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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Titanium: Chapter 18

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012




Chapter 18

Dylan shivered in his military uniform Barry insisted he wear for this battle. The cold attacked Dylan ferociously as the wind blew. His mind distant as he thought of Irene, how he longed for her to come shortly because time was running out and he would have to leave in few short minutes. Katherine, who was wearing an elegant gold dress walked by and gave him a hug of reassurance and gave him luck.
Carter walked by and shrugged him off, still mad that Dylan couldn’t do anything to help be the actual Sheriff and not the Deputy. Sophie had already walked by and gave him a smooch, which filled Dylan with rage and jealousy that Irene wasn’t here yet. He wasn’t mad at Irene though, his feelings were just unexplainable and he according to many of the forms of the police Barry hired, they told him he was having small mood swings which Dylan could not explain either.
Finally Irene, who was dressed as Elizabeth, quickly hurried to Dylan and jumped into his arms, squealing. Her hair was up, in a messy way, but it looked good on her. She wore a blue and red plaid top and some jeans, which didn’t make her look like a British Embassy at all and more like a commoner.
“I thought you wouldn’t make it,” Dylan said hugging her while lifting her off the ground, smiling.
“I had a little hold up,” she smiled, fixing that one curly part of her night-colored hair that never seemed to be in place. Dylan put her down gently and held her hands, just full of joy.
“What was to hold up darling?” he asked.
“Tayati, or well, an Indian in the tribe was fighting with Birdy. It was a real mess,” Irene scoffed, not at Dylan, but the troublemakers.
“Oh,” Dylan sounded a little shocked, “as in verbally or physically?”
“Both,” Irene sighed and hugged Dylan hard. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gently rubbed her back.
“Be safe, please,” she commanded in a whisper so soft, but yet so lovely and messed up the back of his hair that wasn’t gelled.
“I will,” he promised, “I will come back for you, and when I do we are going to have a lovely dinner. No interruptions, no time limit, only our love and just some nice food,” he smiled and rubbed her shoulders, “It should be great.”
“I’m just saying, be safe. These people you’re going up against will play dirty. You need to think outside the box-”
“Dylan,” Barry ran over quickly, “five minutes!”
“Okay,” Dylan said quickly and looked back at Irene’s gorgeous face, not bothering to notice Barry staring directly at her, watching.
“You need to go soon,” Irene said again quietly.
“I know, but I don’t want to,” he smiled and put his head against hers, their noses bumping and lips barely touching.
“Promise me Irene,” he said closing his eyes, slowly moving his nose around trying to kiss her, “that you will not come with us. Stay here.”
“I promise,” she said, closing her eyes at the touch of his prickly facial hair.
“Good,” she could feel him smile as he kissed her gently. Her arms were sliding up his chest like a snake and she was ready to smother her prey. He kissed her for a long time until he had to go, Irene pulled him back and kissed him again, knowing that she may never see Dylan again, but obviously had faith in him.
“Gotta go,” he said quickly and started to walk away. Irene grabbed his hand of out fear, and he turned around looking worried.
She rushed to his arms once more quickly and had a quick embrace, “I love you Dylan.”
He put his head around hers and whispered into her ear “I love you more Irene. I would die for you.”
“Please don’t die today then,” she squeezed him hard.
“I promise, I already promised.”
“Okay,” Irene sighed, trying to get a hold of herself, “Nice navy and gold uniform by the way.”
“Oh thanks, it’s a little tight though,” he smiled.
“That’s fine, it clearly exposes your muscles and bulkiness,” she smiled.
“Which I bet you like,” he smiled, kissed her cheek and left, leaving Irene all alone in the cold.

Dylan and his group of men rode out into the grassy plains, the cold wind blowing in their faces and the adrenaline pumping through everyone’s veins. They were supposed to meet these Spanish warriors at the Valley of Tomoha, which was only twenty miles away.

Dylan didn’t understand why there were Spaniards in Minnesota or why they had to fight them, all he knew was that he would do it so he could head back to Irene. Every kiss was a poison, or a drug to him. He couldn’t have enough and he was insanely addicted to her love. He couldn’t have enough of her, and he needed to be with her always, and the thought of losing her frightened him dearly.

“So... are you and that British Embassy dating?” Barry asked, riding up close to Dylan so they could talk.

“Obviously,” Dylan grunted.

“Oh, well, she is rather beautiful,” Dylan could see him smile.

“Where are you getting at?” Dylan asked, really annoyed.

“Well, if you guys ever split, I’d like to have a slice of that yummy pie,” he laughed. Dylan gripped his horse's’ reins so tightly his hand turned purple. He was already disliking this new sheriff.

