran up the hill.
“What?!” Irene yelled.
“Damnit, their chief got away,” Tree sighed and kicked a rock.
“And why is that important?” Irene looked at Birdy.
“If we kill their chief, it means total victory.”
Irene looked up and saw the chief and four others in the distance riding away. Irene went to her horse and grabbed a long, slim rifle. One that Birdy had never seen Irene have.
Irene pulled it to her shoulder and started to aim at the chief who was moving farther each second.
“Irene, he’s about five-hundred yards from here, there’s no on earth that-” Bang. Irene had a smile of accomplishment and put the rifle back in her saddle. All the Tomoha’s who saw that happen were speechless and had their jaws open.
“What?” she asked.
“Irene, that was amazing...” Tree said.
“I guess,” she shrugged and walked away towards where Sophie was.
“Sophie, what’s up?” she asked.
“Irene... is that your blood?” Sophie asked a little scared.
Irene looked down at her shirt and forgot of the blood stains, “This? No, I accidently shot a guy too close.”
“Oh, Chief got shot.”
“What!? Nobody told me!” Irene said and ran inside the tent. She found the Chief on the floor, next to his wife who was balling her eyes out.  Irene got on her knees out of respect and looked him in the eyes.
“Irene....” he started coughing, “You must lead my people.”
“Me? But I don’t even know how-” her speech was ended by the loss of breath in the chief. He was dead, and he made her chief. Irene’s head was light as she walked out of the teepee. All the living Indians stood there in curiosity, as to what happened to their leader.
“He made me chief...” she whispered.
“What?” Tree asked, not hearing quite clearly.
“I said, ‘he made me chief’.”
“Are you joking?!” he asked her.
“No, but Tree, I’m making you chief. There’s no way I can lead these people. I can’t even speak their language! How can I lead them if I can’t speak to them.”
“Irene, you can’t make me chief. I can teach you, there is many to learn, but you are the best leader for us. Here, Nayati, our strongest warrior, he knows English, and can teach you the ways of the Tomohaw. Plus you have BlueBird to help you.”
Irene took a good look at Nayati. He was buff, strong, and tall. He had blood on his chest, but his face was full of pride. His young face smiled, and it was a cute smiled. Irene slightly smiled back.
“Okay, Tree. Tell them we need to move. It’s not safe here,” she commanded him.
“Where are we going to move?”
“My place of course.”

Irene sat on the edge of the plateau she was shooting on several hours ago. The natives were almost done packing, and she decided to relax. She was holding a small flower in her hand and started twirling it around.  She smiled, because she was thinking of Dylan, and how much she missed him right now. She hoped he was ok.
Irene turned as soon as she heard that voice, “You complete dumbass!”
He started laughing, “What did you call me?”
“A dumbass!”
“Funny, I don’t recall me being dumb,” Dylan grinned and kissed her.
“You didn’t follow my orders. I told you to leave.”
“But you didn’t say I couldn’t come back,” he grinned, she couldn’t help but smile, “I should probably leave... I might get arrested again.”
“Nah,” she smiled, “they made me their chief.”
“Wow... one day and they decide to put you in charge... remarkable. By the way, you have blood on your shirt,” he grinned.
“Oh really? I didn’t notice.”
“I’ll talk to you soon?” he whispered in her ear and played around with her curly hair.
“As soon as we all get settled, I bet you can see me tomorrow,” she smiled.
“Goodbye Irene,” he whispered and decided to kiss her gently.
“Goodbye. Dumbass,” she kissed him back and he hugged her.
“I am a dumbass, I’m in love with a criminal,” he smiled.

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