“We aren’t ever going to split,” Dylan said, as calmly as he could.

“Really? I didn’t see a ring on her finger. Have you already proposed?” he asked, very interested in Dylan’s love life.

“No, well... I was thinking about it, but I’m worried she’ll want to slow down and reject me.”

“Ah, so you’re afraid she doesn’t love you?” Barry smiled.

“I didn’t say that,” Dylan almost shouted, “I know she loves me, if she didn’t she wouldn’t be with me.”

“Let alone make out with you,” Barry finished his sentence.

“Elizabeth is too formal to make out with me, in public,” Dylan said.

“Really? I just you two about half-an-hour ago going all at it. It was beautiful artwork on her part.”

“You’re sick,” Dylan said, realizing where he was getting at.

“So... have you?” Barry asked, knowing Dylan had the same thought he had in his head.

“No, I’m not sick like you.”

“But that’s all part of the relationship Dylan.”

“Do not call me Dylan! To you, I’m Marshall. Got it?” Dylan hit his horse with his spurs and sped away, leaving Barry to bite his dust.


Dylan stood on top of the hill looking down at the small Spaniard arm of forty. Dylan had at least one hundred and twenty men, so this was going to be easy. Carter came up next to Dylan and had a sigh of relief.

“No need to be nervous gentlemen, this will be easy if-”

“Alright men!” Barry shouted, “Everyone charge!”

“No, no wait!” Dylan held everyone back, “Charging won’t do anything. What we need to do is head back home with no casualties, we need to set up a divide and conquer, a form of guerilla warfare. Understand me?”

“Yes sir!” His men shouted back.

“Alright, first half, head to the right and swing around. Section 3, you come with Barry down the middle with some rifles. Second half, swing around the left until you get into the forest behind them, then attack the posterior with me. Nobody is going to die on my watch!”

“Let’s kick some ass,” Carter smiled.


The fighting was over quickly, and Barry and Carter did a search on all the casualties from both sides seeing the gruesome blood and death.

“Damn, Dylan was right, I don’t see one death on our side,” Carter whistled in delight.

Barry ignored him and started kicking at the dead bodies.

“Where is Dylan anyways?” Carter asked, looking around.

“Don’t know,” Barry lied. Miles away by now.

Irene waited again in the cold, but this time with anticipation and not worry that Dylan was ok. Dylan was the best out there, she knew it, and smiled at the fact that he would be ok. Sophie stood by her, a little worried. Carter was not the best fighter, but he did have a brave heart, which could save his life.
At last, the sound of horses and pounding of hooves approached. Sophie and Irene didn’t move where the crowd was, because Carter promised he’d meet Sophie by the bakery so they could avoid the crowd. Carter immediately came by and kissed Sophie.
“Oh thank god you are alright,” she smiled and wrapped her pale arms around his blonde hair.
“Yeah,” he said and kissed her cheek.
“So, how many died? I mean on our side,” Sophie asked.
“One,” Carter said.
“Really? That’s excellent! Well, not for the family whose husband or father died or whatever, but I mean on death is really outstanding. Dylan must’ve done a good job.”
Carter wanted to look at Sophie’s wonderful smile, but could only look up and stare at Elizabeth. His face was full of fear, and sorrow as he stared at her, and Sophie noticed something was wrong.
“Carter...” Sophie softly cried, hoping her thought was not fact, “Please tell me it’s not true....”
“It... is,” Carter said and looked at Sophie’s eyes.

Irene was curious wondering why both Sophie and Carter were staring at her, and she overheard their earlier conversation but once she started to whisper, she could no longer hear. Carter took his cowboy hat off and slowly walked over to Irene with a sorrowful face.
“Elizabeth... I uh, I’m sorry to tell you this, but Dylan didn’t make it...”
The news struck Irene and shattered her heart. She almost collapsed if it wasn’t for Sophie to catch her. Irene’s heart pounded. There was no way he could die! Something was wrong! This can’t be happening!
Barry walked over, and Irene clenched her fist and socked him right in the face. Barry looked stunned with his legs spread out on the dirt.
“I was just about to apologize for your loss, but you just happened to sock me!” Barry shouted.
“You bitch! You killed Dylan!” Irene went to attack him again, but Carter and Sophie held her back, holding her arms. Carter was a little shocked at Elizabeth’s mouth.
“Me?! You think I killed him! I had nothing to do with it!”
“Then where is his body?!” she spat.
“Ms. Elizabeth...” Carter caught her attention, “We couldn’t find it.”

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